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  1. The Stanford Experiment by Philip Zimbardo
    Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Experiment shows that situational power and norms dictate the behavior of the individual more than the core beliefs that made up his personal identity.
  2. Using Animals in Medical Experiments
    This paper explores how the principles of the character-based ethical approach can be applied to the discussion of using animals in the medical research and experiments.
  3. Scientific Experiments on Animals from Ethical Perspectives
    This paper discusses using animals in scientific experiments from the consequentialist, Kantian deontological and Donna Yarri’s Christian character-based perspectives.
  4. Psychological Studies and Experiments: Code of Conduct
    The following paper is based on past psychological studies i.e. Stanly Milgram’s ‘Obedience Experiment’, Philip Zimbardo’s ‘Stanford Prison Experiment, and Jane Elliott’s ‘Class Divided’.
  5. Gender Stereotyping Experiment: The Level of Gender Stereotyping in Society
    The present study measures the effects of stereotyping women. It examines the first impression formed by subjects based on the information about a fictitious man or a woman.
  6. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment: Ethical Controversy
    Tuskegee case set the background for the reconsideration of healthcare ethics, which means that the ethical value of the given case deserves reconsideration.
  7. An Observable Experiment: Control Over the Variables
    An observable experiment is defined as the experiment in which the independent variables cannot possibly be controlled by the person or person setting the test.
  8. Water Quality and Contamination Experiment Report
    This paper seeks to provide a detailed report on what should be done to ensure quality water for human consumption.
  9. Pasture Experiment: Fertiliser Treatments Response
    This work is an experiment that defines the role of fertilizers in pasture production and to establish the appropriate use of pasture sampling to assess pasture mass.
  10. Situation, Institutional Norms, and Roles: The Stanford Experiment of Zimbardo
    Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Experiment brought him critical acclaim. At the same time, it accorded him a certain level of notoriety; because of the methodologies he utilized to conduct the experiment.
  11. The Stanford Prison Experiment
    The Stanford prison experiment is an example of how outside social situations influence changes in thought and behavior among humans.
  12. Virtue Ethics in Stanford and Milgram’s Experiments
    This paper investigates the notion of virtue ethics, discussing two major studies, the Stanford prison experiment, and Milgram’s obedience studies.
  13. Inattentive Blindness in Psychological Experiment
    The features of the human consciousness not to notice quite obvious changes are natural and innate. Such blindness can be caused by several factors.
  14. Acoustics Experiment in Brunel’s Thames Tunnel
    In this project, tunnels that exist below London streets for a variety of communications, civil defense, and military purposes will be used as the objects of the experiment.
  15. Metrology Experiment with Measurement Tools
    The experiment concerned testing the efficacy of the measurement tools such as the Vernier caliper, a depth gauge, a micrometer, and a gauge in an uncertainty analysis.
  16. Heat Transfer Rates in a Hot Jet: Experiment
    The experiment is aimed at determining the heat transfer rates in a hot jet. The reasons for the hot jet to have different heat rates in different areas will be determined.
  17. Social Experiment: Wrong Outfit in a Wedding Event
    The attendees of the wedding event displayed disappointment, discomfort, and open resentment towards the dressing style.
  18. Social Experiment: Informal Norms of Gender Issues
    The social experiment presents a contradiction between the socially-accepted norms and the understanding of equality between men and women.
  19. Evaluation of the Stanford Prison Experiment’ Role
    The Stanford Prison Experiment is a study that was conducted on August 20, 1971 by a group of researchers headed by the psychology professor Philip Zimbardo.
  20. Worldview Changes After the Blindness Experiment
    Our senses are the central source of information about the world and events that happen around us. So, the loss of one of these is a significant challenge for a person.
  21. Air Pressure Experiment Methods and Results
    The plastic mesh fabric was placed over the mouth of the Mason jar, and the metal screw band of the latter was fastened firmly over the plastic mesh sheet.
  22. Fiji Water Quality: Biology Lab Experiment
    Since Fiji water is among the popular brands in the US, it is essential to evaluate whether it is clean, that is, safe for human consumption.

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  1. Physical Health Indicator: Pulse Rate Experiment
    An examination of a person’s pulse can provide insight into their health, especially when measuring the before and after the pulse of an individual engaged in exercise.
  2. Ideal Gas Expansion Law: Experiment
    The purpose of the experiment was to understand the differences between different types of ideal gas expansions, paying attention to the amount of work done.
