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Metric, The Sheepdogs, and Bazini Concert in Ottawa

Artist I have visited the Metric, The Sheepdogs, and Bazini concert in Ottawa recently. All these performers are known as professional bands and artists who are popular in different states of the world. Despite the fact that both bands and Bazini have Canadian origins, their popularity in various parts of the world continues to grow. Metric is a Canadian rock…

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Public Art and Communities’ Needs

Introduction Art is a visual expression of creative skills or imagination that viewers appreciate for its beauty. People also appreciate art, such as sculptures, paintings, murals, architectural art, or drawings, for their emotional power or aesthetics (Alle, 2012). Public art is a form of art displayed in physical public domains. The public nature of the art means that anyone can…

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American Clothing Evolution and Its Factors

Introduction Clothing is a social phenomenon, the key purposes of which traditionally were to satisfy aesthetic needs, protect from weather conditions, and signal the social status. In the 20th century, as the class polarization was obliterated, clothes still serve to emphasize different social groups, focusing on self-expression, and individuality as well as preserving the fundamental functions. The US experienced various…

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Politics in “The National” Band’s Songs

Introduction Despite not being an explicitly political band, the New York-based indie/post-punk/alternative rock band The National frequently refer to the political issues and changes in their music, as well as use their band image, lyrics, and songs to support presidential candidates (such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton). Some of the songs (e.g. Fake Empire, The System Only Dreams in…

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“Frankie & Alice” Motion Picture: Race and Mental Care

Frankie & Alice is a Canadian motion picture by Berry, Cirrincione, DeKaric, Zaidi, and Sax (2010). It is based on a real story of an Afro-American woman with a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Frankie is the protagonist, a go-go dancer who begins to experience violent episodes and blackouts. However, it takes her some time to search for professional help, and…

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Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Linda Nochlin a well-known art history scholar has written many essays on this subject, however, the essay that made the greatest impact on the field of history was “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” (NOCHLIN, par. I). From this idea and the profound question put up by Linda Nochlin, it is evident that discrimination against women was more…

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The Beatles’ “Let It Be” and Youth Music Culture

Introduction The 1960s in Europe are associated with several historical and cultural changes that are often reflected in European music popular at the time. One of the most popular cultural icons of the 1960s in Europe was the band known as The Beatles. Originated in the United Kingdom, this band has produced a large variety of beautiful songs many of…

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“Mainly Mozart” Concert

Mozart is a representative of the Viennese classical school and one of the founders of the classical style of music associated with the development of the symphony. Among his works, one might find various symphonies, sonatas, and quartets. This paper is a response to works appeared on the concert program of the American University Orchestras, particularly, on the Sinfonia Concertante…

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“The Wizard of Oz”: Movie Analysis

Analysis The Scarecrow is a character that shows his optimism even in situations with minimum available information about possible outcomes. For example, he is optimistic about two roads that he has never put his foot on and believes that “it’s pleasant down that way, too” (The Wizard of Oz, 1939). Even though his self-efficacy is extremely limited at the beginning…

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Barriers to Understanding in Art

Introduction Although to indulge in an artistic experience, one may need to use not only vision but also other senses, possibly all five, how people see an art piece usually becomes the defining factor in their further evaluation and impression thereof. In his article “Ways of Seeing,” John Berger addresses the issue of restrictions that prevent people from seeing an…

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Romanesque and Gothic Styles Comparison

Introduction Throughout the ages, architectural designs have progressed gradually in different regions. Architectural designs incorporated art to develop what we see today in the world’s cities and towns. Buildings are curved with unique and incredible styles and profiles. Most of the buildings in big cities possess ideological designs that were developed hundreds of years ago (Stubna et al. 48). Indeed,…

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Gil Scott-Heron’s Influence on Modern Hip-Hop Music

Introduction Gil Scott-Heron can be reasonably called one of the most influential artists of all time, and he will always be remembered as one of the individuals who spoke freely and put their soul and mind into their music (Vincent 27). More to say, Scott-Heron was not only a godfather (literally) of hip-hop but also an enthusiastic soul and blues…

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Predicting the Future of Film Narrative

