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Urban Problems in the Modern World


There are a lot of problems facing humanity nowadays. Environmental protection should be one of the greatest considerations of modern people. The growth of cities also creates problems to the environment. Urban growth has been allowed to get completely out of control. This problem is destroying a number of large cities, particularly in developing countries, and a solution must be found before it is too late.

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Urban growth is faster in the developed countries as city building requires some financial investments. Low developed countries cannot afford themselves such expenses. Developed countries enlarge their cities as such institutions as banks, offices, big enterprises, entertain facilities are usually situated in the cities. People in the developed countries also want to live in cities what is the reason for urban growth.

Urbanization and agriculture

The main problem which is created by urban growth is the limitation and in some cases even disappearance of agricultural grounds. This aspect seems to be very serious as the reduction of agricultural grounds may lead to shortage of vegetables and fruit. This aspect may be reflected on people’s health as fruit and vegetables form the largest parts of people’s everyday ration. The growth of the urban territory became global and the reduction of agricultural grounds is also the global problem, not the problem of separate country.

Ecological problems

Quick growth of the population in the cities leads to huge ecological problems. Worsening of the airspace in big cities is connected with the great speed of growth of population and industry, with temps of manufacture and consumption of energy. The base of progress of power industry in developed countries became the build of heat power plants. As a rule, these heat power plants are built without any expensive facilities which could help to protect environment.


The volume of solid wastes increases every day. Municipal services do not cope with the amount of wastes so it becomes a real problem for citizens. The problems of gathering, keeping, transportation and utilization of solid wastes provide huge difficulties for cities even in developed countries. Manufacturing waters leak into soil and plant what may be the cause for lots of health problems. Air pollution becomes a real disaster for citizens as plants, factories cars and other sources of pollution create very big problems for people’s health.


Problems, connected with urban growth, should be reduced to minimum. There are several solutions which may be maintained in order to protect environment. Plants which pollute environment must care about environment and provide some actions which can protect it. People should be encouraged to move to villages by giving them free lands and improving the living conditions in the villages by increasing the cost of agricultural provision to stimulate villagers for work.

In sum, city growth is a real problem of modern world. Urban growth becomes one of the reasons for air, water and soil pollution. Any type of pollution influences people’s health. The shortage of products may also be caused by urban growth. Agricultural grounds are limited, the growth of cities reduces the number of agricultural grounds and cities begin to suffer from fruit and vegetable lack. People should care about environment. The future of mankind depends from people’s actions these days.

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