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The Issue of Abortion: Ethics Challenges


The debate about abortion in terms of ethics has been in place for decades ever since this medical procedure was first legalized by the government. Throughout this time, the core question of the discussion of abortion has remained unchanged; revolves around the acceptability of the procedure and its ethical implications. That way, medical professionals who are involved in such procedures are in the center of attention as the individuals who commit a highly controversial act on a daily basis.

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As noted by Gillon (2001), the debate concerning abortion in medicine is not as much a moral issue, as it is a metaphysical and theological one with the subsequent moral implications. Patil, Dode, and Ahirrao (2014) emphasize that the debate boils down to one question – whether or not the unborn fetus has human rights. There are two opposing sides in this issue – the supporters of the pro-life movement (the individuals who are against abortion) and the pro-choice (the proponents of a mother’s choice as to stopping the pregnancy or keeping the baby).

The arguments used on the pro-life side are mainly based on the illegality of the action of killing a non-aggressive person or stopping one’s life without their consent. Obviously, there is no way to learn the opinion of a fetus, who is positioned as a victim and thus can be easily portrayed as innocent and helpless being.

The key question in the debate is since what moment should an embryo be considered a person? The positions of scientists differ in this regard. For instance, some doctors maintain that a fetus should be thought of as a person since the moment it develops an ability to exist independently once removed from the uterus and provided with special care (Patil et al., 2014; Gillon, 2001). Another side argues that an embryo should be regarded as an individual when its brain begins to form (Patil et al., 2014).

The opponents of abortions insist that this procedure is moral wrong and thus carries the negative moral implications for both the doctor who delivers the procedure and the patient who agrees to undergo it. At the same time, the supporters of abortions emphasize that it is a woman’s right to decide whether or not a pregnancy should be stopped or continue. From this point of view, having an unwanted child may lead to negative outcomes for the mother and deprive her of many opportunities of achieving a better life; in addition, a child born to a mother who never wanted it and who is incapable to provide for the baby is going to have an unhappy and unhealthy life (Gillon, 2001).

That way, two human lives become potentially threatened. Practically, the position of the proponents of the pro-choice point of view is based on the fact that the women are not legally obliged to have children, and that is why they are granted a choice as to stopping pregnancies they do not want. This reason is grounded on the direct connection of pregnancy to a woman’s body and her health for which she is rightful to decide.


To sum up, the ethical controversy of abortion practice makes sense in the contemporary world with many fragmented cultures and worldviews. In fact, this issue is debated in the vast majority of countries because both the opponents of the proponents of abortion make strong points. At the same time, the division of opinions creates significant pressure on the women who undergo abortions and medical professionals who practice them.

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