American Economic Recovery Process in 2012

Is this really the worst economic recovery since the Depression?

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According to the article, some experts assert that the U.S. is experiencing the worst economic recovery in history. However, Rampell states that the economic downturn was severe but not comparable with the events of the Great Depression. The reason why the current recovery is slow is that the economic meltdown of 2007 was severe. At the same time, exportations are minimal thereby lowering growth rate. At 2 per cent economic growth, the author believes that America is on the right track towards economic growth and recovery from the meltdown. The depression of 2007 was severe compared to the earlier depressions after the Second World War (Rampell 1). As the author notes, the shallow development of the downturn would mean a similar slowed recovery. Rampell identifies the economic recovery as normal and not comparable to the events of the earlier depression.

The Worst Economic Recovery America has Ever Had

In the first article, the author believes that the current recovery is normal based on the nature and development of the earlier downturn. In this article, Blake believes that the recovery is the worst in the country history. In the article, the author differs with Rampell because he considers the current government is the one affecting the growth and recovery. The article stands to challenge the Democrats for not creating jobs or offering the right incentives for economic control and recovery. To support the issue, the author states that the latest results from the media indicate that the recovery is rather slow. The article seeks to promote a new political initiative to promote recovery and a change in the country (Blake 1). The contents of these articles, while dealing with a similar issue of economic recovery, the authors appear to take different views and positions.

U.S. Growth Slows to 2.2 %, Report Says

Dewan begins the article by indicating that the recovery process has slowed than expected. In the last four months, growth stood at 2.2 per cent. This fell from 3 per cent. From a political view, the author considers a new approach to address the level of economic recovery and growth. There is need for better and newer policies to promote growth and address the areas with weaknesses. To realize the goals, economists advocate for new concepts and policies founded on government ideas. Different sectors including mining, manufacturing and oil industries continue to increase their overall spending (Dewan 2). The level of investments remains minimal due to the continued pressure from the recession. The current growth means disaster because the rate of employment is low and the expectations of the citizens remains higher. The author views the level of growth as slow and calls for policies to promote investment and growth.


The authors identify the issue of economic recovery from different views. The first article by Catherine considers the recovery as normal and not the worst. This differs from the other two articles whereby the authors believe there is need for reforms and policies to address the slow growth. The articles by Aaron Blake and Shaila Dewan also differ in their views. Blake believes that a new government can help boost recovery while the Shaila views the growth as slow but acceptable compared with other global societies. I personally believe the economic recovery process is on the right track and no policies and government changes would boost the process based on the nature of the earlier recession.

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