The History of Film Introduction What started as a novelty in the 1890s with the innovation of the cinema cameras has become a popular culture in the world. The art of cinema making has experienced tremendous innovation, growth, and development since the first less than a minute-long silent clips were developed. The early films involved little technique and had no…

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The Book “A History of Narrative Film”

The book, A history of narrative film, by David Cook offers a comprehensive and modern content that is analytical in nature because it highlights important issues related to film and the process of film making. The book is essential in cinematology because it analyses the old process of film making, modern movements and trends and gives a vivid description of…

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Exhibition of World Art

China Name: Guo Xi Title: Early Spring (早春圖) Date: 1072 Materials used: hanging scroll, ink, light color, silk Current location: National Palace Museum, Taipei The painting is one of the most famous artworks of Guo Xi. It is an excellent example of the landscape tradition that is common for Chinese art, both prehistoric and modern. Here, Guo Xi uses the…

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Stove, Vase, Tea Set, and Cabinets Design

The Stove by Shepard and Co. This stove is a rather valuable object that is currently kept in Philadelphia Museum of Art. The stove was made in 1840s in New York based on the patent of Eliphalet Nott. The material this stove is made of is cast iron. According to the patterns decorating the surface of the stove, it refers…

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“The Mummy” and Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Comparison

Introduction The films ‘The Mummy’ produced by Karl Freund and ‘Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari’ are some of the earliest horror movies that based their plot on mysterious murders and the use of paranormal powers. ‘The Mummy’ is a film that blends the ancient Egyptian culture and practices with the ones in the early 20th century in Europe and North…

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“Anne of Spain/Austria” by Peter Rubens in Louvre

Visiting Louvre can be an unforgettable experience in the life of a person because this palace hosts one of the finest art collections in the world. In many cases, an individual can be dazzled by the sheer variety and number of magnificent paintings displayed in this museum. It is one of the difficulties that I encountered. I did not want…

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Medina Azahara and Aljaferia Palace

Medina Azahara and the Aljaferia Palace are two outstanding architectural landmarks in the history of Islamic architecture. The later was constructed in Cordoba in Spain in 936 AD. It served as a de facto capital of the al Andalus (Muslim Spain) in mediaeval times. Medina Azahara was a palace-city comprising of several reception halls, gardens, government offices, residences, barracks, and…

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Postmodernism Film: “Run Lola Run”

With the advent of postmodernism as a new philosophy of art, new opportunities were open for filmmakers to discuss topical societal issues. Furthermore, the postmodern cinema invites the audience to participate in the dialogue. Run Lola Run, a movie produced by Tom Tykwer, is the specimen of the era that characterizes it quite accurately. Being a manifestation of the postmodern…

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Art of Early Middle Age

Introduction Name: Unknown Title: Marble Portrait Bust of a Woman with a Scroll Date: late 4th–early 5th century Medium: Pentelic Marble Marble busts were one of the common forms of art in the Early Middle Ages; they preceded Christian art in the form of icons and were the heritage of Greek and Roman art. Marble busts often represented the elite.…

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The Tempest Play at Savage Rose Classical Theater

Introduction The Tempest is one of the many plays written in the 17th century by William Shakespeare – one of the most famous English writers and playwrights of all time. The Tempest is a story of magic, revenge, political trickery, intimidation, and arranged marriages to secure a position of power. It reflects the realities of Italian politics while at the…

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Art Objects of World Cultures

China Figure 1. Bronze head from Sanxingdui (Chinese National Museum, n.d.). Unknown Chinese master, Bronze Age. Currently at the National Museum of China, Beijing. This object represents Chinese culture in a way that underlies its diversity. This Bronze head was apparently used in complex worshipping rituals (Chinese National Museum, n.d.). This piece of art was chosen as it shows how…

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“The Tempest” at Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis

A version of The Tempest performed at the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival is a historical period drama performance of the popular Shakespearean classic. The production utilized the main stage at the forefront of the theatrical action. There was a large set piece in the background which included a large tree root growing among stone ruins. This set design created elevated…

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“The Birth of Eve” by Judith Schaechter

Introduction The Birth of Eve is a piece of art created by Judith Schaechter. The author made her work of glass and specific paints that remain bright on a smooth surface for an extended period. This work became an object of criticism and multiple controversies among the American audience. The Birth of Eve artwork has an unusual style and exposition…

