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How Technology Affects Our Daily Life

Technology plays a vital role in every person’s life. In our everyday life, we encounter numerous technologies. Technology has affected every aspect of my life in many respects. It has made my day-to-day life much easier than before. It has enabled me to do things faster and more efficiently. I have had the opportunity to access information and people that were previously difficult or impossible to access (Youn, 2009).

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With technology, I have also been provided with all sorts of entertainment. I have been able to chat online, download some of my favorite videos and audios, and enjoy various other forms of entertainment. However, technology may also prove to have a negative effect especially when it comes to privacy issues. I once had my private social account hacked into and someone retrieved my details and dispersed them (Youn, 2009). It was embarrassing because the information was very personal. I have never known who might have done that but it has made me cautious about such happenings and I have learned ways of ensuring the security of such information on the internet.

Therefore, such new technologies may have a negative impact on a person’s privacy. Understanding how to use the new technologies is important when ensuring that you have total control of your private information. This makes it difficult for culprits to retrieve information without your permission.

New technologies may be in the form of internet social programs, which allow people to communicate within the same network or across networks. These include emails, online chatting services, and games. Web cams can also be used to facilitate video calling or conferencing. A perfect example is Skype, which enables people from around the globe to communicate easily and efficiently. I have greatly benefited from this technology myself because I have friends and family members from different parts of the world and the need to keep in touch made me inquire about such technologies.

Other technologies include Bluetooth technology and wireless technology. These technologies facilitate the transfer or exchange of information without the need for wired connections (wireless). This technology has made the transfer of information easier and more effective. Wi-Fi is a technology that incorporates wireless functionalities. I usually connect to the internet using this technology and this has made my internet experience a wonderful one. Downloading information has never been faster.

Back to the issue of privacy, most people agree that every person is entitled to his privacy. Some even argue that every human being has the right to privacy. This is a fundamental human right. Privacy on the internet forms a subgroup of computer privacy (Larose & Rifon, 2007). Unfortunately, many professionals in this field do not believe in the existence of privacy. Steve Rambam explained this. He stated that putting stuff online is like broadcasting personal information intentionally. Therefore, according to him, there is no one to blame if one’s personal information is accessed. The owner saw it coming anyway. However, Bruce Schneier provided a glimpse of hope by arguing that there was the need to protect personal information from abuses by those who have the capability of accessing the information (Larose & Rifon, 2007).

The government has done its part in trying to protect people’s privacy. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is one such government organization (Heyman & Pierson, 2011). It stresses the need to protect one’s social security number while online. With this regard, it can be declared that technologies may be helpful in some ways but, at the same time, detrimental. However, when every precaution is taken into consideration, technology will continue to make the world a better place to live.

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