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Solar Power as a Solution to Environmental Problems


Unfortunately, humans have not been rather rational when using numerous resources on this planet, and now people face many challenging environmental problems. One of them is climate change, and it is believed that this process has already had and will have adverse effects. Thankfully, scientists are doing their best to solve the problem, and now there are numerous different solutions to climate change. One of them is using solar energy for generating electricity and reducing adverse effects on this planet. The purpose of this paper is to discuss solar power, argue that it is better than wind and nuclear energy, explain its benefits and connection with climate change, and talk about it as a solution to the global issue.

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Solar Power Explained

To begin with, it is essential to define solar energy and state whether this is a beneficial or negative idea. Solar power is heat and radiant light captured and used for several different technologies. Sunlight is converted into electrical or thermal energy through special concentrating mirrors or photovoltaic panels. It may be used for solar architecture, generating electricity, or solar water heating (Clean Energy Ideas). Overall, it is considered the most useful, abundant, and promising way of making energy reusable. However, just as any method, solution, or resource, solar power has its advantages and disadvantages. They will be examined and discussed in the following paragraphs.

Comparing Solar Power with Nuclear and Wind Energy

Each of these three options has specific benefits and weaknesses and is supported and promoted by government agencies and scientists. Precisely because of their disadvantages and advantages, it is not easy to decide which source of renewable energy is better. First, according to Dunai and De Clercq, “nuclear power is losing ground to renewables in terms of both cost and capacity.” To be more precise, “its reactors are increasingly seen as less economical and slower to reverse carbon emissions” (Dunai and De Clercq). As for wind energy, its main disadvantage is that the turbines “can create significant levels of noise pollution” and are not considered environmentally friendly because they have movable parts and require special places to be installed (Clean Energy Ideas). These cons are absent in solar power, which makes it more useful. Additionally, this source of energy is reliable (Shahan) and is now cheaper than ever (Sendy). Therefore, the mentioned reasons prove that it is more beneficial than both wind and nuclear energy.

Climate Change

Climate change poses a severe danger to this planet and humanity. As noticed by Solar Energy Industries Association, “as carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have increased dramatically in the past few decades, the threat of climate change has also grown.” There is a vast number of causes of climate change, and the primary ones are fossil fuels, fluorinated gases, and deforestation. Generally, greenhouse gas emissions come from the electric power sector, and this is the problem that has to be addressed.

Solar Energy as a Solution to Climate Change

It is believed that solar power can be very helpful and effective in reducing the adverse causes and effects of climate change. According to Solar Energy Industries Association, “solar energy is a renewable, carbon-free resource available in every geographic region of the U.S., with enormous potential to reduce our nation’s GHG emissions.” Since those greenhouse gas emissions produced during the recycling and manufacturing of solar power systems are very small, and the subsequent production of solar energy results in zero environmental impact, the environmental impact becomes zero. Therefore, the relationship between solar power and climate change is evident, and the former is a great solution that can eliminate or at least reduce the primary cause of the latter.

Implementing the Solution in the Las Vegas Valley

The fact that many cities and areas around the world run on solar power is a sign of great global success; Las Vegas is one of them. According to researchers, people in the Las Vegas Valley do their best to reduce the harmful impact of greenhouse gas emissions, and one of their primary choices is to use solar energy systems (Alvarez). For example, it is announced that a 100-megawatt solar panel will be launched soon. It will be able to generate enough energy and supply most of the electricity needed for the thirteen resorts. Therefore, in Las Vegas, solar power is considered a great solution.


To conclude, one may say that solar power is indeed a great choice and promising solution to climate change and other environmental problems. However, people need to consider all available options before choosing the one that suits them best. Having these different possible solutions gives hope that one of them or their effective combination will allow humans to save this planet. Despite some disadvantages of solar energy, it is an efficient way to deal with climate change and reduce its adverse effects. Though some may argue that wind or nuclear energy is more effective, it is still possible to say that solar power is the cleanest and most beneficial, and most abundant source of reusable energy in the modern world.

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