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Phoria Pictures: Independent Film Company Brand Identity


Who (Company Background)

The company described in this paper is titled Phoria Pictures. It is an independent company dealing in the multimedia area. The specific focus points for Phoria Pictures include the production and distribution of feature length films (movies ranging from 40 to 90 minutes in duration) and various kind of television programs, shows, sitcoms, and other products of the same kind. In more detail, Phoria Pictures is interested in screening the most relevant and breathtaking stories. Phoria Pictures is looking forward for cooperation with people able to invent interesting ideas that have potential for becoming highly demanded in the feature length and television markets.

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What (Activities)

The area of activity for Phoria Pictures is rather wide. At the moment it includes two major directions, i. e. feature length development and the creation of television programs and films. The former area of activity is further subdivided into two smaller segments. First of all, Phoria Pictures deals with the production, development, and distribution of its own original feature length films. Second, Phoria Pictures also assist in editing and adapting filmed materials for use in documentaries or numerous commercial television projects.

Why (Importance)

The development of Phoria Pictures has crucial importance for the community. The company deals not only with movie production, but also helps bridging the powers of talented writers, directors, and other specialists for the purposes of creating the high-quality products. The latter, in their turn, are sure to satisfy Phoria Pictures’ customers and bring joy and relaxation associated with movie watching into every single family. The motto of Phoria Pictures is “Goos movies make your lives better”!



The idea of creating Phoria Pictures was not an instant one. The development of the brand name was a long process that included multiple stages. The first consideration regarding the brand name was its distinctiveness. “Phoria Pictures” is a simple name, which is easy to pronounce, remember, and spell. It is related to the idea of watching television, and at the same time it is unique in comparison to the names of the competing companies in this industry. Phoria Pictures is thus an innovative brand name given to the company with innovative business ideas.


The meaning of the brand name is obviously another important aspect. Phoria is the term used to refer to the process of “fixing ones eyes on one object”. Respectively, it is directly related to the company’s activities, as far as Phoria Pictures will deal with making the audience fix their eyes of Phoria’s products. At the same time, the brand name does not display any aggression towards the audience. On the contrary, Phoria Pictures invites its audience to share the whole world of cinematography and enjoy the movies and television programs created by the company.

Brevity and Visualization

Further on, the brand name is short enough to be easily remembered and recollected by the company’s customers. It is important also that the word Phoria is rather short and is perceived as a single syllable is pronounced quickly as people do that in daily lives. So, there is no risk of shortening or abbreviating the name, which might damage the company’s image. The previous name versions, including Fake Awake Films and EINN Pictures, were also brief and easy to remember, but their potential dual interpretation or lack of clarity convinced us to accept the final variant, which is Phoria Pictures.

Identity Design

Selection Process

In more detail, the selection process of the brand name came from Fake Awake Films to the idea of Phoria Pictures through the stage of EINN Pictures. The first name was selected for its rhyming pronouncement, but the lack of clarity about the actual meaning of the name did not allow accepting it as a final one. The same is true about EINN Pictures. Although rather short and easy to pronounce, this name might confuse the audience, and give it a task of wondering what EINN is and how its connected with movies. Phoria, as contrasted to the two other names, has clear connection to the notion of watching, is easy to remember, and has only one meaning, which eliminates the chance of the audience confusion.

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Reasons for Selection

The basic advantages of the selected final variant of the logo for the discussed brand name also concern the idea of applicability. In particular, the latter O in the logo will be the focal point for all the viewers of the latter. Phoria Pictures plans on introducing the animated variant of the logo, in which the letter O will play a crucial role. As well, this letter will be displayed in different colors in accordance with the product type Phoria Pictures will be working on. Such a color variety will enable the company to change permanently but still retain its originality and unique logo for the convenience of its audience. Thus, watching a movie or a television program by Phoria Pictures, every spectator will have the chance to know that Phoria Pictures presented him/her with this product. At the same time, there will be no irritation about the same logo, as Phoria Pictures brand will permanently change.

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