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  1. The 4G Wireless Network: Redundancy and Fault Recovery
    High Speed Packet Access, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and Long-term Evolution have been labeled as forth generation technologies a subject that is raising a lot of concerns.
  2. Delta Company’ Wireless and Mobile Technologies
    Delta Air Lines has been very aggressive in terms of integrating the latest technology in its operations. This is very different from its known reputation of being slow at introducing changes.
  3. YRC Worldwide Inc.’s Radio Frequency Identification
    YRC Worldwide Inc. is chosen as the background for the investigation of the main advantages of Radio Frequency Identification technology usage.
  4. Bar Codes vs. Radio Frequency Identification Tags
    Bar codes have been popular in the world of retail for several decades; they have made the process of shopping much easier compared to its prior form.
  5. Pandora Internet Radio and Unprofitable Clients
    Pandora Radio became acquainted with the harsh reality of Internet radio when the number of users breached the 1 million mark.
  6. The Usage of Radio-Frequency Identification Technology
    Speaking about the usage of RFID in terms of a certain company (YRC Worldwide) it is also possible to outline several major concerns related to the issue.
  7. Radio-Frequency Identification Metrics in Transportation
    Radio-frequency identification metrics is a system for tracking and tagging objects, in a manner not dissimilar to barcodes. This study analyzes RFID metrics for transportation.
  8. Credit Cards with Radio-Frequency Identification
    EMV is a technology developed about RF cards: the card owner’s data, which is conventionally kept in the magnetic stripe, is securely encrypted.
  9. Barcodes and Radio Frequency Identification Effects
    The use of bar codes and Radio Frequency identification has certainly had some positive and negative effects on basic logistics processes.
  10. Wireless Network Topology’s Disadvantages
    Wireless network topology transfers data between different devices. This paper reviews the main wireless configuration topologies and analyzes their disadvantages.
  11. YRC Worldwide INC.: The Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification
    YRC Worldwide is chosen as the background for the investigation of the main advantages of RFID technology`s usage. The company is known for its popularity and positive image.
  12. Radio Frequency Identification Aloha Protocols
    This project in detail discusses the operation of two collision handling protocols, Aloha and Slotted Aloha, and quantitatively compares their performances.
  13. Wireless Charging Technology’s Evaluation
    This evaluation report addressed to the VP is a critical analysis of the usability of wireless charging technology developed for smart devices.
  14. Radio Advertising Proposal for Chicago Company
    This paper proposes a powerful advertising strategy to encourage more individuals aged between 18 and 24 to join the United States army.
  15. Benefits of Using Radio Frequency Identification Technology
    RFID technology is often regarded as a successor of the technology that has dominated for decades. Bar codes have been in place since the second part of the 20th.
  16. Amazon Corporation’s Radio Frequency Identification
    Amazon can embrace the power of RFID technology to become more competitive in the global online marketing sector.
  17. Wireless Technologies Proposal for the Party Plates Company
    This paper presents a proposal of two wireless technologies that the Party Plates can implement in order to meet the communication requirements for the organization.
  18. Memorandum on Wireless Handheld Devices
    The key purpose of the memorandum is to propose a wireless handheld device that can be used by the personnel of Juno Online Services.
  19. Privacy Protection for Wireless Medical Sensor Data
    In “Privacy Protection for Wireless Medical Sensor Data”, the authors propose their own approach that can make it possible to mitigate the risks of medical wireless attacks.
  20. Energy Consumption in Wireless Body Area Networks
    This essay seeks to present an extensive study of energy consumption technologies in WBANs. This is achieved through a concerted focus on power-efficient models.
  21. Wireless Networking and Popular Standards
    This paper presents an overview of wireless networking, emphasising the most popular standards: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and Cellular Networks.
  22. Price Wars in the Wireless Market
    A company in the wireless industry can embrace a strategy to decrease prices only to attract customers from rival companies since the customer base has already been exhausted.
  23. An Atomic Radio Receiver
    In order to understand the revolutionary idea of the atomic-based received, one has to discuss the design of antennas used at the present time.
  24. Wireless Technology and Applications
    Technology is the application of technical expertise to improve the efficiency and convenience of achieving tasks that would otherwise be burdensome.
  25. Radio Frequency Identification Technology for Business
    At a higher level of software, particular attention is paid to integrating RFID products into existing systems as a supplement and tool for innovative growth.
  26. Energy-Efficient Area Monitoring for Wireless Sensor Network
    Wireless technology is one of the upcoming technology in the market which allows portability and connectivity from anywhere.
  27. FM Radio: History and Main Aspects
    The beginning of the rise of the frequency modulation radio or FM radio may be clearly observed only beginning with 1960s though FM radio was invented in 1902.

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  1. Changing Advertising with Wireless Technologies
    Advertising requires fastest and the most accurate accessibility to the targeted customers, and these latest communication technology wonders provide just that.
  2. Customer Service in Rogers Wireless International
    This study of the services provided by Rogers wireless international looked at its customer care services and their impacts on the operations of the company.
  3. Internet and the Radio Industry: Strategic Management
    The Internet has reformed the way business is done all over the world. The impact the Internet had on the radio industry is that the network would boost the programming variety.
  4. Evolution of Rock and Roll in Radio
    Rock and roll is a music genre that emerged during the close of 1940s and the dawn of early 1950s in the southern region of the United States.
