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Healthcare Program by Barack Obama and John McCain


The American presidential election is taking shape as days move. The major presidential candidates are warming up for the elections by going public on the major agendas that they are planning for the Americans in the next four years. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are very confident of winning the public through persuasive political policies especially on health care in the U.S.

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McCain’s plan on health care reforms

The Republican presidential candidate, John McCain has raised serious health concerns in the U.S saying that they cannot go unattended for the next five years otherwise it would be a disaster to Americans. Such health concerns include increased health care costs in America that his plan stipulates that the people of America should not suffer so much in financing their own health care through expensive health insurance policies. He promises to introduce health insurance policies that employers can afford for this employee and one that the government can subscribe to for the poor and the unemployed. He however says that these health insurance companies need to be private with little government intervention except only at the state level (Chicago Tribune, 2008, pp. A7).

He also plans to introduce a method of reforming the social security system in America He says that the current administration had politicized the scheme making taxpayers lose trust in the government.

The Republican reforms touch on the quality of health care schemes saying that Americans know quality. He believes that Americans should possess control of the health care system which results in families making choices depending on their own choices that are responsive to their needs. He adds that families feel more satisfied when they choose which health insurance company they subscribe to. In this policy once elected his government believes that it would result in reduced expenses due to competition(WTJ 2007, pp. A3).

As part of his political agenda, his health care policy states that it needs to be present in all the states for national coverage. The plan emphasizes convenience to all citizens in all parts of the US.

In his health care reform plan, he promises effective reforms on the possibility of a costless health system when it resulted in a trial bar. This plan clearly states that every citizen must access remedies at times of bad and unprofessional medical practice by physicians.

Lastly, the Republican health care reforms give a social responsibility approach to the health situation in America It stipulates clearly that Americans should stand to fight chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure through proper nutrition.

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Democrats plans on health care

The Democratic side under Barack Obama gives a relatively same health care reform plan. It clearly states that America’s future is based on their health to move the country ahead.

The Democratic presidential candidate promises health care that will cover all the uncovered Americans. It includes everyone eligible to stay in America to have special health coverage. This plan offers eligibility to its clients regardless of their current health care satiations. It is a portable, quality as well as and efficient system with guarantees health services to Americans (NYT 2007, pp.A6).

Regarding contribution to this plan, it states that employers should contribute for their employees while those with lower salaries should get exemption from contribution but covered by the state. The scheme gives mandatory coverage for children even allowing young people to get coverage under their parents up to 25 years. (L.A Times, 2008).

According to the scheme, the Democrats say that it covers the whole of America and that it does not discriminate against states but stipulates standards of operation even allowing states to expand their already existing health plans to meet such standards.

With the high cost of health policy in America of great significance to this kind of health plan, it says that these expenditures need to be reduced by reimbursing employers health costs through savings. With an emphasis on the new technology, the plan looks forward to the introduction of an electronic health information technology system that will easily coordinate the quality and efficiency of health care. It says that the government would set $ 10 billion a year to implement the electronic standards of health care adding that this system lowers the cost of health care (NYT 2007, pp. A6).

On new initiatives, it emphasizes biomedical research centers to be expanded for early detection and treatment of diseases like cancer and heart diseases. The plan adds that under this government if elected, Obama would be number one in supporting the fight against HIV in the world.

These two health care plans are more or less the same thing however the Democrats focus more on service to citizens of America while Republicans look to the reduction of costs and expenses for those who can only afford health care insurance policies.

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