Parking Improvement on College Campus


The number of vehicles on the campus ground has been increasing at an alarming speed. This has created a high demand for a parking space on the campus ground. Notably, the campus requires spacious parking for the ever-increasing number of automobiles on the compound. In addition, the existing parking yard should be well marked to ensure that car owners park their cars neatly without overlapping. This has been a great problem where some car owners park their automobiles in two parking spots. An improvement in the traffic circulation will be appreciated by various stakeholders on the campus. They include students and staff at the campus. An improvement in the parking on campus will also enhance the image of the campus. A parking improvement will enhance parking efficiency at the campus. This paper will recommend an improvement of parking on the campus, considering the current situation on the campus.

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Description of the problem

Students and staff at the campus have been experiencing problems in getting where to park their vehicles. It is evident that the number of cars on campus has increased over the past few years. Students and staff come to their campus in their personal vehicles, and this calls for effective traffic circulation and parking on campus. The situation has been made worse by people from outside who use the available parking space on the campus. It has also been noted that some people do not use the parking space appropriately. In some instances, the vehicles take up two parking spots, thereby blocking other people from using the available parking spots. Given the traffic situation on the campus, and improved parking will be a great relief to students and staff (Barton-Aschman Associates, 1968).

The is a spacious parking area for car owners within the campus. However, after evaluating the site, it has been noted that the parking spaces are not enough, especially during peak periods. In most instances, parking spaces around the campus are almost at capacity. Normally, students and the staff would wish to park their vehicles in proximity to their destinations. However, at times, the available parking spaces are often occupied by outsiders. In this case, students and the staff members are forced to drive around the campus in search of a parking space (Edwards & Institute of Transportation Engineers, 1992).

There are regulations that have been established to make parking on the campus efficient. In this case, there are restrictions governing the available parking areas on campus. The parking areas are demarcated for various categories of car-owners. There are areas for faculty parking, handicap parking, general parking, staff parking, student parking, assigned parking, and general parking areas. Respective categories of drivers are expected to park their vehicles in the designated areas. Despite the demarcation of the parking areas, the areas are no parking passes issued to the drivers. In addition, the parking areas lack a clear definition regarding the parking regulations. This presents a challenge in the enforcement of the parking regulations. There are numerous parking violations that are committed in the parking areas on campus (Institute of Transportation Engineers, 2004).

Description of a solution

The parking mayhem on campus should be addressed with immediate effect. The menace witnessed in the parking lot has brought about inefficiency in the use of the parking space around the campus. One of the factors that have led to the problems of parking on campus is the people from outside who use the campus parking areas. Permits or passes should be issued to the students and staff to ensure that this problem is tamed. For those people from outside who would wish to use the parking areas on campus, they should be issued with a permit at a fee. This fee can be used in the maintenance of the parking area and expanding the parking services on campus (Edwards & Institute of Transportation Engineers, 1992).

Additionally, it has been noted that some drivers are not effective in using the parking space. In this case, some vehicles are parked in two parking lots. The parking area should be divided into sections indicating where the vehicle should be parked. This will ensure the efficient use of the parking area. Furthermore, the regulations and restrictions governing the parking area should be adhered to strictly. Thus, there should be stiff penalties for anyone violating the parking regulations. This will discourage drivers from violating the established rules that govern the parking area (Institute of Transportation Engineers, 2004).


The campus parking area has been experiencing challenges in the recent past. This can be due to the increased traffic on the campus. However, it has also been observed that the parking area has to be improved to cater to the increased traffic on the campus. In this regard, the parking area should be divided to allow for appropriate parking of vehicles. In addition, permits should be issued to ensure that only eligible individuals are allowed to use the parking areas. Furthermore, there should be strict guidelines on how to use the parking area. These guidelines should be followed to the letter and penalties imposed on those violating the established guidelines. These measures are meant to ensure that order is maintained in the campus parking area.

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