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Hazardous Materials, Environment and Health

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The development of the science resulted in the extended use of the chemical elements that contribute to the achievement of the desired goal, namely to increase the harvest or change in the structure of the product to extend the storage time or ease the transportation. Chemicals have already become an essential part of human life. Although they are commonly used to purify the water and aim to achieve positive goals, it should be stated that the unlimited or not appropriate use of chemicals affects the environment and human health in a negative way that will lead to severe consequences.

Nowadays people deal with hazardous materials every day and do not pay attention to the significant issue. The key problem is that chemicals or perilous elements affect human health in an adverse way that can be the reason for the injuries, health-related problems, long-lasting diseases, or in some cases even for death (Noll & Hildebrand, 2014). The vast majority of products used in the daily round consist of hazardous materials and kept at homes of millions of people. To get deeper involved in the issue, it should be stressed that the chemical industry is only one side of the problem as hazardous materials are connected to service stations and the field of medicine.

When people think about the hazardous materials, they usually think of some chemical factories. Although it is true, and dangerous items are used in industry, one should not forget that the ordinary home is well-stuffed with the items that can lead to the trauma or death. Hazardous materials are commonly used in the garage, kitchen, bathroom, or in the pool (Schnepp, 2009). That is, one should pay attention to the problem and try to omit the usage of perilous substances.

People deal with the items that consist of hazardous materials every day. However, it should be stressed that sometimes the usage of the toxic materials is a choice. According to the report of the UK Government Decontamination Service (GDS), the man died because of the toxic and radioactive power of the hazardous materials (Chemical incident: Midlands, England, 2014, para. 1). First and foremost, it should be stated that the man used to work in the sphere of nuclear power, and after the retirement, the scientist continued to research and to make experiments.

The workers of the Health Protection Agency discovered that some property in the garden and the house contains the dangerous level of chemicals. The Agency identified more than 15 items with hazardous materials and decided to transfer them into the appropriate storage. The items were the source of toxic and radioactive materials. Moreover, the specialists decided to remove the level of soil as it provided the danger to the environment and family that lives in the house. The case proves that the inattentive or improper usage of hazardous materials is dangerous and can lead to death.

The toxic chemicals and radioactive materials affected not only the man but also his relatives causing heart-related problems and kidney disease. The professionals mitigated the consequences by taking all the toxic and contaminated property to the safe storage and removing the top level of the soil. However, it should be pointed out that the results of the scientist’s experiments will still be felt in years as the health of his relatives got affected by the toxic environment. In addition, the fact that soil received the radioactive influence can be dramatic for the community. Although the top level of soil was taken, one should not forget that people who spend time in the garden could get affected by the radiation. The case is a perfect example of how dreadful the consequences might get if one uses hazardous material at home on purpose. The accident prevention demands the secure and safe usage of the dangerous materials.

In conclusion, it should be stated that the development of the industry and the technological advance resulted not only in the impressive progress but also affected the environment and human health by producing hazardous materials. The not appropriate or the unlimited usage of the chemicals and dangerous materials can lead to the severe consequences that can result not only in the trauma but also in death. The case proves that the experiments should only be made under control and in laboratories.

The death of the scientist and the impact on the health of his relatives is the result of the improper usage of toxic chemicals and radioactive sources. Although dangerous sources of toxic and radioactive power were removed, their impact was dramatic for the scientist and his family. It should be pointed out that humanity will not eliminate the usage of hazardous materials, but the solution of the problems should be put in the dimension of the logical and accurate usage of the products that can affect the environment or the health adversely.


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