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Internet Communications and Media

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In today’s world people are very interested in and curious about the things related to the World Wide Web. Some times they are over-hyped about WWW in their thought and talk. The reason for that is influence of information technology and World Wide Web is precious. It is a necessary factor in the modern world. Before fifteen or twenty years one could not imagine to get the interested book or a friend who lived abroad in front of him as a reality. But today those kind of things are not a dream. It is a reality. The emergence of World Wide Web is boosting the growth of the world. It affects the entire sectors like financial, social, cultural, and educational. Email, chatting, videoconferencing, digital library, online learning, online purchasing, etc. are very popular in the world. It helps people to speed up the day to day transactions. All these facilities are contributed by the World Wide Web. The growth of the information technology helps to improve the quality of the human life. Due to these reasons people love and thank this network society. They can’t now imagine a world without these facilities. Sometimes someone may feel the disclosure of the information technology to be over-hyped and ideological. But it is a truth. It is not considered as over hyped. It is a reality. Information society is a popular concept in this modern age. Globalization, transformation of employment like outsourcing, virtual culture etc. are the important contributions of the concept information society. In this age of globalization, internet and information technology are very important terms. It has such an amount of influence in the whole world.

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Transnational trade is very popular in this period. In transnational trade people can purchase products from anywhere in the world. In transnational trade their in no control over the trade by any nation. Here the trade is controlled by transnational corporations. Transnational trade plays an important role in the economic growth. The reason for that is size of the market influence the economic growth. When market size is increasing production of items is increases and cost of the items is decreasing. In this situation there is no boundary for sailing. (Cobb).

World Wide Web is the most powerful method for the transnational trading. Through WWW people can select their needed product from any market in the world and they can buy it easily. For this reason itself www make the transnational trade is a popular trading method. Customer can purchase tangible and intangible products through World Wide Web. For purchasing intangible products like software, songs, etc. is very easy through www. For that customer can easily download the product from the Internet.

There many sites to support transnational trade. Example is e-bay, Amazon, Microsoft etc… E-bay is an online People and business use this website for purchasing and sailing of their products through online. Customer can purchase items from the categories like mobile, computers, electronics, cameras, vehicles, jewelers, clothing, dolls and Bears, health and beauty products, music, sporting goods, video games etc…

Market growth is one major reason for the economic growth. Transnational trade promotes the unlimited growth of the market in the whole world. World Wide Web gives a major contribution in the transactions through transnational trade.


World Wide Web is a mass medium in the world. Major reason for that is the various facilities offered by it. Internet is an entertainment medium, it is a communication medium between people and companies. World Wide Web create a virtual culture in the world. After emergence of www societies become virtual. Face book and website like Orkut create a virtual community. Now internet communication gives us a fling like the real communication. Chatting, videoconference etc are promotes the virtual culture in this world. For example, Sandia at USA and BT working together bring more reality in cyberspace with regard to virtual culture. (Woods, 2007).

Today people spend more time in front of the internet for retrieving information like news and for entertainment. Today one can read even newspaper also from the Internet. Today different communication media like radio, TV, newspapers, mobile phone and Internet are interconnected. It also helps to create a virtual culture in the world. (Haan & Adolfsen, 2008).

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WWW is a media and a tool for keeping connection with our friends and relatives and fine new friends. A social network sites is very useful for that. Mailing and chatting helps to contact with the relatives and friends easily. In today’s world one can participate the online classes, or a business meeting etc, through videoconferencing, chatting etc. Through these methods people can save money and time. For these reasons almost all people in the world support the virtual culture.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is very popular today. It is a part of virtual culture. It offers unrestricted chat with many users. Real-time CMC is a good model for the IRC. It works like America Online and Prodigy. When a user uses the IRC for chatting he feels it like a playwright’s script. In IRC writing is started with the name of the sender’s computer. Writings are followed by it. User can continuously write on the computer screen. When the e writing progress the previously written messages are scroll on the top of the screen. CMC occurs through channels. These channels are developed based on the chosen topic and interest of the users. There will be a minimum of 10 to 15 thousand of people at a given point of time through approximately 50000 chat channels in the world. It helps to create a virtual community in the world. (IRC and Social Bond). (Jones, 1997, p. 134).

Companies use it to introduce their products by advertising about their products. People use internet for purchasing products. In olden times, only radio was used for broadcasting information. After that television was invented. At that time companies and organizations used radio and television for their advertising purpose. There was no choice for the people. All television viewers and radio listeners were forced to hear or see these advertisements. After the invention of internet the conditions entirely changed. Advertising through internet is unobtrusive and informative. People have the option for activate or deactivate any advertisement to their computer. Another reason for www becoming a mass media is that people can search their desired products and services. They can buy those products from the available locations. Search engines help this kind of searching. Examples are yahoo, MSN, Google etc. (Rowland, 2002).

Function of the search engines has dramatically changed within a short period. Search engines provide a lot of information to the user. So, today people depend on web to obtain almost all information needed by them. One of the important facilities provided by the search engine when one enters a keyword related to a product or service is that the search engine gives a lot of information related to that keyword. For example, from 2003 to 2007 when one typed key word “miserable failure” in Google search box the resulted site link we got was Bush’s official biography. In 2007 Google developed an algorithm called Google bombs which redirect the above mentioned keyword to non-political pages. Obama also faced the same problem. But now Google found a solution for this problem. Sometimes it might have affected the US election report. (Pasquale, 2009).

Due to the above mentioned reasons World Wide Web is a mass medium.


Like all other areas World Wide Web can have a bright future in education sector. Online education and distance learning is popular. For this type of learning, computer and internet are essential. According to Center for Best Practices “technology is an important equalizing tool for children with disabilities. It is equally important tool for all children.” (Johanson, (n.d)).

In future technology will come as an precious tool for the achievement of a constructive classroom. Today itself students use computer monitor and mouse for reading and writing instead of book and pen. At present students use multimedia and audio and video facilities for improving their education quality and for easy learning.

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Internet helps students to create complex knowledge bases. It causes a knowledge exploration in the student. By using Internet students can find new information from different book and web sites, they can create new information by designing web sites and share their acquired knowledge with others through Internet. Student can empower his learning by these kinds of methods. Internet is essential for it. (Brimah). At USA DeVry University, Madison University, NACE (National Association for Continuing Education), Engineering Outreach (EO), Northampton Community College, TechMelt etc. provide online education opportunity. (Online education USA – Distance learning college courses, 2009).

They conduct various degree, master degree, PHD, and various professional courses through online.

In future Information technology has a key role in education and its role will change day by day. Now our education sector is already developed and its further growth depends on the growth of the information technology. Every one needs the most recent technological education. The only available method to provide such kind of education is internet and information technology. Through Internet facilities like videoconferencing, students can conduct discussion and seminar sitting in their schools or homes without going anywhere. Through Internet students can read plenty of books and journals. It helps them to have effective study. Technology like multimedia and graphics helps students to learn in an interesting way. Distance and online learning system changes the entire education system. It can play a key role in the exponential growth of the education sector in future. In some countries online learning is very popular. But in future it will come in the whole world. Through the online learning one can attend the class of any university in the world from his home. Every student in the world can share his knowledge with each other through Internet.

From the above mentioned discussions it is clear that invention of the computer and internet is a milestone in the history of the world. Now it is the most popular, easy and effective way for communication. It has an important role in the economy. World Wide Web is a mass media in the world. Today education and technology are correlated. In future one cannot imagine an education system without computer and internet. The reason for that is technology has such an influence in the field of education.


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