Career Exploration in Engineering and Healthcare

Music Engineering (Career Exploration)

To explore the development of a career in the field of music engineering, it is necessary to plan to visit the Music Department of the college in October and November to collect the required information. It is important to contact an audio engineer practicing there and plan conversations that will be followed by observations. During an interview, I hope to collect first-hand information on the specifics of working with various types of audio equipment in different settings. Observations will help take notes on how a music engineer can handle a variety of tasks (Lellis 54-58). This information will be important to apply to the community’s needs because there is a lack of professional music engineers working in the community.

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Healthcare (Career Exploration)

I am also interested in developing careers in the healthcare sector. To gather information on this area, I will spend about four hours in one of the local hospitals in November to observe the process of treating patients after receiving the administration’s and patients’ consent. I will contact my friend who works as a physician in the selected hospital to plan and organize this visit. While observing how my friend interacts with patients and colleagues, I will focus on the advantages and disadvantages or difficulties associated with working in this area. This experience will help me understand whether I can contribute to my community as a healthcare worker because medical specialists are always required here.

Electrical Engineering (Career Exploration)

One more field of interest is electrical engineering, and to explore this sphere, I will watch documentaries on this profession and conduct a 2-hour interview in December. Thus, I need to select appropriate documentaries on electrical engineering using our library resources and plan an interview with my friend who has developed a career in this field. After watching the documentaries and completing the interview, I will be able to understand whether electrical engineering is more attractive to me than music engineering in terms of applying my skills and addressing my interests. I will use the received knowledge to understand whether my community is in need of electrical engineers to provide me with a job position.

Project Pitch

The key goal of career exploration in the field of music engineering is to gain knowledge regarding the work with various types of audio equipment in the context of relating these specifics to my interests. The other goals are to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this career and evaluate its importance for my community in terms of my personal contribution to this community’s development. The project completion will take from two to five months, depending on the availability of an audio engineer practicing at the Music Department of the college to communicate with me and provide the required data.

The first step will be contacting the administration of the Music Department and the selected audio engineer to receive consent and to schedule interview sessions and observations. The second step will include the formulation of interview questions to discuss. The third step will be interviews with the audio engineer, and the fourth step will include observations and taking notes. The final step will be associated with analyzing the collected information to conclude regarding the career choice. One possible obstacle to career exploration will be the administration’s or the audio engineer’s refusal to take part in the project. It will be important to address this obstacle at the first stage and select other persons to contact.

Work Cited

Lellis, Carlos. Music Production: Recording: A Guide for Producers, Engineers, and Musicians. 2nd ed., Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.

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