Russian Federation: Developing a Democracy

The process of a country’s development and formation is an extremely complex phenomenon that depends on multiple factors and aspects that impact it at various periods. Geographical location, peculiarities of people’s culture, natural resources, and history influence all states and result in their evolution in particular ways. Speaking about the emergence and rise of various political systems, similar issues should be mentioned.

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The modern age can be considered the era of democracy, which means that the majority of countries adhere to this sort of political system. However, in some regions, there is still much to be done to guarantee adherence to the model mentioned above. For instance, as one of the advanced developing countries, Russian Federation also passes through the stage of democracy establishment.

One of the main facts that should be mentioned while speaking about this topic is that Russia has always been one of the dominant states impacting global policy and participating in the international discourse.

The Russian Empire was one of the biggest and the most authoritarian monarchies, and the power of its Emperors was almost unlimited. After WWI and the October Revolution, the rule was concentrated in the hands of communists who created the USSR and established the single-party dictatorship (McFaul, 2015). This model was effective and promoted the blister industrial and economic rise of the state; however, it also resulted in the further development of authoritarian traditions in the country.

In 1991 the USSR collapsed, and the Russian Federation headed by the President emerged. A new democratic state faced multiple barriers that limited its opportunities for fast development and rise. The high level of corruption and cooperation of organized crime with political forces undermined the basis of the existing system (McFaul, 2015). Being a multinational state, Russia also faced problems in the sphere of nation-building because of separatist moods in some regions (McFaul, 2015). Finally, Chechen Wars and anti-terrorist conflicts preconditioned the emergence of new challenges that slowed down the speed of its democratic transformation.

Today, the Russian Federation managed to overcome the majority of barriers mentioned above and entered a new phase of economic development and growth of its power at the international level. However, there are still problems with freedom of speech and democracy. The Presidency of Putin serves as the basis for vigorous debates about the current political system of the country (McFaul, 2015).

However, it is obvious that there is a need for the developed democracy for nationhood to continue its rise. Regarding the unique features of Russia mentioned above, direct democracy can be suggested as an appropriate option (Alemis, 2018). It will help to minimize corruption levels by excluding deputies from policy-making and guarantee that all citizens of the country will have a real chance to select the appropriate course beneficial for the nation.

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Altogether, Russia has a long and rich history that shows its unique potential of becoming one of the leading states. However, because of the number of challenges it had to overcome in the 20th century, today, it faces problems with the development of a fair political system. For this reason, it is possible to recommend adherence to the ideas of direct democracy. They will provide people with an opportunity to vote for laws they need and improve the state of their country. It will also create the basis for Russia’s further evolution and becoming more powerful.


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