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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Youth

  1. Latino Youth Teen Pregnancy
    This article offers the best concepts towards dealing with teen pregnancy. The findings are also applicable in different societies. The authors have used the best approach to get their results.
  2. The Youthful Population of Saudi Arabia
    The youthful population in Saudi Arabia is still being faced with a growing rate of unemployment. This is a paradox bearing in mind that this country is one of the leading producers of crude oil.
  3. Youth Life and Social Changes in Developed Countries
    This essay analyzes social changes affecting young people in developed countries in the social, political, economic and cultural spheres.
  4. Illicit Drug Use Among American Youths
    The main research objective is to evaluate the differences and pervasiveness of unlawful drug use and compulsion amongst the American youths across demographic differences.
  5. HIV/AIDS Awareness in Mississippi Youth Population
    This paper proposes a program that can provide youths with the appropriate awareness as a means to address the risk factors to HIV and AIDS.
  6. Western Movies and Their Effect on Arab Youth
    There is the fear that Western movies are affecting the Arab Youth. Parents believe that these movies are the source of the queer behaviors among the youths.
  7. Teaching Civic Values and Competence to Youth
    The incorporation of civic values in the Social Studies curriculum is critical in the promotion of civic competence among young people.
  8. Youth Crime Prevention and Needs Assessment
    To assess needs of youth offenders, one should employ the approach of recidivism prevention and conduct assessment at any stage of the juvenile justice system.
  9. The Problem of Youth (Students) Drinking
    Many students are grappling with the problem of binge drinking and the outcomes are already having a negative impact on student-community relations.
  10. Health Sleep for Low-Income Youth Model
    The nursing care specialty related to Healthy Sleep for Low-Income Youth Model is community health nursing. The model implementation is planned in Colorado County, Texas.
  11. Youth and Media in “The Merchants of Cool” Movie
    The Merchants of Cool film that today’s marketers have to be creative to influence the youth into buying their ideas and products.
  12. Child Disease in “First Look: U.S. Youth and Seizures”
    Article “First Look: U.S. Youth and Seizures” is informative and easy to understand, which makes it very valuable because it draws attention to the importance of child disease.
  13. Child Development: Youth and Crisis
    According to the previous literature findings, the individual’s psychological maturation is interdependent with the development of identity and the parent-child relations.
  14. Social Work: the Latin American Youth Center
    This paper will focus on one particular organization, which is the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), which operates as a non-profit organization.
  15. Visually Impaired Youth College-to-Work Transition
    The article by McDonnall and Crudden examines issues that affect the youths with visual impairments, especially when transitioning from college to high school to employment.
  16. Youth Addiction Prevention and Rehabilitation
    This paper looks at the prevention for youths who are yet to begin using drugs and those who are addicted and establish an advocacy for rehabilitation for youths.
  17. Miami-Dade Youth Risk Behavior Survey
    This paper will identify and assess some of the health-risk behaviors of the Miami-Dade population under 18 years of age.
  18. Working Youth: Psychological Observations in Café
    This study reviews various meanings of working in the experience of young individuals based on field notes and a few-hours observation in one of the local coffee shops.
  19. The Issue of Obesity in Youth in the U.S.
    Childhood obesity is a serious public health problem in the US that is associated with significant health complications, including elevated cardiovascular risk, pediatric hypertension.
  20. Youth Unemployment Rates in Canadian Society
    The problem under investigation is the fact that the unemployment rate among people in the 18-25 age group is higher than any other age group in Canadian society.
  21. The Beatles’ “Let It Be” and Youth Music Culture
    The Beatles were one of the most powerful musical icons of the 1960s and, as a result, their songs could serve as a good reflection of the time when the band was active.
  22. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children and Youth
    Children and youth who have been continuously exposed to domestic violence and abuse are at higher risks of experiencing psychological, developmental, and social damages that influence their future lives.
  23. Youths Revitalizing Main Street: Article Analysis
    The article “Youths Revitalizing Main Street: A Case Study” explores how a community-based organization uses various social work approaches to rebuild Aliquippa.
  24. Nursing Role in Tackling Youth Obesity
    Due to the gravity of the childhood obesity, there is a need for health professionals to design efficient and effective interventions to alleviate the problem.
  25. Western Movies and Arab Youth
    The Western movies tend to reflect a lifestyle that is luxurious in nature and full of freedom, different from the contemporary lifestyle in the Arab world.
  26. Challenges With Homeless and Runaway Youth in Waianae
    The problem in question is concerned with one of the acutest burdens of young people living in the Waianae area of Hawaii: homelessness.
  27. Challenges with Homeless and Runaway Youth in Hawaii
    The number of homeless youth is high in the state. They have unique needs and are exposed to risks that differ from those faced by adults living on the streets.
  28. “Assessing the Effects of Voluntary Youth Service” by McAdam and Brandt
    The article “Assessing the Effects of Voluntary Youth Service: The Case of Teach for America” dwells upon the civic commitment of people who had TFA experience.