  3. Chemistry of Cooking. Saffron Rice Experiment
    This research project outlines an experiment that aims to determine the temperature at which Saffron rice turns yellow.
  4. Studying Organisations: The Hawthorne Experiments
    The Hawthorn experiments marked a new direction in research of motivation and productivity. More than half a century has passed, and productivity remains a concern of management.
  5. Medical Pharmacology: The Langendorff Experiment
    The Langendorff experiment aimed at using an ex vivo isolated rat heart preparation to demonstrate the pharmacological effects of two unknown drugs.
  6. Hawthorne Experiments – Elton Mayo With Roethlisberger and Dickson
    The Hawthorne theories have brought about a positive change in the behavior and attitude of the managers as well as the workers.
  7. Impact of the Stanford Prison Experiment Have on Psychology
    This essay will begin with a brief description of Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment then it will move to explore two main issues that arose from the said experiment.
  8. Ethics: Experiments on Animals
    Industrial and biomedical research is often painful and most of the test ends up killing the animals. Experiments such as these often incur the wrath of the animal rights movement.
  9. Chemical Experiment on Enzyme Amylase
    This paper presents an experiment that was conducted to determine the activity of amylase on starch at various pH levels.
  10. Experiment: Bacteria vs Antibiotics
    The experiment aimed was to test the reaction of bacteria towards some antibiotics and determine the effectiveness of those antibiotics in treating some diseases.
  11. The Way to Come To Terms With Yourself: Social Distancing Experiment
    In this work, the author describes the course and results of an experiment on social distance: refusal to use gadgets, any communication, and going out.
  12. John Watson and the “Little Albert” Experiment
    John Watson is considered to be the founder of behaviorism, a psychological theory that focuses on visible behavior while diminishing the notion of consciousness.
  13. The Stanford Prison Experiment Review
    The video presents an experiment held in 1971. In general, a viewer can observe that people are subjected to behavior and opinion change when affected by others.
  14. Why People Obey Authority: Milgram Experiment and Real-World Situation
    Human beings would obey authority depending on the overall rewards, potential personal gains, and the consequences of failing to do so.
  15. Boston’s Experiment: Harvard Business Review’s Lessons
    In Harvard Business Review’s Lessons from Boston’s Experiment with The One Fund, Mitchell discusses his experience with fund distribution to the victims of the Boston bombing.
  16. The Use of Animals in Psychological Experiments
    The method of experimentation is of great significance for multiple fields of psychology, especially for the behaviorist branch.
  17. Ethical Analysis of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments
    The Tuskegee Syphilis Study failed to take into account several critical ethical considerations. This essay examines some of the ethical problems linked to the investigation.
  18. Milgram Experiment: The Question of Ethics
    This essay will discuss the Milgram experiment and also argue that it was ethical as medical research standards were met, and no undue harm to the participants was caused.
  19. Experiment: Flame Test and Chemical Fingerprinting
    Flame test and chemical fingerprinting are analytical procedures that are used to identify metals or metalloid compounds.
  20. The Critical Characteristics of an Experiment
    The main aim of this assignment is to evaluate the thought control experiment by famous psychologist Ellen Langer and determine whether it is a qualitative experiment.
  21. Extraneous Variables in Experiments
    There are some variables in experiments besides the independent variables that usually cause a variation or a change to the dependent variables.
  22. “Stanford Prison Experiment Ethics” by Philip Zimbardo
    The primary purpose of Zimbardo’s work was to explore how quickly individuals would identify with corrections officers and prisoner roles during the prison simulation.

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  1. The Power of Conformity: Asch’s Experiments
    The article examines a series of experiments by Asch that helped him identify the factors influencing social conformity.
  2. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
    When the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was begun, over 75 years ago, no such principles were officially in place.
  3. Ideal Experiment Design: Independent and Dependent Variables
    This work describes the ideal experiment, that is designed to verify the causal relationship between independent and dependent variables.
  4. Jane Elliott’s Experiment on Discrimination
    The teacher Jane Elliott from Iowa decided to conduct an experiment demonstrating to her students what discrimination is and what it feels like.
  5. Human Transport Systems: The Pulse Rate Experiment
    The report provides an analysis of the pulse rate experiment aimed at determining the pulse rates before and after a five-minute exercise conducted by the researcher.
  6. A Personal Behavior Modification Experiment Using Operant Conditioning
    This research paper points out the positive outcomes of swearing: it can relieve stress and help one cope with emotional work.
