Impact of British Colonialism on Indian Economy

Introduction The epoch of British colonialism in India was characterized by considerable changes that influenced Indian life and still echo nowadays. Today’s Indian economy is the result of a complicated period, where traditional order mixed with the British one and dissolved in it forever. The problem of the impact of…

State-Owned Banks Privatization Efficiency in Turkey

Abstract In the banking sector, where intense competition is experienced, it is hard for the banks to survive and sustain the efficiency of their competitiveness. They struggle to survive through different strategies they adopt and the directions they prefer. The intense competition recently observed in the banking sector introduced novel…

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The Changing Nature of “Global Governance”

Abstract This dissertation aims to test the validity of the initially proposed thesis that the transforming essence of ‘global governance’, triggered by China’s intention to become its rightful agent, should be seen as indicative of the fact that it is specifically the Realist model of IR, which better than any…

Adult Education in the “Real World” Classroom

Abstract At the present, demand for higher education has continued to rise especially in the case of adult learners who perceive added credentials in education as a stepping stone towards a better position and a more fulfilling career. Suffice it to say there are many means of continued education that…

Teaching English to Arabs: Study Qualitative Methods

Introduction What is Qualitative Research? Merriam (2009) in her book “Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation” explains that qualitative research is a type of exploratory research than in that it tries to examine and explain particular aspects of a scenario through an in-depth method of examination (Merriam 2009,…

Mathematically Gifted and Talented Students Identification

Introduction The concern over recognition, identification and provision for gifted and talented children in society has always been muddled in myriad of controversies. For instance, there are those who perceive this category of children as invaluable resources whereby they are admired and honoured. On the other hand, they are perceived…

Colour-Coding in Teaching Grammar in EFL Classroom

Introduction Communication and sharing information are now seen as the foundation of the development of humanity as well as the primary way for any person to succeed in their life. Therefore, foreign language learning is deeply integrated into the educational system of almost any country. English has become one of…

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Humanities and Justice in Britain during 18th Century

India was a simple subcontinent before its introduction to the West. On the eve of the British conquest of India, it was characterized by lot of disruption and economic fragmentation. The gradual downfall of the Mughal Empire during the 18th century had led to economic disintegration and the constant bouts…