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Environmental Pollution Causes and Consequences

Environmental pollution is currently one of the most important and prevalent issues in modern life. Every day, a human appears to contribute to the pollution of our green world, which will soon exceed all possible bounds. Humanity will be able to address all environmental problems if it begins to care for the Earth. Preventing pollution of the environment is a responsibility of all society, while on the other side, it also has a significant influence on human health, allowing to look at the problem not only from the side of the common good but also of individual safety.

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Many individuals do not consider how future generations will be able to live on the planet. People litter woodlands, squares, and parks and cause fires. In the place of the cut trees, no new trees are planted. The upbringing of the younger generation is also a significant element in the degradation of our world (Appannagari, 2017). Unfortunately, not all parents instill in their children the importance of not littering. Fortunately, numerous volunteer movements, such as Greenpeace, are currently working to tackle this problem and defend our environment.

The environment has a tremendous impact on human health, and pollution is the cause of many illnesses. Individual variables such as age, gender, and health condition influence how the body reacts to pollution (Glencross et al., 2020). Children and the elderly are typically the most vulnerable. Emissions from industries and transportation into the atmosphere have gotten to the point where pollution levels in some regions of the world are incredibly high (Glencross et al., 2020). This results in an increase in the number of persons suffering from chronic bronchitis, allergies, and cancer.

Thus, the cause of the pollution and its effects on human beings are closely intertwined. Humanity has to engage in tackling this issue since it is not only the way to preserve the planet for future generations but is also helpful in improving current living conditions and decreasing chronic illnesses. Several organizations such as Greenpeace have already emerged, but every human being should also take responsibility.


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