Protecting Employees from Synthetic Chemical Impacts Hazards

What can be done to improve the protection of workers, given the new synthetic chemicals that are used in many jobs?

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Protecting employees from hazards of new synthetic chemical impacts is an essential strategy. Synthetic chemicals are hazardous substances to human health. Fincy (2012) suggests that the employers have the responsibility of protecting workers from dangerous situations which may lead to injury. Controlling the new synthetic chemicals in the workplace is the effective approach to protect workers. Developing appropriate work practice measures is essential to eliminate and control hazardous effects in the workplace. Employers should establish effective work practice ethics that manage the manner in which employees perform their tasks.

The organization needs to create efficient administrative controls and work practice ethics which offers adequate protection to workers. Employers should offer protective equipments to all workers and ensure effective use of such equipments. Work practice ethics mandates all employees to wear protective equipments as a way of reducing exposure to hazardous effects of synthetic chemicals. Administrative control measures ensure that the workers and employers understand the use and various types of protective devices. Work practice ethics aims to make certain that the management team understands the significance of performing hazard assessment in the workplace. The organization must choose appropriate protective devices suitable for different circumstances. The company’s managers have the responsibility of understanding appropriate training required for convenient care and use of the protective equipments and efficient work performance.

The company needs to promote collaboration between employees and the managers because this strategy is vital for maintaining and developing a convenient and safe work environment. Managers should be responsible for carrying out a hazard assessment in the organization so that to identify and alleviate potential hazards. The organization should effectively train employees to perform their work appropriately and safely. Managers need to appropriately maintain work operations and replace damaged working tools, chemicals and machineries (Fincy, 2012). Managers should be responsible for evaluating, updating and reviewing the effectiveness of work operations periodically. Workers should inform managers of the need to replace chemicals, working tools and equipments. Training employees is important because it equips workers with necessary skills to handle work safely and maintain working tools in good conditions.

Employees risk facing health hazards due to exposure of chemical substances that are harmful to their lives. The initial step for protecting workers’ lives is to recognize health and physical hazards in the workplace. According to Fincy (2012), hazard assessment starts with surveying the workplace facilities to identify potential hazards that are likely to occur. Managers should evaluate and organize data to determine appropriate protective equipments that safeguard employees from chemical hazards. Managers need to reassess periodically operating procedures, equipments and conditions which can cause chemical hazards. Periodic reassessment includes evaluating sickness and injury records to identify concern issues and adopting convenient corrective measures.

What are the political and economic consequences of your proposals?

The above proposals have economic and political consequences. State governments are keen to ensure that sound political policies protect employees’ welfare in the workplace. State governments aim to make certain that efficient political policies mandate employers to offer workers with a safe environment that is free from hazardous exposures. Protecting employees’ working conditions is vital for economic developments (Fincy, 2012). Safeguarding workers from hazardous exposure in the workplace is a favorable economic outcome of national development.

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When the Ogallala aquifer is no longer able to supply enough groundwater to sustain the present economies in the region of the United States that depends on it, what will happen to those economies?

Ogallala aquifer is not capable to supply sufficient groundwater to sustain the existing economies in the region of the United States. Smith et. al (2012) view that major issues continue to affect the groundwater of the Ogallala aquifer. The rate of depletion is more than the rate of recharge. Groundwater contamination is another problem. The high rate of groundwater depletion is harmful to the ecosystem that damages biodiversity. The groundwater regulations of the state governments are not strict and do not protect the multi-state natural resources. Public policies that promote and protect environmental conservation lack long-term objectives.

These economies face water crisis and the situation may worsen if the state governments do not prepare affective polices to avert the water disaster. The rate at which the groundwater depletes is frightening. North America is quickly depriving out of water. Ogallala aquifer is the major water source but is quickly drying (Ostler and Nielsen, 1996). The economies that depend on the Ogallala aquifer for water supply will both not be able to grow crops through irrigation, raise livestock, and sustain modern cities.

The water disaster worsens that continues to negatively affect American citizens living within the North America. Smith et. al (2012) say that the states that depend on the Ogallala aquifer for water supply face difficult time when making hard decisions to conserve other available water sources. Most economies will collapse if the state governments do not rectify the worsening situation. If the Ogallala aquifer runs out of its water, the entire region will face a major water crisis. Economic developments will deteriorate since water is a basic commodity that sustains economic activities to take place. Water is vital for economic activities such as farming, irrigation, hydroelectric generation, industrial activities, and business operations. If the state governments cannot address the challenge, then the economies of these states will decline.

What can be done now to prepare for the day when water from the aquifer is no longer available?

State governments should develop effective measures to address water crisis when Ogallala aquifer is no longer sustainable. State governments and the federal government need to work together to look for other alternative water sources. Various stakeholders must collaborate to prepare appropriate policies that aim to mitigate water crisis when water from Ogallala aquifer is no longer sustaining economic activities. Adopting water conversation policy is the most affordable solution to alleviate the water crisis (Smith et. al, 2012). Water is a significant substance for agricultural, business, industrial and infrastructural developments. Water shortage will worsen unless the governments, policy makers, and various stakeholders prepare more effective use of other available water supplies. American citizens need to adopt agricultural products that are more drought resistant for farming. Improving desalination systems, using water purification systems, and expanding irrigation methods are vital policies that will mitigate water shortage when the aquifer is no longer available. Using water purification filters is important to supply clean potable water to people facing water shortage. Desalination filters contribute a significant role in purifying and desalinating already used water.

Are your proposed solutions politically and socially acceptable?

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Proposed solutions are socially and politically acceptable. Ostler and Nielsen (1996) present that human behaviors are responsible for causing a water crisis in the world. Human irresponsible behaviors continue to cause water shortage in the United States. Appropriate solution to address the water crisis at the Ogallala aquifer and other water sources is to adopt effective social and political policies. Policy makers, governments and various stakeholders should establish effective social interventions that aim to guide and control human activities in order not to interfere with water sources. Both federal and state governments should be responsible to ensure that efficient political policies protect and promote conservation measures of water sources in the United States.


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