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  1. Education for Positive Youth Sports Experiences
    Sports enable children and young people to develop physically, mentally, and psychologically. These are the three major educational outcomes of physical education.
  2. Marketer’s Interaction With Youth and Children
    Branding is a process of connecting and building a bond between products and its clients. A Brand basically refers to a name or image by which a given product is identified.
  3. Adult Sentencing for Youth: Canadian Perspective
    The proponents of so-called restorative justice reason that the criminal justice system should operate on the premise that a juvenile action does not equate to that of an adult.
  4. Working With Children and Youth
    This paper highlights issue of working with children and youth by focusing on websites for children which give emotional support, and discussing youth gangs.
  5. Youth Violence in the United States
    Youth violence is one of the major topics that have dominated political and social debates in the United States for a long time.
  6. “The Wife of His Youth” by Charles Chesnutt
    In “The Wife of his Youth,” Charles Chesnutt describes the story of Mr. Ryder, a prosperous African American with light skin which meets his wife, Liza Jane, after a long period of being apart.
  7. Balenciaga’s New Style as an Indicator of Modern Youth
    This essay aims to analyse the current Balenciaga Triple S sneakers collection, a defining era of the second half of the last decade.
  8. Sexual Activities and Responsibility Among Youth
    It is socially reckless for young people to have friends with benefits with whom they engage in different forms of sexual activities only for sexual satisfaction.
  9. Smartphone Addiction Among American Youth
    While the smartphone is a valuable tool that has benefited civilization, the ensuing mental addiction has a profound, lasting impact on individuals’ health.
  10. Arab Societies. Youth Bulges and State Repression in Algeria
    The significant objective that necessitates repression is to maintain control of power. In the case of Algeria, President Bouteflika wanted to maintain control of power.
  11. Innovating Youth Employment Policies and Programs to Create Workforce
    The paper is aimed to show the analysis of factors that influence unemployment and underemployment of young Black males.
  12. Youth Violence and Gang Culture in Georgia
    The problems with youth violence and gang culture remain crucial for all countries. This paper concentrates on the causes of violence-related events in Georgia and analyzes them.
  13. Employment and Working Conditions: Youth Exploitation
    Young workers are more vulnerable to exploitation as compared to old workers. This exploitation is base on payment and working conditions among other workplace issues.
  14. Youth Policy: Brief Analysis
    Queensland Juvenile Justice Act (1992) has a controversial approach to age of offenders and the role of caution and sentencing practices for young criminals.
  15. Youth Unemployment in the United Kingdom
    Over the years, there have been remarkable unemployment rates among the youths all across the globe as compared to the age brackets that are regarded as adults.
  16. The Relationship Between Youth, Lifestyle and Consumption
    The idea of youth in the modern world has not been explicitly attached to a certain age group, and became the focus of the global consumer culture as a whole.
  17. Protective Factors Against Youthful Depression
    Several iterations of multiple correlation, step-wise and hierarchical regression yielded inconclusive results about the antecedents of youthful depression.
  18. Parents Are to Blame for Youth Violence
    Violence among youth has drastically increased in recent times. This problem of violence has become a global phenomenon whereby youth from all walks of life are engaged in violence.
  19. Youth as a Social Class and Phenomenon Review
    The given selection of the articles has been chosen on the basis of two criteria: they deal with the youth and they explain different aspects and issues connected with media education
  20. Youthful View of the American Dream During Uncertain Economic Times
    The American Dream for youth is now all about helping the country reclaim it’s rightful place of leadership in the world.
  21. Proper Education Through Music for Youth for HIV, AID Prevention
    The attachment of youths to music and their high level of vulnerability form the basis for the implementation of a prevention strategy , use of music to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.
  22. Youth Violence: The Columbine High School Case
    For educators, the easy description of violence is any infliction or threat to cause emotional or physical harm to another person’s feelings, body, or belongings.
  23. Youth Obesity In Clark County in Vancouver Washington
    The major factors contributing to the rise in obesity cases are; inadequate dietary intake of fruits and vegetables, high intake of refined food, and inadequate physical exercise.
  24. Why American Boarding Schools Are Effective at Educating the Youth?
    Two broad categories of schools – day and boarding schools. Reasons as to why boarding schools perform a better job at educating our youth.
  25. Two-Lives, One Partner: Indo-Canadian Youth Between Love and Arranged Marriages
    Netting expands knowledge about the marriage patterns and choices of Indo-Canadian youth: the ways they balance between the possibilities of “love marriage” and “arranged marriage”.
  26. Can Keeping Troubled Youth in Class Make a Difference?
    The methods that are geared towards keeping young people in school work best compared to suspension and expulsion.
  27. The Forums for the Youths
    Case study one entitled ‘youth public intellectuals’ (YPI) is a youth organization that fights for the rights of the black and Latino youths.
  28. Suicide Among Youth: Issue Review
    One of the latter is the problem of suicide of youth located at various facilities according to the Foster Care System which is being implemented in numerous countries around the world.

