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Obama`s Health Care System Reform


Obama’s new national health plan tailored for all Americans has been one of the best among all other plans brought by previous presidents. While it is important to note that a good healthcare plan was one of the most important needs for the people of America, it was not until now that a balanced approach to this issue came up. In fact, Obama has brought out insurance policies that will be able to cover both rich and the poor equally. Until now there were many who could not afford to take insurance coverage for themselves and there family. Now with this policy it is possible for every one to take policies that will do much benefit to the public.

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Some of the most important features covered in Obama’s health care policy are as follows: Every American will have a assured eligibility to take up insurance at a much lesser premium than the private insurances offer. Secondly, the plan assures that under no circumstances will any American be turned away from any insurance plan because of illness or pre-existing conditions. As a result of this, it will be easy for many who do not have health coverage to get insurance and also get good treatment. Additionally, it is said that the insurance policy will have comprehensive benefits that are offered through Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) that is similar to the plan that members of Congress have. It is possible for the general public to have all essential medical services, including preventive, maternity and mental health care through this policy. As mentioned earlier, the health plan will have reasonably priced premiums, co-pays and deductibles. There are also schemes for those who do not have Medicaid or SCHIP but at the same time need financial support when it comes to health care. They will be able to get assistance based on their income to buy the new government plan or any of the private health care plans that already exist.

The new government health plan will have an easy enrollment having a ready access to coverage and the procedure is comparatively much simpler than earlier plans. Additionally, Americans need not worry about the change of job as it would not have any impact on the existing health care coverage. In other words the health care policies have become portable and are left to the choice of the individual. There are also stringent rules that ensure the quality and the efficiency of the insurance companies involved in the new public program.

Though, initially I was also skeptical about this reform as it looked too good to be true. There are several reasons associated with the skepticism. For instance, it was said that there will be a reduction in the existing premiums for people who already have health insurance. I was not able to accept this because there are many who get insurance at no cost. Even with these reforms there will be a few who may not take up any insurance policies. However, about 47 million who are without insurance presently will be covered under health insurance.

There are several other uniqueness in Obama’s new national health plan. For instance, he plans to solve several small problems in the current health care system that will lead to a promising low cost and good patient care system. Some of the major areas that need special attention are compensating those who incurred ruinous medical expense in healthcare. The new plan will also concentrate on various disease management programs, promote the increased use of electronic records maintenance, and also lower the cost of prescription drug.


Obama’s new national health plan has also not ignored the need for new research for future medical training and prevention of diseases. AIDS and other serious health challenges are also not ignored in the new plan. Hence, there are a number of positive points that has made this health care plan one of the best when compared to plans proposed by previous presidents.

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