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Education Plan For Representatives of Various Cultures

Learning Outcome

One of the learning outcomes in my study is to help students understand the importance of communication and be in a position by the end of the course to effectively communicate, by using the taught communication and writing skills. Students are required to demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate, by completing a variety of exams as tests provided after the course study.

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Instructional Variation

In order to achieve the above-stated objective in helping students achieve the stated learner outcome, students will have to be taught carefully because they come from different backgrounds and populations. A careful strategy must be found to be able to teach all students the stated writing and communication skills, who speak different languages so as to achieve the objectives of the course study. The instructions cannot be applied uniformly to all students in a similar manner. Students would be grouped into different classrooms according to their levels but with mixed backgrounds and local languages. The grouping would allow the interaction of various people from different groups and local languages so as to allow them to understand each other and learn from each other. Understanding that many of the immigrants are alienated and have no opportunity to advance in school because of various challenges (Meléndez, 2005), allowing them to mix and to learn together makes them feel encouraged and hopeful. The instructions will be based on the fact that every student can learn and attain topmost status regardless of their origin as it has been found that even students from various populations can excel in academics. Because many students speak English as a second language, it will be important considering that the instructions will be devised in a way that they must be understood by all. Every person must learn to effectively apply the studied communication and writing skills. Students will be exposed to classroom teaching where they will go through a number of lessons that enable them to acquire practical communication and writing skills. The lessons will be taught in English, being the second language and common to everyone. In addition, the classes will be exposed to practical interaction lessons where each of them will be allowed to speak to the class as does the teacher and write notes on the blackboard. This is to allow them to implement the techniques learned in a classroom. The instructions and administration of tests will include freedom for students to respect their various cultures and traditions while helping them to adapt to ones that are beneficial for learning and the environment (AFS-EFIL/EEE-YFU, 2007). Students of different languages will be encouraged to discuss what they have learned in their local dialects. In addition, all students will also be required to have discussion groups and allowed sometimes during lessons to discuss what they have learned and various tasks given to them.

Assessment Strategies

Assessment is one of the important things in the learning process. It is achieved by determining whether the students acquired the skills that have been taught in a classroom. In this respect, tests will be administered to the pupils to determine the extent of, and mastery of the taught skills. Students will require excelling in these tests so as to demonstrate that they have achieved the objectives. The tests comprise oral and writing tests that will be administered from time to time. Oral tests will be administered by allowing students to make presentations to their colleagues over a wide range of selected topics, while written tests will be administered twice over the course of training and to each student. There will be established a pass mark in both oral and written tests, which the students must achieve to be able to be termed as having excelled in them.


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