How Botswana Is Developing a Democracy

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Although Botswana currently is legally defined as a democratic state, there are several issues with the implementation of democratic principles in the state. Botswana used to be a devastating place where people had scarce resources and even more limited rights, yet the change made 50 years ago allowed the state to make a radical change. Presently, people claim that democracy has been fully established, yet minor issues such as outdated values and principles of managing the Botswana society, leading to the arrest of the state’s economic growth and political development (Mogalakwe & Nyamnjoh, 2017). In 2014, Botswana faced a crisis that was aggravated by the political strategy used by its newly elected president Ian Khama. To avoid the system of authoritarian rule, Botswana people will require reinforcing the influence of its Democratic Party and other political alliances.

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Although the general trend toward political freedom was rather refreshing for Botswana at first, the country is facing the threat of the authoritarian regime that its current president Ian Khama may build. Along with social insecurities, the described issue can be seen as the main barrier toward establishing fully democratic principles in Botswana society (Maundeni, Masilo, & Petros, 2017). Arguably, the current political environment of Botswana does not look threatening, yet the situation may change drastically once the president exerts his full power.


To address the observed problem, one will need to leverage the influence of President Ian Khama with the reinforced political impact of other parties, namely, the Democratic one. As soon as the diversity of opinions and opportunities for representing the needs of citizens are introduced into the Botswanan political setting, a great step toward democracy will be taken. However, the described task will require increasing political literacy and activity among citizens, as well as building awareness with the help of social media.


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