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The Motherboard Structure and Analysis

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A motherboard refers to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which has an extended capacity. Today, it has become the most important component found nearly in all modern computers all over the world. As a holder, the motherboard acts as a major point of connection in which most of the main components of the computer like the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Random Access Memory (RAM), and the Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor (CMOS) are attached (Weik, 1961).

How to make the motherboard

The process of making the motherboard is quite elaborate and complicated. It, therefore, requires a coordinated team of experts equipped with all the necessary facilities.

How to make the motherboard

When making them, they are first placed on the factory manual insertion floor where they are attended by a series of people each charged with a specific duty. After this, they are removed from here just before they are carefully packed and placed on the conveyor belts where a large pool of a line of workers put various components on them. However, most of these components including the DRAM slots and the 3-pin fun heads are manually placed on it (Hally, 2005).

How to make the motherboard

From here, these motherboards are rolled out of the inserting manual where they have been undergoing the whole process. They are then taken to the soldering machine where they go through a series of treatments. Initially, a stencil is used to apply a thin coat of solder mask on the bottom part of it. Thereafter, before proceeding to the inside parts, the already coated section is laid on the wire conveyor belt for gentle heating. In the end, the base of the motherboard is reinforced with the rotary brush. This allows the attachment of the heat sink on it before it is released ready for the use.

How to make the motherboard

Major components of the motherboard

As the most important component of the computer, the motherboard plays very significant roles by ensuring the attachment of the following:

The Central Processing Unit(CPU)

As widely known, the CPU is considered to be the brain of the computer, hence controlling nearly all the major activities of the computer. However, some of its uses include the execution, fetching, and the decoding of the program instructions. At the same time, it is equipped with gadgets that help it in the performing of mathematical operations. In other words, it can easily help the user with calculations (Engelhardt, 2008).

Random Access Memory(RAM)

The RAM is like a computer chip which is also attached to the motherboard. It helps to enhance the performance of a computer in a number of ways. First, it offers temporary storage with a variety of data for the computer system. Besides, it helps to create enough working space where the user can store active data and programs frequently used. This is the cache memory, a very important attachment of the motherboard which is usually a high memory in-built within the motherboard. Most of the modern computers possess between 65 and 512 MB RAM capacity. It is used to upgrade the performance of the computer. It holds the data when it is still being processed so that not to get lost from the PC. It does this by transmitting data from a slower speed to a higher one.

Basic Input/Output System(BIOS)

The BIOS refers to low-level software which is also an attachment of the motherboard. It is used to control the hardware system by linking it with the software, thus making the software run. All this is achieved due to the existence of the Read-Only Memory (RAM) which is also attached to it.

Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor(CMOS)

The CMOS is also an important component of the motherboard that is used in the storage of the most basic data on the PC components like the CPU, floppy disks, RAM, and the hard disk drivers. It is also used in controlling the date and time memories so that it can remain consistent all the time around the year. This duty is done in conjunction with the CPU Clock from where it extracts the most basic control signals. On the other hand, the CMOS can be used to prevent configurations particularly when the PC is switched on.

Data bus

This is also an important component of the motherboard that is used as a connection between the motherboard itself with the computer system. This actually makes it easier for it to execute its duty of using the expansive card in the transmission of data from one place to another within the computer system (Holzman, 2003).


Attached to the motherboard may be the Northbridge or Southbridge chipsets. As small circuits, they help to coordinate the flow of information between the major components of the computer system. They ensure that this kind of data flawlessly flows from one component to another within the PC.

Switches and jumpers

These are tiny electronic switches that are placed on the circuit boards. Just like the normal switches, the jumpers can also be switched on and off to regulate power circulation in the computer system. However, precautionary measures should be taken, especially when cleaning them because some cleaning detergents can destroy them.

Using the computer in the aircraft and the race car

I would like to agree that the use of a computer system in fixing the aircraft parts and monitoring a racecar is quite commendable. Having a deeper understanding of both the hardware and software components will, of course, be a prerequisite for this. So, the first thing you should do is extensively research your area of interest. First, be acquainted with the history, development, and the current uses of computer technology in the operation of air crafts.

You need to have a deeper understanding of the above-mentioned motherboard components before making a choice of the specific models to purchase. Be sure to choose the best motherboard components that will enable you to achieve your goals. Understand how each works so that you may not choose a CPU with low RAM and speed to facilitate your work (Kaminsky, 1999).

At the same time, understand how the software can be installed. Choose the right software that will help you do your work without much problem. If you do this, you will stand a better chance of doing your monitoring activities besides collecting the accurate set of data you are planning to. This is really because each and every activity has specific software that can be used alongside.

Make the right choice of this hardware and software so that you can use each for the aircraft and the race car. However, you can consult a trained technician to give you the most researched authoritative information.

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