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  1. Suicide Within the Youth: Causal Analysis
    The problem of suicide within youth is one of the most burning problems nowadays. Suicide is generally regarded as the third cause of death for young people between 10 and 24.
  2. The History of Youth Style and Resistance
    Resistance by the youth can be traced back in the 1970’s as well as the 1980’s as Britain was being re-industrialized.
  3. Review of a Youth Risk Behaviour Survey
    Youth Risk Behaviour Survey is the primary national source of data concerning the youth and their health-related attitudes, so it should be reliable and not biased.
  4. Youth and Adulthood: A Comparative Analysis
    Murray and Brooks explore the themes of identity, the fleeting nature of life, and the concepts of rebelliousness and conformity, which they achieve by using epistrophes.
  5. Effect of Advertising on Youth
    The provocative images used combined with the harsh language often leave the youths at the mercy of the cruel world.
  6. Reducing Cigarette Smoking American Youth
    The number of smokers among juvenility in America is alarming. Instead of going down, this amount just leveled up.
  7. Ethical Grounds of Nursing in Youth Mental Health
    When Young adults with mental health problems are nearing their adult years, they may face the difficulty of transitioning between juvenile and adult medical systems.
  8. A Preliminary Randomized Controlled Evaluation of a Universal Healthy Relationships Promotion Program for Youth
    This essay will discuss and analyze a research article describing a small group program focused on preventing bullying and decreasing substance abuse among adolescents.
  9. The Health Effects of E-Cigarettes, Vapes, and Juul on Today’s Youth
    The content of harmful substances in the composition of liquid for e-cigarettes and other smoking devices is a severe threat to the health of young people.
  10. Community Policing: The Alternative Solution to Youth Crime
    Community policing is a better alternative especially when it comes to the sensitive nature of juvenile crime.
  11. Antismoking Ads and Youth Smoking Prevalence
    The article “Evidence of a dose-response relationship between “truth” antismoking ads and youth smoking prevalence” elaborates on the influence of antismoking advertisements.
  12. Youth Violence in the Film “The Interrupters”
    The film, “The Interrupters” goes further to highlight how certain issues have affected how the youth in Chicago perceive their environment and the people around them.
  13. The Problem of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Suicidality
    Recently, there was a sharp increase in cases of suicides committed by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth.
  14. Juvenile Delinquency: The Marginalized Youths
    For the delinquency programs and policies to work, the government must give priority to the marginalized youths. It should emphasize matters concerning the youth.
  15. Real Education for Healthy Youth Act
    Real Education for Healthy Youth Act of 2019 is a bill initially sponsored by Junior Senator Cory Booker that promotes comprehensive sex education in higher education institutions.
  16. At-Risk Youth and Sex Trafficking Issue
    This essay attempts to look at the issue of child sex trafficking and provide a better understanding of its harms.
  17. Public Health Campaign on STD Among the Youth
    In this paper, the author analyzed irrelevant and biased messages in society and how they impact public health.
  18. Causes of Youth Unemployment
    The problem of youth unemployment has become a global socio-economic issue nowadays. The current paper investigates the possible causes of youth unemployment.
  19. Communication Plan Related to STDs Among the Youth
    The main aim of this paper was to highlight implementation and evaluation and plan of the communication campaign, review the timeline and milestones of the marketing campaign.
  20. Empowering Youth Engagement in Society
    The reference list of the books about positive changes that can be accrued from youth participation in the various community activities.
  21. How Gaming Consoles Influence the Youth
    Gaming consoles are popular products among American young people who spend hours every week playing video games.
  22. The Public Health Campaign on STDs Among the Youth
    This essay discusses unprotected sex among teenagers as a public health issue that promulgates the spread of STDs, and the public health campaigners on STDs.
  23. Homeless Youth in Colorado: The Urge to Act
    Some youngsters are forced to leave their homes, and some have unstable emotional states or experience other different issues in their lives.
  24. A Latino Youth Photovoice Project on Teen Pregnancy
    The improvements within the education should have been discussed in a more thorough manner; the means of increasing teen pregnancy awareness among Latin American students.
  25. Youth Victimization: Prevalence and Implications
    In the ‘Youth Victimization: Prevalence and Implications” report was written by the experts of the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center
  26. The Role Cultural Continuity Plays in Youth Suicide Rates Among Indigenous People
    Even though Canada is considered one of the world’s developed countries, suicide cases are rising, especially among the indigenous groups.
  27. Child and Youth Work Trouble Youth
    The child and youth care (CYC) domain of social awareness is the significant sphere for today’s youth. In this respect, the paper is dedicated to the role of the CYC practitioner.

