Why I Want to Become a Dental Hygienist


Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed about working in healthcare. There was something very appealing and motivating in helping people overcome their health issues and improving their quality of life. I am convinced that some of my most prominent personality qualities have contributed to the formation of this dream of mine. From my self-observations and other people’s opinions about me, it seems that compassion has always been an integral part of my personality.

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To this day, I cannot be indifferent to other people’s struggles, and my natural reaction is to do everything in my power to rectify their situation. Apart from that, since early childhood, I have been interested in biology: I was curious about how bodies work and why people get sick.

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I guess the combination of my inborn empathy and hunger for knowledge showed me the way to my future calling. While it became clear to me that I want to become a doctor early on, it took me a while to choose a specific medical subfield. Dentistry has attracted my attention due to a few factors. First things first, it comes as no surprise that dentistry is a lucrative occupation. Among things to consider, the potential for achieving wealth and material well-being are among the top priorities for the majority of people. Surely, I could not help but think about what kind of lifestyle I would be able to maintain if I become a high-paid, qualified professional.

However, the financial advantages that dentistry definitely has too often were not the end-all-be-all of my motivation. I saw the subfield as a place where I could challenge myself and grow as a person. Studying medicine is not an easy feat on its own, and dentistry is probably one of the most difficult disciplines to delve into. I figured out pretty soon that to feel fulfilled and satisfied with my job, I would need to choose something that would compel me to continue my education and push my limits. So far, it seems that dentistry might be a perfect match.

Upon further exploration of the dental subfield, I started to feel more drawn to dental hygiene. I think the main reason why I want to become a dental hygienist is that the very existence of this profession is completely in line with my personal beliefs. I think that at present, healthcare needs preventive strategies as opposed to reactive measures (Gopee & Galloway, 2017). Treating cavities and other conditions is costly and often unsustainable. Patients frequently resort to handling the results of their own poor life choices and detrimental habits. They come to a doctor’s office to treat the symptom while ignoring the root cause.


As compared to that, I am sure that dental hygiene averts many problems and serves as a perfect preventive measure. I think that promoting dental hygiene will do more good in the long run. Aside from that, the popularization of dental hygiene procedures will raise awareness with regards to dental health. I would like to be part of the change in healthcare and help patients transform their knowledge and attitude toward their own well-being.

At that, I would like to be at the forefront of the healthcare revolution and apply my knowledge to serve society. In summation, I am convinced that going down this path will benefit me personally as well as make other people’s lives better.

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