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Film Studies: Watching Movies Now and in the Past

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Consequently, different people have different activities that they enjoy doing during their free time. Some like watching movies; others prefer listening to music, while others fancy visiting new destinations. The movie industry has seen numerous changes from early times. These changes have brought differences in utilization of movies as an…

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“12 Angry Men” Drama Movie

Introduction This is an American drama movie where a group of 12 men is involved in discussing the judgment for a murder case involving a slum boy. The twelve jurors argue about the evidence presented in this case where an 18-year-old young man is claimed to have killed his father (Chandle, 2006). After the final submissions are made, the twelve…

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The Ambassadors Painting by Hans Holbein

Introduction The Ambassadors painting is one of the most famous and meaningful works of Hans Holbein. It is a double portrait depicting French ambassador Jean de Dinteville and bishop Georges de Selve. They wanted a biographical portrait and described in detail all the elements and parts of the future masterpiece. The specificity of double portraits is that there is no…

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Oscar Ceremonies: Bias and Benefits

Introduction The Oscar ceremonies became a proverbial event in the history of the American culture quite a while ago (English 73). Defining the cultural choices made by the critics and the viewers alike and serving as the means of summing up the progress that the moviemaking industry has made, the aforementioned events may need certain improvements, though. Despite being based…

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Masculinity in the Film “Saturday Night Fever”

Introduction Saturday Night Fever is a movie that revolves around a young man, Tony Manero, who acts as John Travolta. John works as a clerk at a hardware that is in the heart of the New York City. He regularly breaks his routine activities of the week on the weekends when he goes dancing with friends. The movie presents John…

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The Fayum Mummy Portraits

Fayum portrait is the modern name for a style of realistic painted portrait which was attached to mummies during the period of roman Egypt. These mummy portraits have been found in all parts of Egypt, but are mostly concentrated in the Fayum Oasis. These portraits are the examples of modern portraiture. They are founded before centuries. They are almost founded in…

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“The Tempest” Performance by Savage Rose Theater

The selected performance The performance chosen for the investigation is The Tempest, which is running in the Savage Rose Theater. I was interested in this version since the theatre is now rather popular in spite of being relatively young (10 years in operation). Although Savage Rose is a modern theatre company, it adheres to classical drama and does not experiment…

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Jewelry of the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Background The research is aimed at studying the jewelry of the UAE. The study is a part of the research method course, and it comprises several stages. First and foremost, the general examination of the subject was performed on the basis of the available literature. Next, a detailed study of Manal Al Dowayan’s exhibition was carried out in order…

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Land-Use Planning in Adelaide, Australia

Introduction Land is a valuable natural resource that faces one of the greatest risks in nature due to human activities. The main risk facing land is the possibility of being exploited as man continues with his activities. Land forms the basis of all other activities; therefore, it becomes an inevitable aspect of human life. The ever soaring human population necessitates…

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Music: “Like a Rolling Stone” by Greil Marcus

Introduction Songs bring different flashbacks and memories to different individuals. Songs sometimes keep history, which reflects the events or activities that took place during the song’s composition. Moreover, songs reflect and forecast personal, cultural, political, and communal memories, usually with significant events or occurrences. Like a rolling stone is a six and half-minute rock and roll song by Bob Dylan.…

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Topic: Art & Design

Corot’s Orpheus Leading Eurydice From the Underworld

Introduction The painting by Corot is considered as a masterpiece in terms of depicting the skill and mastery of European art culture. Orpheus and Eurydice have been featured in the narration depicted in the painting. The story is based on the underworld where Orpheus embarks on saving his fiancée who had died. There is a great deal of artistic mastery…

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Marble Column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardi

Introduction Without a doubt, Ancient Greece had a great influence on architecture in different parts of the world. Its calm and majestic beauty, harmony, and clarity continue to impress people today. The main distinguishing factor of Greek building art was the temple. Greeks liked building temples devoted to various gods. The oldest ruins of temples belong to the era of…

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LEED Certification and Rooftop Gardens

Introduction Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) refers to a rating system created by the United States Building Council (USGBC) to provide certification to green buildings. The certification enhances human and environmental health in five key areas. On the other hand, a rooftop garden is an artificial garden created on the top of a building for aesthetic purposes, food…

