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Storage and Collaboration in the Cloud

Some users are still not comfortable storing data in the cloud. How would you convince them that it is safe?

Cloud data storage is a relatively recent trend that has become popular all over the world. However, many people are still uncomfortable with using cloud storage tools, as they believe that cloud technologies are neither safe nor secure. In fact, cloud data storage is safer than conventional data storage, as noted by Hardy (2017). Despite the common preconception, cloud data is stored not online but on hard drives (Hardy, 2017).

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The only difference between conventional data storage and cloud storage is that with cloud storage, the data is stored on multiple servers all over the world so that the loss of data becomes impossible. Apart from protecting users from losing data, this also allows increasing the productivity of devices and eliminates the need to transfer documents or data via flash drives or e-mail.

List the pros and cons of using the following collaboration tools: Wiki, Blog, IM, shared documents

Cloud storage also enabled companies to use various online business collaboration tools, such as wiki, blogs, instant messaging, and shared documents. One of the most significant advantages of using such tools is that they allow employees and partners from different cities or countries to collaborate in real-time. Through cloud storage technologies, shared document platforms, such as Google Drive, allow storing important documents online for all participants to access and edit on their computer or mobile device. Moreover, online collaboration tools can help to reduce business costs. For instance, instead of making expensive international calls, workers can use instant messaging.

Nevertheless, there are also some disadvantages to the proposed online collaboration tools. Although the interface is usually clear and comprehensible, some participants may struggle with using online collaboration tools and thus require explanation and training (Kinsey & Carrozino, 2011). Moreover, allowing many people to access documents can be risky – for instance, a participant can delete an important document by mistake. Nevertheless, these issues can be solved with appropriate instruction and regulation, and the advantages of using online collaboration tools far outweigh the possible concerns.


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