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Personal and Professional Development

Competency Based Interview Preparation Test

The design of the Competency Based Interview Preparation Test captures a person’s propensity to exhibit certain behaviors in the work place modeled after the behavior displayed by good performers. Employers rely on these tests to provide them with an objective and effective assessment of a candidate’s competencies. The test undertaken had eight broad areas for the evaluation of competencies with a five point grading system, ranging from unlikely to very likely. My results show that in the “leading and deciding” competency, I am “very likely” to display the favorable competency.

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I am “quite likely” to display favorable behavior in six other areas. These are, “Supporting and Cooperating”, “Interacting and presenting”, “Analyzing and Interpreting”, “Organizing and Executing”, “Adapting and Coping”, and “Enterprising and reforming”. In the Creating and Conceptualizing” area, I am “moderately likely” to display favorable behavior, which is the mean grade in the grading system. From the results, my greatest strength is in the “leading and deciding” area. This means that I am suited for managerial and leadership roles, which require attention to both the “task” and “person” issues relating to organizations. On the other hand, my weakest area is in “creating and conceptualizing” area. This will require me to ensure that whenever I am building a team, I include someone who is strong in these areas.

ENFJ Profile

A personality type test taken at classified me as an ENFJ, which stands for “Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging”. Personality tests examine a person’s temperament and seek to classify people under several broad personality types. The ENFJ personality type refers to those who have an outward view of relationships and tend to reach out to others even at the expense of their own needs. They also have a strong sense of the big picture making them competent in the handling of large projects. They have a healthy optimism whereby they believe that they will execute the next project better than the last one, and they cannot wait to get started. They also display introverted thinking, and can hold a large amount of information in their minds as they seek to make sense of it. In other words, they are introverted thinkers who struggle within themselves to make sense of issues before bringing them out. Major weaknesses associated with the ENFJ personality include lack of concern for self. They are so busy with others and with outward issues that they regularly fail to take care of their personal needs. Also in their quest for the pursuit of the comfort of others, they are likely to compromise their own integrity as they have a skewed sense of reality when dealing with the feelings of others. They nonetheless make great leaders since they believe strongly in their dreams.

Jung Typology Test

A similar test, referred to as the Jung Typology Test, also revealed that my personality type is ENFJ. The test also used similar metrics to the one describes above classifying respondents according to their dominant personality traits. This test gave scores for the four elements of the personality as follows. The test showed that I am “extravert” rated at 67%, which means I am a “distinctively expressed extravert”. On “iNtuitive”, the score was 50%, meaning in am a “moderately expressed intuitive personality”. On the “Feeling” element, my score was 12%, showing a “slightly expressed feeling personality”. Finally, under “Judging” my score was 78%, which clearly tells that I am a “very expressed Judging personality”. This test went further to recommend the most suitable career type for someone with this kind of personality classified under four fields. The first field of social service, careers identified included, counseling, psychology, social work, and education. Under the field of Public health, the recommended career is that of Physician. I can do well in science and computer programming if I pursue a career in the science/technical field. Finally, in the field of management, my personality type predisposes me to success in management, fashion merchandizing, and politics.

Combined Reasoning Sample Test

The final test undertaken was the combined reasoning sample test. The test covered the areas of verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning. Verbal reasoning refers to the “ability to think logically about written information”. Numerical reasoning is the “ability to solve numerical problems”, while abstract reasoning is the “ability to use flexible thinking to generate ideas and to solve problems”. The sample test did not provide values for the scores. The basis for the grading system is average scores obtained by a number of undergraduate students who have taken the test.

The results show that my verbal reasoning skills are my strongest reasoning skills followed by abstract thinking. My weakest area is the numerical reasoning skills. However, the report emphasizes that all such tests are not a very accurate measure of these skills and are therefore an indication of the possible area where the skill lies. It goes on to provide a range of possible areas in the scores where each of these skills lies. There is a fair degree of overlap between the three areas of reasoning. In general, all my reasoning skills as measured by this test lie below the average scores. This means that there is need for me to develop these skills further so that they do not become a source of disadvantage for my career advancement.

Overall Lessons

From the online tests undertaken, I have learnt a lot about my personality type, my preferences, my competencies, and my reasoning capabilities. It is clear that I possess strong leadership and management skills, which blends well with my ENFJ personality type that is extraverted and seeks to lead others. I am capable of managing large and complex projects because I have the capacity to hold the big picture and to coordinate others to ensure the implementation of required tasks. I have learnt that I have a strong share of the competencies that top performers in organizations have.

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I am able to participate well as part of a team in addition to leading teams. One of the weaknesses I have to watch out for is the tendency to put the needs of others before mine. This may cloud my judgment, and expose me to the risk of compromise. I must ensure that I have a healthy balance of what needs doing and the personal price I am willing to pay for it. Finally, it is clear to me that there is need to develop my abstract, numerical, and language reasoning skills. From all the tests undertaken, I scored the lowest in the reasoning tests. This means that it has the potential of limiting my career prospects and as such, I must work to develop the requisite skills. This relates to the other area of weakness identified, which, is in creativity and conceptualization. Both areas require the use of mental techniques, which I must seek to develop.

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