Using Free and Secure Trade to Smuggle Drugs


Over the past, the issue of terrorism and drug trafficking has posed a big problem in international trade. The drug traffickers have taken advantage of the international trade to sneak drugs across international borders. This has threatened the effectiveness of the international trade to a great extent.

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Recently, there have been several threats to the measures taken to curb drug trafficking across the borders. This has to a greater extent promoted drug trafficking across different countries.

According to Sherman (2009), some of the programs implemented by the United States to curb the drug trafficking has now began favoring drug trafficking. The drug traffickers used the strategy of avoiding inspections in drug smuggling. One of these programs which have favored these drug traffickers is the Free and Secure Trade (FAST). The main function for the implementation of FAST was to curb drug trafficking and also for security purposes. For instance, it prevents the transportation of mass destruction weapons into the country.

However, the intended functions of this program have failed. Sherman (2009) observed that most of the trucks enrolled for the FAST lane program stop for a check-up just for a few seconds and then they are released. In some cases, the cargo contained in these tracks is rarely checked. This is even though the cargo security is ranked as one of the top concerns all over the world (Ritter, Barrett & Wilson, 2007). In other words, this is a clear indication of the fact that the drug smugglers are using these programs to smuggle drugs.

This has also threatened the security of the country, especially from terrorism attacks. According to Sherman (2009), it is feared that the companies participating are liaising where they agree on adopting certain strategies to facilitate fast entry into the country. There is also a close interaction between these companies with some subcontractors in Customs and Border Protection agency (Sherman 2009). The United States has put strict measures for security purposes at the international trade. For instance, the goods are checked before they are packed in the cargo and while on the transit (Ritter, Barrett & Wilson, 2007). However, all these efforts have been threatened by a lack of open effectiveness with the FAST program.

As a result of the ineffectiveness of these programs, people have raised concerns about the continued application of this program in preventing smuggling of the drugs into the country. The matter is worsened by the fact that the United States has become the target market for the drug traffickers (Sherman 2009).

For the sake of the national security and that of trade, the government requires that the names of the companies involved be kept as a secret. However, the majority of these companies reveal their membership openly. By so doing, the drug traffickers have identified them and are their main targets in their effort to smuggle drugs into the country.

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In conclusion, this discussion has clearly shown that the drug traffickers are using FAST to smuggle drugs into the country. This has threatened the government’s effort to curb drug trafficking into the country. The main aim of the establishment of this method was to curb drug trafficking in the country. However, this has turned the way round. Drug traffickers are using the same program to traffic drugs into the country.

This implies that there is a need to make the necessary adjustments in this program to improve the security levels. The fact that some tracks are finding their way without being checked is a clear indication of the extent to which the matter has reached. Therefore, the government should consider revising these programs in order to maximize the security level in the country.

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