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  1. Anxiety Among Substance-Abusing Youth
  2. Cinema, American Youth, and Rebellion Against Authority
  3. Animal Abuse and Youth Violence
  4. Factors That Restrict Success Within Youth Sport
  5. Can Fixed-Term Contracts Put Low-Skilled Youth on a Better Career Path?
  6. Family Networks and Youth Access to Jobs
  7. Discrimination Against LGBT Youth in US Schools
  8. Entrepreneurship: The Future for Our Youth and Our Economy
  9. Crime Youth and Childhood Understanding Theory and Research
  10. Alcohol Advertising Raises Consumption Rates in Youth
  11. Can Employment Subsidies and Greater Labor Market Flexibility Increase Job Opportunities for Youth?
  12. Drug Abuse and Its Effects on Youth and Teenagers
  13. Engaging Parents, Youth, and Schools in Developing Academic Success
  14. Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives
  15. Antidepressants and Youth: Healing or Harmful
  16. Factors That Fuel the Spread of HIV Infection Among the Youth
  17. Homeless Children and Youth: Causes and Consequences
  18. Education and the Youth Movement in Nazi Germany
  19. Casual Sexual Behavior Among Youth
  20. Adolescent Development and Development of Youth Programs
  21. Health and Wellbeing Australian Children and Youth Related
  22. Does Cyberbullying Impact Youth Suicidal Behaviors
  23. Are Our Youth Different? New Beliefs for Old Practices in Entrepreneurship
  24. How Advertising Influence Youth Attitude Toward Dressing
  25. Education and Youth Unemployment in South Africa

