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Physical Security: A Biometric Approach

Based on modern trends and current news, failures and violations in IT physical security can lead to catastrophic consequences. As practice shows, such results often include financial losses, dissatisfaction of employees and customers, as well as various litigations and lawsuits. In accordance with this fact, many companies need high-quality protection of internal systems responsible for data storage through physical biometric security. This innovation automatically checks, recognizes, and identifies a person’s identity by specific distinguishing features, providing physical security and network protection.

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Basically, biometrics uses physical and behavioral biometric methods and tools. The physical methods consist of fingerprinting, palm, hand or finger geometry, the study of vascular patterns, facial recognition, as well as iris and retinal scanning (Hay, 2003). The fingerprint is taken either with ink or a digital scanner. Accordingly, the geometry of the hand reads the hand and fingers of a person, and sends the received data to the database. Vascular patterns, face and eyes, indeed, are read through the special scanner. On the contrary, the behavioral methods, as a rule, recognize a person’s voice, check the signature and the degree of keystroke (Hay, 2003). Voice recognition and its various characteristics are performed using a microphone and special programs, and to check the degree of pressing, a person should use a keyboard. These methods are simple and ordinary at first glance, but at the same time, they are effective and efficient ways by which one can identify and reveal the true identity of a person.

In general, the nature and essence of biometrics have deep roots. For example, the fingerprint system used in China since the end of the 14th century is one of the first known examples of the use of biometrics in practice. Then, already in the 18th century, an alternative method “Bertillonage” appeared, which also measured the length and width of criminals’ body parts. To date, biometrics and physical security have gained huge popularity in many corporations, and data processing, indeed, has been greatly simplified due to technological progress.

Physical security is one of the most significant components of a protective system. In the era of advanced technologies, it is especially important to consider potential problems and respond to them in time. Based on this position, many companies should adhere to several aspects at once. Thus, for example, when choosing a territory in which a business should be located, one should select a relatively safe place, as well as the building’s level and position. People must pay attention to the crime rate in this area. This “piece of land” should not be under risks and threats from various natural phenomena (Securities essentials course). At a minimum, this object will withstand strong wind, rain, and snowfall. In particular, materials such as concrete and masonry will provide the best protection.

The earliest stages of construction are often monitored and controlled, and this helps to protect the owners of the building from possible acts of vandalism and hooliganism. As a rule, a perfectly placed building is fenced and has no special obstacles on all sides. The sign is not pretentious, inconspicuous, but “boring” and unremarkable. The structure should also have clear parameters: carefully selected ventilation openings and air intakes, only the required number of windows, the specific width of rooms, and the ceiling height of 20 feet.

Moreover, a good position is achieved when the facility is located next to available fiber and municipal services. Data processing is used with two supply channels, and the equipment is protected from voltage surges. Power should also be switched to special generators in critical cases and during system shutdown. The data processing center must be equipped with several devices and security systems, and the entrance to the premises must be controlled through cards and biometric methods. The location of the equipment, its components, and safe access to maintenance are equally important when implementing a secure environment.


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