YRC Worldwide Inc.'s Radio Frequency Identification | Free Essay Example

YRC Worldwide Inc.’s Radio Frequency Identification

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The functioning of the modern market is conditioned by technologies that introduce several new possibilities and increase the efficiency of various companies. The blistering scientific development gave rise to several issues related to the reconsideration of the existing approaches and implementation of the newest devices to achieve the best results. For this reason, the usage of innovative technology impacts the functioning of companies and manufacturers by providing new ways to perform some tasks.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) could be considered one of the most important modern ideas as it provides limitless opportunities for increasing organizational, financial, and operational performance (Herschel & Rafferty, 2012). For this reason, it is possible to analyze the main concerns related to the implementation of RFID in the functioning of a certain company and highlight the obvious benefits provided by it.

YRC Worldwide is chosen as the background for the investigation of the main advantages of RFID technologys usage. The company is known for its popularity and positive image. It provides shipping of industrial, commercial and retail goods to several countries across the globe. YRC Worldwide is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. It was founded in 1906. However, in that period, it was far from its modern image. At the moment, the company is considered one of the main US shipping companies with a stable level of revenues. However, it also suffered from the aftermath of the 2008 world financial crisis and reported a significant loss (YRC Worldwide Corporate Information, n.d.). For these reasons, it is vital to reconsider the functioning of the company to guarantee its stable development.

The brand includes such companies as YRC Freight, YRC Reimer, New Penn, USF Holland and USF Reddaway (YRC Worldwide Corporate Information, n.d.). All these organizations are focused on trucking and delivery of various parcels, cargos, etc. The company has several various facilities and could deliver the cargo to the needed place. Moreover, it also works at the international level, guaranteeing the on-time delivery.

Besides, analyzing the functioning of the company, the unique character of the performed services should be admitted. YRC Worldwide has to trace the way of any cargo or parcel to assure that it is protected and delivered. The company uses the traditional approach, making the notes and filling bills which describe the number of goods, their weight, location, delivery date, etc. However, this practice could be taken as outdated because of the possibility to implement the newest technologies to attain success. First, RFID could be used to monitor organizational operations and

provide automation of recordings (Holloway, 2006). Additionally, the technology could be used for the optimization of transportation and delivery. Being labeled with RFID, any good could be traced and determined. It will help to save costs and increase the efficiency of the whole company. Finally, the significant improvement of the companys image could be achieved as customers will know for sure where their goods are.

Altogether, the implementation of the RFID technology in the functioning of a certain company might bring several benefits resulting from the character of the device. It will help to introduce the better control of the process and monitoring of the main stages of delivery and transportation of certain goods. Moreover, the usage of RFID could help to save costs and improve the image of a company.


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