  7. Static and Kinetic Friction: A Lab Experiment
    Static friction is the force that opposes the motion of two surfaces or bodies that are in physical contact when the surfaces/bodies are at rest.
  8. Mind Control: Ethics of the Experiment
    The topics of mind control and free will has always been seen as a morally grey area in terms of its research potential.
  9. Lab Experiment on Photovoltaics
    The experiment was done specifically to ascertain how various connected units could be coordinated to give a more reliable and controllable functioning.
  10. Bolted & Welded Connections and Tension Experiment
    Exploring and comparing the expected and actual failure modes of both bottled and welded connections in tension are the primary purposes of the paper.
  11. An Experiment on Data Mining Extend
    This experiment aims to utilize knowledge and principles of data mining in depicting the investigation of emergent data in biology- particularly on the development of ELISAs.
  12. A Hypothesis and an Experiment: A Case Study
    On the control experiment, there would be a seed grown at normal aeration, and wind conditions. All should have a viable bean seed planted centrally on watered soil preferably.
  13. Helicopter Experiment Assessment
    This report of a paper helicopter experiment involved designating a paper helicopter in varied designs and then dropping it severally while recording the flight time.
  14. Comparative Effectiveness of Various Surfactants: Experiment
    Surfactants refer to chemical substances that lessen the surface tension in water. This experiment aimed at establishing the comparative effectiveness of various surfactants.
  15. Anaerobic Threshold: An Experiment
    Anaerobic Threshold refers to the minimum level below which no increase in blood lactose can occur. At levels above AT, supplementing aerobic production needs aerobic energy.
  16. An Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay Experiment
    In our society presently, immunoassay techniques used in data analyses have assumed a place of high significance, particularly as it applies to pure/applied research.
  17. Archimedes’ Principle Experiment: Determining Gravity of Objects
    This paper describes an experiment that aims in determining the specific gravity of different metallic objects, a liquid, and wood.
  18. Lab Experiment on Animals’ Taste or Smell Senses
    The hypothesis of the study is that taste perception and detection of different sugars by insects were similar to that of humans.
  19. An Experiment in DNA Cloning and Sequencing
    The aim of this experiment is to clone a fragment of DNA that includes the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) gene into the vector pTTQ18, which is an expression vector.
  20. “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – The Deadly Deception”: Unethical Scientific Experiment
    “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – The Deadly Deception” reviews an unethical scientific experiment on humans that was conducted by White physicians on African-Americans.
  21. Metal and Non-metal Redox Reactions Experiment
    The following experiment aimed to investigate Redox reaction and hence determine which elements were reactive; metal v. metal redox reactions, and non-metal v. non-metal reactions.
  22. Stanford Prison Experiment: Behind the Mask
    Stanford Prison Experiment organized by Stanford researcher Philip Zimbardo led to a strong public response and still discussed today.
  23. Health and Medicine: Experiments and Discussions
    In the first experiment, researchers tested the subjectivity of polygraph examiners’ assessments. The specialist was given a specific name before the test began to do it.

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  1. Osmosis Experiment With Parsnip Through Differing Concentration of Sucrose
  2. Identifying the Benefits From Home Ownership: A Swedish Experiment
  3. Experiment for Cancer Risk Factors
  4. Hydrochloric Acid Into Tubes of Water and Sodium Thiosulphate Experiment
  5. General Information about Monkey Drug Trials Experiment
  6. Reaction Rates Experiment Hydrochloric Acid
  7. Hydrochloric Acid and Marble Chips Experiment
  8. Physical Disability and Labor Market Discrimination: Evidence From a Field Experiment
  9. Canadian Advanced Nanosatellite Experiment Biology
  10. Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment: Reality or Illusion
  11. Experiment and Multi-Grid Modeling of Evacuation From a Classroom
  12. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Experiment
  13. Social Capital and Contributions in a Public-Goods Experiment
  14. Illusory Gains From Chile’s Targeted School Voucher Experiment
  15. Short Selling and Earnings Management: A Controlled Experiment
  16. Theft and Rural Poverty: Results of a Natural Experiment
  17. Lab Experiment: The Effectiveness of Different Antibiotics on Bacteria
  18. Brucellosis and Its Treatment: Experiment With Doxycycline
  19. The Link Between Stanford Prison Experiment and Milgram Study
  20. Four Fundamental Results From the Mice Experiment
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