60 Data Management Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Data Management

  1. Electronic Health Record Database and Data Management
    Progress in modern medicine has resulted in the amount of information related to the health of patients to grow exponentially.
  2. Big Data Usage in Supply Chain Management
    This paper gives a summary of the research that was conducted to understand the unique issues surrounding the use of big data in the supply chain.
  3. Health Data Management: Sharing and Saving Patient Data
    One of the ways to facilitate achieving the idealized environment of data sharing is developing the methods of accessing health-related information.
  4. Childhood Obesity: Data Management
    The use of electronic health records (EHR) is regarded as one of the effective ways to treat obesity in the population.
  5. EHR Database Management: Diabetes Prevention
    The data needed to prevent diabetes is usually collected throughout regular screenings conducted whenever a patient refers to a hospital, as well as by using various lab tests.
  6. Data Management, Networking and Enterprise Software
    Enterprise software is often created “in-house” and thus has a far higher cost as compared to simply buying the software solution from another company.
  7. Information Technology-Based Data Management in Retail
    The following paper discusses the specificities of data management and identifies the most apparent ethical considerations using retail as an example.
  8. Data Assets Management of LuLu Hypermarkets System
    The report provides an analysis of the data assets management of LuLu hypermarkets system. The main advantages and disadvantages of the system are identified.
  9. Data Storage Management Solutions: Losses of Personal Data
    The term data refers to a collection of facts about anything. As it is often said, processed data results to information and he who has information has power.
  10. Deli Depot Case Study: Data Analysis Management Reporting
    To improve customer service, Deli Depot has embarked on initiatives to better understand its customers. The company did market research using a questionnaire-based survey.
  11. Relational Database Management Systems in Business
    The Database Management System makes it possible to eliminate most of the file system’s data inconsistency, data anomalies, data dependency, and structured dependency problems.
  12. Big Data Fraud Management
    The growth of eCommerce systems has led to an increase in online transactions using credit cards and other methods of payment services.
  13. Big Data Management Research
    This paper will present a literature review of three articles that examine text mining methods for quantitative analysis.
  14. Data Collection and Management Techniques of a Qualitative Research Plan
    This research paper recommends interview method in the collection of data and the application of NVivo statistical software in the management of data.
  15. Data Management in a Medium-Sized Business
    This paper will use a medium-sized business data management offering highly specialized, high-quality business development education services as an example.
  16. Object-Oriented and Database Management Systems Tradeoffs
    The paper suggests using the hybrid database system as it contains fewer flaws by fusing the strengths of both RDBMS and OODBMS technologies.
  17. Database Management and Machine Learning
    Machine learning is used in science, business, industry, healthcare, education, etc. The possibilities of using machine learning technologies are constantly expanding.
  18. Data Collection and Management Techniques for a Qualitative Research Plan
    To conduct complete qualitative research and present a cohesive qualitative research plan, it is necessary to match the structure and topic of the study.
  19. Modern Data Management and Organization Strategies
    Today, with a shrinking focus on data and analytics, a proper data management strategy is imperative to meeting business goals.
  20. Why Open-Source Software Will (Or Will Not) Soon Dominate the Field of Database Management Tools
    The study aims at establishing whether open-source software will dominate the database field because there has been a changing trend in the business market.

🎓 Most Interesting Data Management Research Titles

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  1. Adopting Electronic Data Management in the Health Care Industry
  2. Distributed Operating System and Infrastructure for Scientific Data Management
  3. Advanced Drill Data Management Solutions Market: Growth and Forecast
  4. The Changing Role of Data Management in Clinical Trials
  5. Business Rules and Their Relationship to Effective Data Management
  6. Class Enterprise Data Management and Administration
  7. Developing Highly Scalable and Autonomic Data Management
  8. Cloud Computing: Installation and Maintenance of Energy Efficient Data Management
  9. Exploring, Mapping, and Data Management Integration of Habitable Environments in Astrobiology
  10. Data Management: Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  11. Efficient Algorithmic Techniques for Several Multidimensional Geometric Data Management and Analysis Problems
  12. Data Management for Photovoltaic Power Plants Operation and Maintenance
  13. Elderly Patients and Falls: Adverse Trends and Data Management
  14. Data Management for Pre- and Post-Release Workforce Services
  15. Epidemiological Data Management During an Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease
  16. Dealing With Identifier Variables in Data Management and Analysis
  17. How Data Mining, Data Warehousing, and On-Line Transactional Databases Are Helping Solve the Data Management Predicament
  18. Improving the New Data Management Technologies and Leverage
  19. Integrated Process and Data Management for Healthcare Applications
  20. Making Data Management Manageable: A Risk Assessment Activity for Managing Research Data

💡 Simple Data Management Essay Ideas

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  1. The Use of Temporal Database in the Data Management System
  2. Multi-Cloud Data Management Using Shamir’s Secret Sharing and Quantum Byzantine Agreement Schemes
  3. Data Management Is More Than Just Managing Data
  4. Is Effective Data Management a Key Driver of Business Success?
  5. National Data Centre and Financial Statistics Office: A Conceptual Design for Public Data Management
  6. Big Data Management and Relevance of Big Data to E-Business
  7. Redefining the Data Management Strategy: A Way to Leverage the Huge Chunk of Data
  8. Structured Data Management Software Market in Taiwan
  9. Towards Effective GML Data Management: Framework and Prototype
  10. Data Management in Cloud Environments
  11. Digital Communication: Enterprise Data Management
  12. The Impact of Big Data on Data Management Functions
  13. Analysis of Data Management Strategies at Tesco
  14. The Best Data Management Tools Overview
  15. What Is Data Management and Why Is It Important
  16. Data Management and Use: Governance in the 21st Century
  17. What Is Data Management and How Do Businesses Use It?
  18. The Difference Between Data Management and Data Governance
  19. Types of Data Management Systems for Data-First Marketing Strategies and Success
  20. Reasons Why Data Management Leads to Business Success
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