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Waxing Lyrical About the Corvette C5


The Corvette C5, as the name implies is the fifth generation of the two-door Corvette series manufactured by Chevrolet. According to, the Corvette C5 was launched in March of 1997 and sold 16,116 that same year. The great appeal of this model rests on undeniable power, price, performance, and styling.

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Power and Price

The Corvette is not a favorite of many Americans for nothing. In the Z06 package, the 7,011 cm3 engine cranks out a formidable 512 HP (377kW) and accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (100kmh) in an exhilarating 3.9 seconds.

At roughly $75,000 for a completely packaged C5 Z06, the Corvette C5 is as pricey as the more affordable luxury-class European imports but it is a price enthusiasts willingly pay for high performance and the kind of enduring good looks one hardly ever sees these days. Compared with domestic models, moreover, the Corvette C5 definitely offers better price price-performance ratio than the Dodge Viper which costs $90,000 for for significantly less power (460 HP).

Styling and Looks

The C5 restores the sporty heritage of the Corvette, now in a pulse-pounding convertible rather than the coupe of the C4 that the public had resoundingly rejected. The overall layout of the C5 is more rounded than the C4 and looked more graceful. In fact, the C5 resurrected the brawny good looks of the C3, albeit with improved aerodynamics.

While the Corvette has traditionally been classed a sports car and is indeed, powerful enough to enter in stock car races, owners are just as enthused about the classy and sleek looks typical of the breed and exemplified by the likes of the Ford GT, Ford Mustang, every Porsche ever made, the Ferrari’s next F430 Challenge Stradal, and the 2009 reincarnation, the Corvette ZR1 (a.k.a. “Blue Devil”). This is a great attraction for showing off on city streets choked with dinky little Priuses and Civics.

Ride and Performance

Another reason is the way the C5 runs, its suspension and how it feels on a free way drive. According to Simona Alina of, “Once on the freeway and in top gear, the Z06 relaxes. The ride quality is more agreeable here, and visibility is decent thanks to minimally sized B-pillars, wide side mirrors and the low hood.” This means that the Corvette ride is more sturdy than pillow-soft but that is just the way sports car drivers like it.


In conclusion the Chevrolet Corvette C5 is an excellent choice for owners who want breathtaking acceleration and pack-leading speed on the freeway. At that, the Z06 kit is a practical choice, offering more power than makes that sell for tens of thousands of collars more. Such performance is backstopped by a sturdy suspension, satisfactory visibility, and most of all, the sleek good looks that turn heads everywhere.

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