Authoritative Parenting in Comparison to Other Styles

There are four parenting styles, including authoritative, permissive, neglectful, and authoritarian. The authoritarian parents are sure that the feelings of their child do not matter as these are trifles, which they should not pay attention to. As a rule, they show a child that negative emotions are experienced only by bad people, thus reviving complexes resulting in low self-esteem and academic performance. A neglectful parent freely accepts the emotional manifestations of children and allows them to respond as they want in absolutely all situations, showing indifference and non-involvement (Olivari, Tagliabue, & Confalonieri, 2013). The permissive parents are lenient and indulgent that makes their child become egocentric and causes difficulties in communication with others. An authoritative parenting style implies adequate responsiveness and support as well as some extent of independence. The result of the above style is well-developed mental and social skills along with self-confidence.

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Personally, if I were to have children, I would associate myself with the authoritative parenting style. Parents practicing the mentioned style provide emotional support to their child and express empathy and a warm attitude aimed at promoting both physical and spiritual growth. This parenting style seems to be the most appropriate as parents try to teach their children by their example, while the latter feel family respect and recognize parents’ authority. As children grow older, they acquire a sense of responsibility for their behavior. I also value that authoritative parents acknowledge that not all children are similar and it may be necessary to adjust the rules depending on the personality of a child. Being flexible, the authoritative parent shows the value of compromise in a family and allows making changes in the rules of upbringing.


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