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Performance at the Grammy Awards

The performance of Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith & Usher with their song Never Say Never at the 53rd Grammy Awards has demonstrated that these singers really deserve the award. The composition of music, actor playing, dancing and lights produced an unforgettable impression upon the audience, appealing to their feelings and providing them with food for thought.

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Along with beautiful music, the performance of Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith & Usher was remarkable for their acting and an interesting plot for the performance appealing to the feelings of the audience. A brief traveling to the past when Bieber and Usher met for the first time intensifies the impression from the following lyrics and reveals the main philosophical message of the performers. Depicting a 14-year-old talented boy is like showing a starting point of Bieber’s way which has led him to Grammy Awards.

Saying a few words to each other in half dark before the music started was helpful for emphasizing the main idea of the whole song. Reminding the boy his words about the role of the fate I their destinies, Usher restates the main idea of the song Never Say Never. It makes their performance much more than one song because it also implies the young boy’s success story and destiny.

Thus, this introductory fragment was an important part of the whole performance which provided spectators with food for thought, motivating them not only to enjoy nut also to think over the lyrics of the song.

Beginning the song in half dark and turning the lights on a bit later, the performers intensified the impression produced upon the audience by adding dynamics to their performance. The play of light divides the action into the lyrical introduction and the main body when the show itself starts. It is noticeable that the audience was animated at the moment the lights were turned on. It can be stated that the play on light contrasts was effective for captivating the spectators’ attention and generating their interest.

During the following composition, the lights were also used for creating certain mood and intensifying the impression produced by the music and sound beats. In general, it can stated that the lights played an important role for not only structuring the composition of the performance and captivating the spectators’ attention but also adding dynamics to the show and invoking certain emotions in the audience.

The additional elements represented by an interesting plot, talented acting and ply of lights were intended to intensify the impression produced by singing and dancing. An interesting solution with drummers going out from the hall almost at the same moment when the lights were turned on amazes the spectators and generates their interest, motivating them to watch the following development of events carefully. The audience admired talented singing and dancing which produced a long-lasting impression upon the audiences.

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Harmoniously combining the elements of hip hop, rap and country music in one composition, the authors allowed performers to demonstrate not only their talents but also the unlimited opportunities of these music styles. Their performance has shown that in contrast to the widely spread misconceptions, modern music styles allow expressing true feelings and inner emotions.

Actually, beautiful singing and dancing would be unforgettable even without any additional elements of original light contrasts, unexpected design solutions and an interesting story. However, all these components have become integral parts of this show and each of them added some special appeal to the overall impression from the performance and performers receiving the award.

Not only entertaining the audience but also telling a story about a young talented boy for providing the spectators with food for thought, Justin Bieber ft Jaden Smith & Usher with their song Never Say Never at the 53rd Grammy Awards have composed a beautiful show by combining the elements of acting, light contrast, dancing and singing in their performance. I really liked their performance which even generated my interest in their other works.

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