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Remembering Who You Were: The Profession of the Teacher


“A teacher… a schoolteacher…” – frequently pronouncing these words, we do not think, what role in our difficult life they play. The profession of teacher connects together the capability for contact, understanding and knowledge of people. From the early years the child learns to get to know its surrounding world, and in order to understand, to realize and to live in it properly, he needs intelligent and understanding people, who completely give their skill, effort and concern.

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They must guide this small person to the correct way, they must help him not to stray on the roads of life, and they must raise his educational skills. Precisely, such people are teachers. They teach children not only moderately-priced things, but also learn to understand themselves, their souls. Each person – considered as the small particle of large society, in which we live. And in order to know how to live in this society, the people must be sufficiently educated.

Main text

Naturally, teacher teaches not only the knowledge, transferred in the people from generation to generation, but also to understand the necessity of the data object. Indeed if teacher does not prove, to what extent one or another object is necessary to man, child will not have desire to study this object.

Consequently, the role of teacher in the formation and training of man, undoubtedly, is enormous. School years are wonderful… Each of us recalls this time with the special warmth and trembling. Recalling these years and the role of the school in my formation, I always remember my first school teacher and the impression that stayed in my mind through the years of the first elementary classes.

The teacher is the person entrusted with children’s souls. And it depends on him, what it will be – vulnerable or obdurate, sensitive or dark, opened or isolated.

What are the things needed so that in the heart of the child forever would remain happiness, kindness, responsiveness?

How to make the word “teacher” would become the symbol of kindness and exactingness, patience and responsiveness?

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The first teacher… only he possesses the unique possibility to leave deep and durable track in the soul of little one.

Mrs. Jones.

From my earliest childhood I was inquisitive child. I was constantly requesting that my parents would read a small book to me. My mom decided that I should learn to read by myself. Thus, in four years I already knew how to read independently. When I was seven years old, I already read as a completely adult person, I knew how to write under the dictation, even wrote my own small compositions, solved tasks and examples. The time came to go to school, to the first class. My mom was worried: In case that I might not be interested in learning, as many of the things they teach in first class I already knew. Finally, the first of September came.

All children arrived in the school well dressed, and a little frightened. Our first teacher met us. She was introduced to us as – Mrs. Jones, like now, I remember my first impression from the encounter with her.

She entered the class – a little plumpish, sufficiently tall woman, with the amazingly kind look on her face and sweet smile. It seemed that her look was directed toward each of us individually, but at the same time she looked and overviewed immediately the entire class.

For those several minutes, when Mrs. Jones silently, with hardly noticeable smile, examined us, an impression occurred that she had time to penetrate into the soul of each student, to study his nature, to hear his thoughts.

All involuntarily grew quiet. Her voice sounded clear and resonant. Thus I was introduced to my first teacher.

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Mother’s fears apropos the fact that it will be uninteresting in the school for me, were not confirmed, because Mrs. Jones’ lessons were interesting and captivating. And each day I learned something new and useful for me. The lessons were not boring in anyways because Mrs. Jones always found interesting and more complex tasks for those, who already clarified new material. She turned the simple school lesson of the world knowledge into an entire journey into the world of nature. In mathematics lessons of she taught us simply not to solve, but to think logically. Indeed this would prove useful in the upper classes. The English and literature lessons – these were actually lessons on the development of the culture of speech and language. Mrs. Jones was always serious teacher, strict and valid.

However, during the breaks and after lessons she lived the life of the students: our concerns, our griefs, and our childish problems.

She could understand it all. And she tried to help us all. Class hours became holidays for us, regardless of the fact, what topic the conversation went.

Mrs. Jones taught us to live in the group and for the group; she tried to join us all and to be friends among us all, although we were all very different.

Four and a half years of studies in the school so unnoticeably passed by. Then, a great reached Mrs. Jones, a terrible accident happened to her son, who was hit by a car. She had to leave the work in order to take care of here son, who was in a very bad condition, that he required constant care.

When Mrs. Jones announced this sad news to us – the entire class cried. Mrs. Jones also cried along with the girls, and boys, and even their parents.

Parting with the beloved teacher was very hard for our childish minds. But we remember her and did not forget about her. With its excellent education, I confirm all the knowledge that she has invested in me. And I want Mrs. Jones to be proud of me. I did not forget her, and keep and support good relations with Mrs. Jones. Although she now moved to live in another country, I still call her and congratulate her on occasions, telling what’s new in our class. Even far from us, she always wondered how we are here – her kids.

Final Words

Being a real teacher – is a talent. After all, the teacher must be able to transmit their experience, their knowledge to children. Probably every teacher wants, that every kid and every student he participated in his/her educational process will be successful in the future, and of course, each teacher feels a great pleasure, when it happens. The most valuable pleasure is the gratefulness of her children toward her. I want to say great thanks to Mrs. Jones for what she has done for us, for what she has spared no efforts and time, patiently and persistently investing in our small heads the knowledge that will be always useful in life.

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