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Applications, Software and System Development

How Does Understanding Various Microsoft Office Applications Enhance Productivity in Education, the Workplace, and at Home?

The use of Microsoft Office applications greatly enhances productivity in educational matters, at work, and in various everyday activities at home. Microsoft Word is a program for word processing that is used to create and edit text documents. Microsoft PowerPoint is a program for making presentations. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that uses complex mathematical operations in order to make various types of calculations. Microsoft Outlook is a personal manager program, but it is used chiefly as an e-mail application. Microsoft Access is used to create and control different kinds of databases (“Word, Excel/Access”).

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Thus, people use these programs to make working with texts, tables, pictures, databases, and personal managing that are very important for studying, at work, and in everyday activities faster and easier. Overall, these programs accelerate the working process using various automatic functions that help users avoid mistakes and make one operation only one time, which is used as an example for the program to make other identical operations (“Word, Excel/Access”).

I have used this information to understand what benefits Microsoft Office applications can offer. I will use this information in the future when I need to create texts, presentations, and databases, make calculations, and get help in time management.

Distinguish between Application and System Software

Application software is used to help users perform various tasks, whereas system software is used to operate hardware and provide a platform for application software. The system software is used for general purposes, while application software is used for specific purposes. It creates its own environment in which application software performs its tasks. Additionally, the system software works all the time when a computer is turned on and is essential to it, whereas the application software works only when required and is not essential to a computer (Mishra).

I have used this information to understand the principal differences between application and system software. In the future, I will use this information to know the deletion and manipulation of what programs can affect the work of a computer.

Differentiate between System Development and Program Development

The difference between system development and program development is that the former is focused on creating system software, while the latter is focused on creating various programs that are not essential for a computer to function. System developers work on creating drivers and operating systems using compiled and low-level languages like C++ or C. Program developers work on creating various software using interpreted and high-level languages like FORTRAN, Pascal, and Java (Rouse).

I have used this information to understand how the process of creating system software differs from the process of creating programs and applications. In the future, I will use this information to know what programming languages are best for system development and those for program development.

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Explain Security, Privacy and Ethical Issues Related to Information Technology

Nowadays, the problems of security, privacy, and ethics regarding information technology are crucial, as, with the development of technologies, these notions are gradually disappearing. There are a number of threats on the Internet. They include Internet fraud, malicious programs, system hacking, data manipulation, viruses, and so on. Privacy now is also often compromised through identity theft, personal information analysis, and various surveillance systems.

Certainly, there are different protection measures such as passwords or antivirus programs, but there is no guarantee that these measures are effective. Moreover, even they can sometimes be used to compromise security and privacy. Thus, the ethical issues are vital today, as ethics is hardly the only thing that can prevent people from spying on each other (“What Are the Moral Issues”).

I have used this information to understand the importance of security, privacy, and ethical issues in today’s world full of information technology. In the future, I will use this information to know how my privacy can be compromised and what I can do to prevent it.

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