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Domestic Violence Study and Lessons Learnt

The rationale for Topic Selection

Despite numerous endeavors to address the instances of domestic violence, the current situation with abusive relationships remains drastic. According to global statistical data, in 2017, approximately 35% of women have experienced abuse at some point in their lives (World Health Organization, 2017). Since the problem is still unresolved, it needs to be addressed, which is the primary reason for the selection thereof for the project. Cases of domestic violence and abuse must be explored to identify key patterns and develop prevention and management strategies (Armstead et al., 2017). Even though the project has been in development for a while, it retains its appeal since it helps delve deeper into the analysis of interpersonal relationships within the context of modern society. After an overview of the subject matter, defining obstacles on the way to implementing located solutions seems a sensible step to take.

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Research Skills Description

Apart from shedding a lot of light on the nature of abusive relationships, the project helped me develop new research skills. For example, I realized that it was necessary to utilize all available tools for data management and especially innovative ones. Moreover, by developing the research, I acquired the ability to prioritize tasks and goals. Also, it finally occurred to me during the search for available information that fostering academic independence, curiosity, and integrity is what I need to strive to achieve as a successful researcher. Finally, the necessity to focus on the ethical retrieval and use of research data were acknowledged at the specified stage of research. Thus, the need to grow as a learner and professional was the key conclusion made in the process.

Effects of Peers’ Feedback

My peers’ feedback played an important part in shaping my development as a researcher, as well as creating a coherent argument in my paper. Naturally, since most of my peers are only starting to build their competence as scholars, a substantial amount of their feedback was subjective. However, viewing the work from their perspective allowed understanding how the essay had to be structured for the argument to become coherent, what wording had to be chosen to convey key messages, and that sufficient support had to be provided for each statement. Therefore, extensive changes were made to how the argument was represented.

Understanding Other Viewpoints

The use of a peer review technique also helped view explored issues from different perspectives. The feedback from peers served as the lens through which the work was analyzed. As a result, the significance of recognizing the validity of an opposing viewpoint was acknowledged. For instance, possible causes of domestic violence were discussed, thus, allowing me to produce more ideas about the subject matter and the means of handling it.

New Writing Strategies

The reviews of classmates served as a platform for building a coherent approach toward structuring the writing process and prioritizing my objectives. For example, their remarks about my lack of a consistent argument encouraged me to develop an outline before beginning to work on a project. Besides, the notes of my peers indicated that I could use more evidence to support my claims. Thus, I learned a lot about writing convincing and compelling academic papers. Furthermore, their commentaries showed me how a particular subject could be researched, as well as how located data could be incorporated into the study to make its argument logical and well-structured.


Armstead, T. L., Rambo, K., Kearns, M., Jones, K. M., Dills, J., & Brown, P. (2017). CDC’s DELTA FOCUS Program: Identifying promising primary prevention strategies for intimate partner violence. Journal of Women’s Health, 26(1), 9-12. Web.

World Health Organization. (2017). Violence against women. Web.

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