💡 Simple Youth Essay Ideas

  1. Does Changing the Legal Drinking Age Influence Youth Behaviour
  2. Correlation Between Youth Sports Athletes and Leadership
  3. Academic Enrichment Programs Targeted for Inner City Youth
  4. Factors Impacting Youth Development in Haiti
  5. Does Child Labor Reduce Youth Crime
  6. Contemporary Music and the Effects It Has on Youth
  7. Causal Relationship Between Television and Effects on Today’s Youth
  8. Does the Internet Hurt Youth or Does Its Use Need to Be Monitored More?
  9. Cultural Identity Among Sudanese Youth
  10. Can Youth Make India a Superpower?
  11. Child Development and Success or Failure in the Youth Labor Market
  12. Factors Influencing Educational Choices of Romanian Rural Youth
  13. African-American Youth Public Speaking and Community Relations
  14. Cyber Bullying: The Latest Threat to Hawaii’s Youth
  15. Death Penalty for Youth Offenders
  16. American Youth Slangs and Their Equivalents in Kazakh and Russian
  17. Civil Disobedience Youth Nation Line
  18. Family Leisure, Self-Management, and Satisfaction in Spanish Youth
  19. Dangerous Driving and the Effects on Youth
  20. Drug Abuse Among Youth as a Serious Problem Within the United
  21. Cash Transfers Improve the Mental Health and Well-Being of Youth
  22. Educating Our Youth Toward Responsible Citizenry
  23. Dead-End Jobs and Youth Unemployment
  24. Anger Management Group: Youth Behavior Modification Program
  25. Cognitive Skills and the Youth Labor Market

📌 Easy Youth Essay Topics

  1. Cyber Bullying and Its Effect on Our Youth
  2. Enhancing Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship Within the Local Labour Market
  3. Family Acceptance During Adolescence of LGBT Youth
  4. Can Google Data Help Predict French Youth Unemployment
  5. Can Arts-Based Interventions Enhance Labor Market Outcomes Among Youth?
  6. Fighting Youth Unemployment: The Effects of Active Labor Market Policies
  7. Choosing Career Opportunity, Guideline for Christian Youth
  8. Does the Media Hurt Our Youth?
  9. Alcohol Abuse and Suicide Attempts Among Youth – Correlation or Causation
  10. African American and Hispanic Youth
  11. American Cancer Youth Initiative Society
  12. Adolescent Counseling and the Significant Aspects of Counseling Our Youth
  13. Does University Help Our Youth?
  14. Drug Trafficking and Urban African American Youth
  15. Displaced Youth the Effects of Stress on Young People in the 21st Century
  16. Career Counseling for Gifted and Talented Youth
  17. Cultural Diversity Within Native Youth Olympics
  18. Addiction Among Youth Today
  19. Critical Thinkings About the Expanding Youth Market in China and India
  20. Are Violent Video Games Bad for the Youth
  21. Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence From Italian Local Labour Markets
  22. Does Hip Hop Culture Influence Youth Gangs?
  23. Community Development and Youth Work
  24. Does Intra-African Trade Reduce Youth Unemployment in Africa

❓ Research Questions About Youth

  1. How Does Alcohol Drinking Affect Youth?
  2. Are There Long-Term Earnings Scars From Youth Unemployment in Germany?
  3. What Are the Causes of Drug Abuse Among Youth?
  4. Does Our Youth Lack a Sense of Belonging?
  5. Can Active Labor Market Policies Combat Youth Unemployment?
  6. How Does Youth Violence Affect Society?
  7. Does Television Viewing Influence Behaviors Among the Youth?
  8. Are Video Games Hurting the Youth?
  9. Does Elderly Employment Have an Impact on Youth Employment?
  10. What Is the Role of Youth in Contributing to a Better India?
  11. How Can We Prevent Drug Abuse Among Youth?
  12. Is the Youth Truly the Hope of Motherland?
  13. Why Are Youths Important for Our Country?
  14. How Do Video Games Affect Today’s Youth?
  15. Does Media Violence Have an Effect on the Youth of America?
  16. Can Public Works Programs Reduce Youth Crime?
  17. How Does Television Violence Impact Youth?
  18. What Is the Biggest Problem Facing Youth Today?
  19. Do Video Games Have a Positive or Negative Effect on Youth?
  20. How Can Youth Change the World?
  21. What Is the Main Cause of Depression Among the Youth?
  22. Does Early Intervention Help the Unemployed Youth?
  23. How Are Youth Offenders Dealt With in the UK?
  24. Are Television Shows Influencing the Youth?
  25. Does Technology Influence Youth in a Positive or in a Negative Way?
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