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Bexley College’ Project Evaluation and Design


Business is the sphere of human activity in which preciseness and proper structure of all operations are required for the success of any enterprise or project. The current project brief concerns the developmental project initiated by Bexley College, which plans to relocate its facilities to another campus and sell the existing campus area to private developers. The presented project brief and feasibility study aim at structuring and developing the project.

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Project Brief


Bexley College plans to relocate its facilities to another, more central, area in the city, and the currently operated campus area of the college is set to be sold for further development by private investors (Bexley College, 2009). To reach the best results of the project, Bexley College needs consulting in how to design the development project and how to structure it in relation to financial and human resources. Legal and ethical considerations are also important for the Bexley College project.

Objectives and Desired Outcomes

The objectives of the current project include making the relocation of Bexley College facilities easy and smooth for both the educational process and institutional development of the college. As well, the proper use of the previous campus land is among the objectives. Thus, Bexley College is to make sure the campus area is sold to reputable and reliable investors whose funding and attention to the project will be enough to provide acceptable development conditions (OGC, 2009).

Scope and Exclusions

The project scope is rather specific and focuses on the development of a new campus location and the transition of the current Bexley College land to the most adequate and reliable investor. The project scope embraces the financial, human resources, legal, and ethical implications of the development project. Thus, the current project focuses only on the relocation process, while the irrelevant financial and other considerations are excluded from its present scope.

Re-development Implications

On the whole, the re-development project for Bexley College will involve a specific set of steps. First, Bexley will have to select and come into the possession, or rent, of the acceptable location in the city center. Second, the competition among potential investors is to be carried out. Third, Bexley College should choose the investor and start the re-development procedure. Fourth, the College facilities are to be relocated to the new site to free the campus area for the investment projects planned by the selected investors (Bexley College, 2009).

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Re-development

Concerning the legal side of the re-development process, Bexley College should deal with two major points. First, the proper character of the documents for the current campus area ownership or rent should be assured. Second, the process of transferring the current location to the investor should be well documented to avoid any possible legal speculations regarding the land ownership. In the ethical context, Bexley College should ensure that the re-development process does not harm its students’ interests and educational needs. If it does, Bexley should take steps to compensate for this harm in the form of additional free classes or subsidies for students.

Project Feasibility

Market Feasibility

The project under consideration involves the interests of several industries including education, construction, and investment. In regard to the market feasibility, the project of transferring Bexley College facilities to the center of the city is a potentially favorable idea. The construction market is currently recovering from the effects of the global economic recession and the investment industry can possibly be interested in owning the Bexley College campus location if the college moves to another one.

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Technical Feasibility

The technical feasibility of the plan is fully dependent on Bexley College’s commitment to the project. There are two major points concerning technical feasibility. First, Bexley College should guarantee its ability to relocate all its facilities and equipment to the new site. Second, the college should assure the proper educational process after the re-development, i. e. the technical feasibility of the project is a fully controllable and modifiable factor (Bexley College, 2009).

Financial Feasibility

Financial feasibility depends much on Bexley College, but the potential investor of the re-development project for the previous Bexley College campus also bears the responsibility for this point. First, Bexley is fully responsible for the college campus relocation to another campus and the college should assure that the project is possible from the financial point of view. The previous campus cannot be simply left, and the re-development of this campus area financially depends more on the new investor rather than on Bexley College.

Organizational Feasibility

The organizational feasibility of the project is also important (Wolfe, 2009). First, Bexley College should assure the agreement of the re-development project at all levels of its organizational structure. Second, the college should have the guarantee that all its departments perform properly during the relocation and redevelopment processes. As well, the organizational feasibility is involved to assure the agreed cooperation between Bexley and the investor developing the college’s previous campus area.


Thus, the re-development project for Bexley College has several important aspects that include a clear understanding of the project objectives and desired outcomes, legal and ethical implications of the project for the college, and the feasibility concerns, among which financial and organizational feasibility are of the greatest importance.


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