  5. Radio Communication and Early Oral Tradition in Canada
    Since the very beginning of its history, Canadian communication has been developing and shaping in the increasingly controversial and ambiguous social conditions.
  6. Radio-Frequency Identification in Healthcare and Agriculture
    Specifically, radio-frequency identification (RFID) has gained traction due to its ability to transmit data over distance.
  7. The Development of New Technologies: Wireless Hacking Techniques
    With the rapid development of new technologies, the safety of personal data is expected to increase. The purpose of this paper is to discuss some wireless hacking techniques.
  8. Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Hearing
    The 2020 public hearing held by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) makes part of a comprehensive review of mobile wireless services.
  9. Mission of Minnesota Public Radio
    Minnesota Public Radio is a radio network that aims to provide entertainment or some other form of audio programming. That was inherently their social mission.
  10. Radio Frequency Identification Technology Concepts
    The paper looks at the various concepts of RFID technology, including how it works, application issues, and problems with RFID.
  11. Method of Setting Up a Net Gear Wireless Router
    Network software called the OmniPeek software is used to capture the data frames generated by the Net gear wireless router.
  12. Radio Frequency Identification and the Impact on Society
    Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a tracking technique that utilizes radio waves to identify and locate items within a specified area.
  13. The Development of Radio and the Rise of Television
    The radio and the television were stimulating factors that made the economy grow and have remained consistent even after other innovations, such as the Internet, have been made.
  14. Wireless and Mobile Network and Phone Security Issues
    The contemporary world is characterized by an increased use of wireless communication, such communication entails the use of smart phones and iPods in our daily communications.
  15. Wireless Network Convergence of Data for Call Centers
    By using WAN for VOIP phone calls, the four locations will be able to merge voice with video and data communication over the company data network.
  16. Radio Frequency Identification Technology
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a currently accessible technology that makes auto-identification of different objects possible.
  17. The Radio Frequency IDentification Revolution
    RFID is fast taking shape, as manifested by the recent media blitz and newspaper articles about the technology.
  18. Wireless Local Area Network vs. Ethernet
    The capability to share the same ‘feed’ serves as the premise for a flexible digital environment where students and librarians use the same internet connection.
  19. Radio Frequency Identification Technology in Libraries
    This paper discusses the application of the technical and security aspects of the effectiveness of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in libraries.
  20. Wireless Network Implementation Analysis
    This paper discusses wireless network implementation for a company that has a large mobile workforce that spends most of its time out in the field with customers.
  21. Radio Frequency (RF) Communication Systems
    RF communication systems imply consideration of the available channels, equipment to establish the network area and the central purposes that drive their introduction.
  22. Bluetooth Wireless Technology and Its Impact on Human’s Life
    The aim of Bluetooth technology is to phase out cables as a connector to devices because they support direct communication amongst themselves, without having to use cables.
  23. Radio Frequency Identification in Libraries: Technical and Security Aspects
    Evidence shows that RFIDs generate numerous opportunities for privacy invasion both inside and outside the library.
  24. Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification and Automated Materials Handling Systems Project
    The purpose of this project is to implement radio frequency identification (RFID) and automated materials handling (AMH) systems in a new public library building.
  25. Wireless Networks and How to Enhance Their Performance
    Given the importance of reliable wireless networks, it is critical to have tools, methods, and applications at one’s disposal to test its connectivity.
  26. Wireless Networks: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T
    The paper states that Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T accounted for more than ninety percent of wireless networks in 2011.
  27. Challenges of Wireless Content Delivery and Its Implications for Sports Broadcasting
    Content delivery networks could ensure the availability of services and provide high-quality speed. They also pose several economic implications for sports broadcasting.
  28. Tagging Things With Radio Frequency Technologies
    Although RFID technology provides crucial benefits to multiple systems, its implementation in IoT is hampered by privacy and security challenges.

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  1. Radio Frequency Identification and Wireless Sensor
  2. Animal Experimentation Radio Interview
  3. Radio 1970’s Until Now
  4. How Radio Has Influenced Our Lives?
  5. Radio Stations Affecting People’s Lifestyles
  6. Radio Frequency Identification Technology‘s Role
  7. The Role of the Radio During World War II
  8. The Telecommunication Act and Its Effect on Radio and Television
  9. The Impact of Radio on Americans
  10. Radio Communications for Public Safety
  11. The Radio Spectrum and the Organization of the Future: Recapturing Radio for New Working Patterns and Lifestyles
  12. Deformalizing the International Radio Arrangements
  13. The Definition and Classification of Radio Frequency Identification
  14. Private Philanthropy and the Economics of Public Radio
  15. Radio Frequency Identification and Intelligent Parking
  16. Analysis of the History and Future of Radio Advertising
  17. Short Range and High Bandwidth Communications Using a Radio Spectrum
  18. Secure Configuration for Software Defined Radio
  19. The Growth and Influence of Radio Broadcasting in the United States
  20. Radio Frequency Identification and Its Application
  21. Radio Stations and Music Industry
  22. The Relationship Between the Music Industry and the Radio in the Promotion of Music
  23. Radio Stations Have Different Genres and Target Audiences
  24. Propaganda and Radio Broadcasting in Nazi Germany
  25. Pulsed Radio Frequency Energy as Physical Therapy
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