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Tranquility and Its Positive Life Effects


Aggression, violence, and irritation are negative emotions. Oppositely, the ability to stay calm and peaceful, without worry and noise, in any stressful situation is a handy and respectful skill. Moreover, the inefficiency of controlling anger may have a devastating impact on a person’s life. The purpose of this essay is to explain the virtue of tranquility and prove this statement with real-life examples.

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Negative Impact of Anger

Every day the majority of people face a thousand insignificant and minor incidents that, on the other hand, intensely annoy them. Yesterday, I spilled coffee on my new shirt after someone had unintentionally bumped against me. My father got a flat tire on his way to work. His colleague bought the last pack of my father’s favorite chips from a snack machine. These incidents seem inconsiderable. However, they may emotionally bother people for an extended period of time and negatively influence their mental health. If every trifle is taken too seriously, a person will subsequently react to even the most insignificant irritations.

In Western society, temper is commonly regarded as a trait of character typical for men and associated with toughness and strength. However, people who frequently became irritated and annoyed without any sufficient reason may feel highly insecure due to low self-esteem or some psychological problems he or she cannot solve. In addition, these people may be unaware of how to express their feelings in other ways due to a deprived childhood. For instance, I saw a TV program about domestic violence in one particular family. During a psychological investigation, it was found out that a man abused his wife as his salary was significantly lower than her income, and he felt depressed and unfulfilled. That is why he subconsciously chose violence as a way to express his hidden emotions.

Traditionally, there are two strategies to cope with anger – to release it at any safe location (for instance, in the gym) or keep it inside. Both ways have a negative influence on a person’s mental health as they may promote the magnification of expressed angriness and hidden propensity to violence. That is why the virtue of tranquility should prevail when people face “trifles and accidents common or unavoidable.” Tantrum hurts people around and negatively influences not only the mental but physical health of a person as well. The release of hormones due to aggression raises blood pressure, damages the heart, and increases the risk of a heart attack. By my personal example, I feel headache and a bad mood every time I lose my temper, especially when I have no chance to release it.

Tranquility Practicing

The most effective way to control temper is to practice tranquility. It means that a person should learn how to stay calm without facing a stressful situation. First of all, he or she should identify hidden issues and desires that potentially may cause aggression. When my friend was an adolescent and had a newborn brother, he started to experience tantrums and depression. Fortunately, his parents talked to him and helped him to change his perspective on the boy. My friend began to see him not as the focus of his parents’ love and affection but as his best friend, helper, and supporter in the future.


In general, one of the most effective responses to anger that destructively influences people’s minds and bodies is logic. The understanding that a person is the only one reason for aggression helps to harness anger more effectively. Moreover, it is well known that if a situation cannot be changed, there is no reason to be annoyed or irritated with it.

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