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Healthcare Professions: EMT and Occupational Therapist

An emergency medical technician (EMT) is a member of the first-aid crew. In their duty, they are responsible for the cleanliness of the ambulance, for the availability of the necessary equipment in it, and for its serviceability (Russ-Sellers & Blackwell, 2017).

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EMTs perform different tasks including lifting patients and equipment, treating people, and transporting them to the healthcare facilities. At the scene of an accident, an EMT helps the rest of the team with the equipment necessary for emergency medical care and procedures. They must work according to the schedule and be on the spot at the exact time to replace the previous EMT (Warnick & Molino, 2020). During the shift, they should be ready to respond immediately to any emergency. The time between calls is used for checking equipment, taking care of the ambulance, and other activities. Such professionals typically work in the emergency medical services (EMS), fire, and police stations to quickly assist other professionals in case of emergency.

The profession of EMT appeared after the emergency medical service (EMS) was developed during the Civil War. EMT’s history can be traced back to the war when the emergency team was trained to take care of the soldiers (Angeli, 2018). Because the ambulance machines were packed with the necessary equipment, there was a need for a person who can assist it and make sure everything worked smoothly. Since the 1970s, the profession of EMT has become officially registered (Angeli, 2018). Now EMTs are required to be certified and have the proper education to occupy this position.

In connection with the expansion of the use of medical services, ambulance professionals are in demand today. The median salary of EMTs is $36,650 and ranges from 33 to 40 thousand dollars (EMTs and paramedics, n. d.). Its range depends on the level of training, education, years of service, and additional skills. The profession is growing nationwide, offering new opportunities to candidates (EMTs and paramedics, n. d.). Since the pandemic began, the number of EMTs has grown, and it will keep increasing due to the popularity of the profession and the improved equipment and methods these professionals will have to deal with (EMTs and paramedics, n. d.). This profession will contribute to the growth of EMS development, because only trained EMTs will be allowed to work, and their productivity will increase, helping more people achieve positive health outcomes.

An occupational therapist is a healthcare worker who gives patients the tools and skills that will allow them to cope with the demands of life. The occupational therapists’ main task is to treat disabled or ill people by assisting them in the recovery process and maintaining the skills they need for everyday life (Haroun & Mitchell, 2020). While they deal with patients at home or in the hospital settings, the EMTs treat people outside of or on their way to a healthcare facility. Regarding the interaction between these two occupations, it can be noted that an ambulance can deliver an occupational therapist to the patient’s place in case a person needs psychological assistance (Haroun & Mitchell, 2020). Both professionals directly interact with the patients and physicians, finding out information about one’s condition (Haroun & Mitchell, 2020).

However, EMTs and occupational therapists almost do not deal with insurance issues. The historical context of US healthcare systems proves that the emergence of new conditions requires new knowledge (Warnick & Molino, 2020). Therefore, any medical professional, including emergency physicians and occupational therapists, should receive new certificates in order to meet the new standards and treat people more effectively.

In conclusion, the U.S. healthcare system is constantly altering demanding changes from professionals. That is, over time, medical workers must adjust to new conditions. The historical development of healthcare services proves that any healthcare profession is ever-changing in its nature: new duties and responsibilities are added, which forces a worker to be a multi-functional employee. In general, the occupations of EMT and occupational therapist are likely to become increasingly important in the following years.

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