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Personnel Management for the Information Security Plan


Within any organizational structure, it is desirable that all departments and their leaders embrace the principles of accountability. This is achieved by ensuring that individuals support the notion of ownership and clearly map out their areas of contribution to the accomplishment of the strategic initiatives set out by the department. This is where the aspect of personnel team management comes by allowing section managers to work alongside each other in an effort to attain common goals (Lakomski 2005). Effective team management involves the induction of a number of principles (Chemers 1997). These are explained below:

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This is most important aspect of team management and is given primary consideration in every initiative of the information security plan. Generally, employees would like to be given some distinguished level of accountability and most of them will easily embrace responsibility as long as the institution supports the principle of empowerment. This will eventually make the system more fluid as personnel will be running itself.


Effective team management encourages individuals to work towards the mission and vision of the project without necessary having some commanding authority looking over them. This creates a sense of responsibility and individuals are generally more innovative and creative in conducting their roles. This however demands that very effective communication channels be established especially for such sensitive departments as the information security management.


Measurement of performance and its management greatly contribute to the improvement of team. Goals set out to be achieved should be framed in such a way that they address a specific issue and they should also be measurable. The managers and other project leaders should create score cards which can be used effectively in the improvement of the performance of the information security team. The skills all personnel must be constantly analyzed and taken through review process. This specifically refers to skills involved with mentoring and coaching. If they are found to be below par efforts should be made to ensure that they are well upgraded. The role of everybody in the system must be redefined depending on the organizational structuring and level of growth of the department.


The company should regularly carry out information security management training in line with the information needs; in order to facilitate information security awareness among the staff members. As such, such regular training will enhance information security management skills. For instance, this can be achieved by sourcing experts from outside the organization to offer special training to IT personnel. Most importantly, the personnel who handle various responsibilities should establish a culture of accountability and also practice rotation in order to ensure manpower development (FIPSP, 2011).

The company also needs to develop a policy statement that will serve as a guide to its personnel as pertains to their conduct when handling components of the information security framework. The major purpose of policy is to ensure system conformity with rules and regulations as well as the establishment of data integrity. This policy will determine how the staffs will be administered and will also explain how particular cases will be mitigated. It will also address the potential risks that the company may face.

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