Voters’ Characteristics in Presidential Elections

The characteristics of voters involved in the presidential election campaigns are an essential criterion for determining such indicators as prevailing age and race characteristics. Based on the review of the official data provided by the United States Census Bureau (2018), in the recent 2016 elections, older adults made up the predominant percentage of the population casting their votes for one of the two candidates (24.2%) (p. 6). This parameter has increased significantly over the years because, according to the same resource, this number in the 1980 election was 16.8% (United States Census Bureau, 2018, p. 6). During the indicated period, white electors were also represented in the most significant number (in the latest election, they accounted for approximately 66%) (United States Census Bureau, 2017). Such a correlation allows stating notable trends in the population’s involvement and the specific methods of political campaigning.

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Both parties in power cultivate voters through various methods of engagement and agitation. For instance, according to the United States Census Bureau (2018), the principle of mail voting is a typical technique that simplifies the voting process. People who cannot attend polling stations for specific reasons have the right to send their votes by mail, and this practice is particularly relevant to older people with reduced mobility. Also, according to the official data, the largest category of the population who does not vote because of employment are young people (18-29 years old – 18.4%, 30-44 years old – 19.%), while among older adults, this figure is only 2.8% (United States Census Bureau, 2018, p. 14). An opportunity to engage the elderly population enables party representatives to campaign effectively and count on the target group in question.


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