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Technological Improvement and Its Effects on Human Beings

The advancement of technology has come with many effects on human beings in terms of productivity, social matters, economic transition, and the application of intelligence in various fields. Many people have gained information and expertise power from the use of computerized programs to perform tasks in the workplace. The recent improvement on modern software by the use of cloud computing has raised the standards for doing work and other impacts. Through cloud software, individuals can have independent functions that are deployed as a single unit without altering other processes. However, technology improvement has come with adverse effects on human beings. For instance, cyber-crime is a sensitive issue that has emerged from the application of digital programming. Furthermore, there are also health concerns that may result from excessive emission of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. This paper argues that technological improvements have improved human beings and also the insights on where the negative outcome is evident from digital innovation.

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Communication is more advanced in human life due to improvement in technology. Access to mobile phones is an example of the world is linked despite geographical gaps between people. It is easier to communicate with a cell phone since there is the transmission of clear sound that can give instructions to share important information (Mont et al., 2019). Other ways in which communication has been bettered are through messaging applications such as emails, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Most governments have strong communication support bases that enable capturing of information that may be available and that which may be a threat to the wellbeing of society.

In workplaces, managers do not need to hold a physical meeting rather they can apply online teleconferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, and Cisco. By having virtual meetings, businesses are transacted conveniently without incurring more cost on traveling and arrangement of seminar rooms among other factors. Communication is also improved by having digital prints such as newspapers and magazines that summarize various life issues such as politics, environmental aspects, sports, and many more (Mont et al., 2019). Through communication, people can reach one another and continue with life as if they are together. The improvement of life is evident as many individuals can learn new ways of living hence having a significant level of civilization that can lead to innovation on the economy and political stability.

The healthcare field has become more effective due to the presence of computer systems that are put in place in various departments of medical care institutions. For instance, there has been invention on life support machines that can be used when a patient is under intensive care unit (ICU). People’s lives can be saved by the modernization of procedures and steps that happen in hospitals (Mont et al., 2019). For example, gone are the days when people used to queue to get a specialist who would attend to their various health conditions. Nowadays, people can book online by using their mobile phones either by calling the doctor or utilizing applications that are made for medical bookings in given hospitals.

The other way in which individuals have benefited from improved technology is through the development of long-term prevention or curative techniques used in hospitals. For instance, through technology, Pfizer and BioNTech were able to combine efforts that led to the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine. The two firms applied medical research to identify compounds and elements that would be mixed to get the vaccine effective for human beings suffering from the virus. Furthermore, health information management systems (HIMS) have been invented to aid in reimbursement and recording of client data that would be used in various service points such as health insurance programs. HIMS is beneficial to both healthcare providers and patients because they assist in leveraging matters of health data (Mont et al., 2019). Through such systems, the provision of adequate care to patients has improved and therefore, raising the living standards for human beings.

Access to information is easier due to the presence of the internet that hosts many websites containing different data for specific industries. People do not need to conduct their surveys to get statistics on various concerns rather they can register in their specific specializations and obtain information that is wanted for some actions. When there is debate over various issues, the internet has been a common target to the base argument from and therefore, people have become more knowledgeable since they can access any content (Mont et al., 2019). Similarly, education institutions have benefited from improved technology because teachers and learners can visit sites that contain notes on a given topic and study using the information given. There are peer-reviewed files that can be reliable to give authentic content for learning purposes.

Google has been an effective search engine that many persons like searching for information when needed. What people are required, is to buy data bundles to enable them to browse and get whatever data they wish to know. The information that is saved on websites can be used to sensitize the public on the need to change some habits. For instance, there are nutrition topics that individuals aiming to eat a balanced and healthy diet can use (Mont et al., 2019). Similarly, statistics help in knowing the probable happening concerning specific issues in the world. Right now, there is high number of people dying from the coronavirus hence individuals use the data to know ways they can prevent infection by the deadly disease.

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The industrialization has been boosted by technological improvement, therefore, guaranteeing human beings of production of basic items used in daily life. There have been machines that are used in industrial processes to develop products such as food items, electronics, clothing, furniture, and building materials. Through efficient access to improved items, people’s lives are enhanced since they can live comfortably without challenges such as hunger, disease infection, and security. There are sensitive aspects that the paper may not leave such as the production of equipment and tools used in war. Additionally, it is important to note the development of nuclear energy, and transhumanism factors such as the use of robotics in factories to ease work done by the human workforce. All these modern machines are available for anyone wishing to apply artificial intelligence in their daily life. Without technology in industries, there would be a slow rate of supply for common and basic commodities and the world would be a hectic place to live.

Technology improvement has also brought negative effects to human beings. However, that does not mean there is more harm than benefits to people’s lives. It means without controlling technology well, there can be significant levels of destruction in the economy, social life, and political perspectives. Therefore, the paper strongly agrees that human life has been improved more than it has been destroyed. Of course, there are issues to do with cyber-crime and other security issues resulting from technological invention. People have focused on higher-level ways of stealing online especially from unsecured websites.

Technology has also brought conspiracy issues where data failure or breach is deliberately tampered with for personal or communal gain. For example, hackers and crackers access data for companies to either transfer money illegally or collapse the system for competitive advantage purposes (Mont et al., 2019). It is upon companies to do cyber kill chains such as having stable and secure databases that have intensive authentication processes before opening. Through technology, it is also important to note that geopolitical tensions are evident especially when countries are competing for arms domination, nuclear power, and scientific inventions.

The use of technology has brought many benefits to human life such as improved communication, stable healthcare provision, industrial revolution among other factors. Through technology, people have been connected despite the distance between them and there has been social interaction powered by digital handsets such as mobile phones. Hospitals have focused on satisfying their clients by having to adopt technology in their working lines. There is the use of machines in hospitals and industries to fasten the processes which result in an improved lifestyle for human beings. However, technology has led to some negative impacts on human life. For example, cyber-crime is evident mostly where individuals have weak online verification procedures. It is upon the people to have a clear and effective way of preventing cyber-attacks because as the world transforms technologically, there is also innovation on threat issues. If technology is used in the right way, it is possible to have better lives without intruding on the privacy of individuals hence making them safe to basic living.

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