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  1. Environmental Studies: Water Recycling
    Different countries face varying challenges in as far as provision of clean water to its population is concerned depending with its economic development level and geographic location.
  2. Environmental Pollution (Fresh Water)
    In terms of the water Pollution, conditioning it would be analyzed whether it has declined or improved over the past few years and if so the degree would be determined.
  3. Water Pollution
    This essay seeks to examine the concept of water pollution, its causes, effects and solutions to water pollution.
  4. Bottled Water Impact on Environment
    This paper seeks to amplify the need for regulation of the used water bottles. It is quite obvious that water bottles are the highest in a number of all bottles thrown away after use.
  5. The Environmental Impact of Bottled Water
    This paper examines the real situational effects on production of the bottled water to environmental degradation.
  6. Environmental Studies: Water Recycling
    Different countries face varying challenges in as far as the provision of clean water to its population is concerned depending on its economic development level and geographic location.
  7. Water Scarcity Issue and Environment
    The paper answers the question why to be worried about running out of drinking water even though the earth’s surface is mostly made of water.
  8. Water Management and Ecology Issues
    The paper studies water management, its various implications and explains why this area is important on examples of environmental issues.
  9. Water in the Atmosphere
    The relative humidity of air can be changed by changing either the temperature of the thermodynamic system in question or the pressure in the system under consideration.
  10. Oil, Water and Corruption in Central Asian States
    The region of Central Asia has been a focus of the world’s political and economic attention due to its rich oil and gas resources. Corruption is the main curse of Central Asian states.
  11. Bottled Water Impacts on Environment
    As the use of bottled water continue to rise steadily around the world, many critics have focused on its impacts on the environment, economy and other social implications related to the use.
  12. Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam by Nhuong
    The book Water Buffalo Days: Growing Up in Vietnam by Nhuong tells the story of a young boy in a central village in Vietnam. The story presents unique characteristics of Vietnam society and culture.
  13. Water Pollution Causes, Effects and Solutions
    This essay seeks to examine the concept of water pollution, its causes, effects and solutions to water pollution. Water pollution takes place in various water bodies all over the world.
  14. Water and Its Properties
    Water is the most abundant liquid on the universe comprising over 70% of earth’s composition. It exists in three forms namely liquid, solid, and gaseous states.
  15. Water Quality and Contamination
    In this paper, carries out detailed experiments on the bottled and tap water available to consumers to establish whether it is worthwhile to purchase bottled water.
  16. Third-Party Logistics, Water Transportation, Pipelines
    Transportation plays a crucial role in today’s business world. This work shows the benefits and limitations of third-party logistics providers, water transportation, and pipelines.
  17. Don’t Ship Air and Don’t Ship Water Strategies
    The appearance of the principles “don’t ship water” and “don’t ship air” is mainly determined by two aims: optimizing the performance of supply chains and making it more “green.”
  18. Green Infrastructure in Water Management
    This paper evaluates the utility of water management in urban areas from the aspect of perception and interpretation of green infrastructure in water management.
  19. Water Quality and Contamination Experiment Report
    This paper seeks to provide a detailed report on what should be done to ensure quality water for human consumption.
  20. Environmental Legislation: Clean Water Act
    Clean Water Act determines water quality standards, serves as a basis for the enactment of pollution control programs, and regulates the presence of contaminants in surface water.

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  1. Virtual Water Savings and Trade in Agriculture
    The idea of virtual water was initially created as a method for assessing how water-rare nations could offer food, clothing, and other water-intensive products to their residents.
  2. “Erin Brockovich” Film and 2014 Flint Water Crisis
    This paper analyzes the movie “Erin Brockovich” and compares it with the current situation in Flint, which started in April 2014.
  3. Substances Influence on Water
    The objective of the experiment will be to find if the freezing rate of water changes when different substances are added.
  4. Water Accessibility and Quality
    The following case study explores the effect of negligence towards water stewardship and provides recommendations on the roles of stakeholders in the process.
  5. The Water Cycle
    The water cycle is an important biogeochemical cycle that involves the movement of water on, below, and above the Earth’s surface.
  6. Water Quality Improvement for Global Health
    This proposal determines the necessity of water quality from the perspective of global health. The funding will be provided by the government and non-governmental organizations.
  7. Virtual Water Trade of Agricultural Products
    Virtual water trade is a concept associated with globalization and the global economy. Its rise was motivated by growing water scarcity in arid areas around the world.
  8. Glacéau Company: Vitamin Water Ethics
    The business practice of this paper is the production and sale of vitamin water by Glacéau in which the company states that the water being sold has been “enriched” with vitamins.
  9. Virtual Water Trade and Savings in Agriculture
    This essay discusses the savings associated with virtual water trade in agriculture and touches on the effects of a shift to local agricultural production on global water savings.
  10. Water Savings and Virtual Trade in Agriculture
    Water trade in agriculture is not a practice that is unique to the modern generation. The practice was common long before the emergence of the Egyptian Empire.
  11. Active Remediation Algorithm for Water Service in Flint
    The Active Remediation algorithm aims to inspect the water service in Flint, Michigan, and identify those lead pipes that need to be replaced by copper pipes.
  12. Virtual Water Content and Global Water Savings
    The Virtual Water Content concept was the byproduct of discussions regarding the need to provide food in countries suffering from drought or plagued with perpetual water scarcity.
  13. FIJI Water Company’s Success
    The business owners of FIJI Water embarked on a very active marketing campaign aimed at the promotion of the water, as well as the establishment and maintenance of FIJI Water’s brand.
  14. “Bling H2O” Bottled Water in the Australian Market
    Bling H2O water is the world’s most expensive bottled water. The brand’s creator targeted to sell it to the celebrities who highly esteem their bottled water.
  15. Water Sanitation Program in Saudi Arabia
    In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the demand for water continues to increase without an equivalent increase in the supply, the level of hygiene may soon become a problem.
  16. Water Management in the “Flow” Documentary
    The documentary “Flow” discusses and describes two significant things that are preventing people from having access to freshwater.
  17. Water Resources in Australia: Usage and Management
    Australia is one of the driest continents in the world. Various governmental and non-governmental institutions have teamed up to face the challenges facing people as far as water is concerned.
  18. Dream Water Company’s Product Marketing
    The core product is the main benefit that the product brings to the consumer. For Dream Water, the core product is the medication against insomnia.
  19. Fiji Water Quality: Biology Lab Experiment
    Since Fiji water is among the popular brands in the US, it is essential to evaluate whether it is clean, that is, safe for human consumption.
  20. Water Pollution Index of Batujai Reservoir, Central Lombok Regency-Indonesia
    Despite having 6% of the world’s water resources, Indonesia’s environmental policies have not only been raising concerns but also pushed the country to the brink of water crisis.
  21. Water Treatments and Maximum Plant Height
    The first research question was how different water treatments affect maximum plant height. The experiment involved 12 plants – 6 plants for each type of water.
  22. Activation Energy for Viscous Flow of Water, Acetone, Toluene, and o-Xylene
    The aim of the research was to investigate the hypothesis that the activation energy of a substance depends on intermolecular forces that arise in this substance.
  23. Water Quality in Savannah, Georgia
    The City of Savannah Water Supply and Treatment Department conducts numerous annual tests to ensure that drinking water in the region is safe for human consumption.
  24. Potential Threats to Water Supplies in Ottawa
    The purpose of the research is to identify the distribution of threats to drinking water in the city and determine who might benefit and who might be harmed in the process.
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