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Technologies & Artificial Intelligence Challenges

For innovative organizations, such as Apple, new technologies introduce not only benefits but also new challenges as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) changes the way organizations work.

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The first problem comes from the necessity to integrate new technologies into the collective and ensure people do not have conflicts with them. For instance, the use of AI can trigger the rise of fears of being replaced or forced to use it (Robert et al., 2020). From an employee’s perspective, technology remains a threat to their stable work and privacy. To a greater degree, it comes from the lack of understanding of how such systems work and what functions they can perform. However, research shows that many people still have problems using this technology (Premuzic-Chamorro and Dattner, 2019). For Apple, as one of the leaders in the sphere of innovation, the problem acquires the top priority as it has to integrate such functions into its functioning to attain success.

Another problem comes from the options provided by using AI as a talent management tool, as AI offers multiple opportunities for improving the work of organizations by analyzing applicants and their data and making specific solutions (Iqbal, 2018). However, the ethical issue emerges as workers might be dissatisfied with the fact that a machine influences their career and employment (Mandhare, 2019). For instance, Microsoft Workplace Analytics allows investigating teams’ data to outline solutions leading to better results. It helps to determine what makes a successful employee and look for such features in other applicants (Renourad, 2017). It might help to boost the work of giants such as Apple but also lead to new problems with people.

One of the possible solutions is the cultivation of specialists’ self-image and their feeling of being safe. Research shows that perceived self-esteem and usefulness can affect the relation between job insecurity and readiness to use AI (Dabbous, Barakat, and Sayegh, 2021). For this reason, companies such as Apple or Microsoft should cultivate the idea of the impossibility of replacing workers with AI because of their critical importance for companies and creativity. It will help to create a positive environment and avoid decreased motivation or unwillingness to use innovative technologies.

Another possible solution is eliminating the AI skills gap peculiar to a significant percentage of workers nowadays. For instance, surveys show that about 68% of all specialists have issues with AI, which results in a low desire to use it and multiple fears (Hupfer, 2020). For instance, Apple already devotes much attention to creating an environment with machine learning and training specialists to work with this technology (Hupfer, 2020). It results in improved creativity, autonomy, and decision-making. For this reason, the introduction of specific courses can be viewed as a potent solution to eliminate barriers linked to the use of innovations and integrate them into the work of a company.

Altogether, innovations, specifically AI, are vital for modern organizations. However, they can result in the emergence of undesired behaviors among workers, such as resistance, fear, and problems with self-image. For Apple, it is vital to introduce additional safety guarantees to ensure that specialists are protected and ready to use new solutions (The work is innovative, no date). Furthermore, eliminating the gap in knowledge linked to the field will also be a practical solution helping the companies to evolve and improve their functioning. The benefits of AI cannot be denied, and it is vital to integrate this method into the work of corporations today.

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