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Topic: Art & Design

Design: Times Square as a Main Street USA

Introduction: Strolling down the New York Streets Of all places to visit in New York, Times Square is easily the best choice for a tourist. It incorporates every single American stereotype and allows one to plunge into the delightful world of flashy lights and public entertainment. Though the place still has its charm, numerous advertisements seem to be slowly consuming…

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Theater Performance: Mrs.Warren’s Profession

The World of the Play The play takes place in Victorian England where a young woman, who spent most of her life in various boarding schools, is preparing to meet her mother whom she has not seen for a very long time and knows almost nothing about. The woman’s name is Vivie Warren, and after graduating from the University of…

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Marble Column in Sardis Temple of Artemis

Introduction Ancient architecture has always been famous for its unusual shapes and beauty, and when it comes to Greece, which is the cradle of European civilization, it is possible to find unique art objects of antiquity almost everywhere. By today, not so many buildings and structures have survived, but those that remained intact amaze true connoisseurs of art with their…

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Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali Comparison

Introduction When it comes to analyzing historical personalities, it is easier to approach those whose contribution can be measured by the economic and political impact their activities produced on contemporaries. The picture is quite different from people of art as there are no objective parameters that determine why one master was more successful than the other. Vincent Van Gogh and…

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Minorities and the 1920 Legal System in the Films

No matter what evidence one might use, the injustice of the legislation of 1920 towards the ethnic minorities in the United States will be obvious. Both the filmmakers of Sacco and Vanzetti and Scottsboro, as well as the authors of the book American Anticommunism, depicting the notorious suppressions of the people of different race and political beliefs, have managed to…

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Topic: Art & Design

Beethoven’s vs. Mozart’s Life and Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven rate among the most outstanding composers in the history of classical music. They both died over 150 years ago but their works continue to be studied, performed, and admired all over the world. Although both composers are equally popular, their music still differs considerably in style and message. Moreover, their backgrounds, approaches to…

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An Album “Lemonade” by Beyonce

Lemonade, an album by Beyonce, is arguably among her most multi-layered works. While primarily associated with black women empowerment, it also takes on the celebration of the black culture and the awe of femininity to the new level. The album is most strongly associated with the song “Formation” and an accompanying video, noteworthy for its powerful imagery and apparent political…

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Topic: Art & Design

“Banquet” by Jan Davidzoon de Heem

Dutch 17th century still lifes represent a felicitous confluence of artistic talent, religious freedom, societal support, disposable income, and plentiful subject matter. The apparently static, but faithfully depicted, arrangements of objects express a startling range of themes and messages. They reflect the cultural, economic, and scientific achievements of their time, as well as its foibles1, with equal fidelity (Jaeger). Jan…

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Topic: Art & Design

New Insights About Bachata Music in Latin America

A review of a previously completed essay on Bachata music highlights an idea that requires a deeper analysis. Scholarly sources providing insights on the origins of Bachata music seemed to suggest that the popularity of Bachata music was hindered due to the vulgar words in the lyrics and the sensual nature of its rhythm and melody. They supported this idea…

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Topic: Art & Design

Ancient Greek Marble Column from Artemesium

The Chosen Example The craftsmanship of architects from ancient Greece is so outstanding that it still influences the current architectural designs. The Met (2018) presents some pieces of classical Greek architecture. One of these sculptures is the “marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis” (The Met, 2018, para. 1). This part of a column is made from marble,…

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Topic: Art & Design

“The Constant Gardener” a Film by Fernando Meirelles

Introduction The film The Constant Gardener is a political thriller (“The Constant Gardener,” 2005); the story is about a married couple who witness dramatically unethical human experimentation in Africa and face a series of difficult ethical decisions. The main character, Justin Quayle, is a British diplomat sent to Kenya to support a humanitarian aid campaign, and he brings his wife…

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Topic: Art & Design

Artemisia Gentileschi Influence on Feminist History

Introduction Artemisia Gentileschi is a famous artist of the Baroque period. Her works are the topic for various debates. While some art experts and historians recognize her talent and professionalism, other specialists consider Artemisia as a mediocre painter. However, her unique style was acknowledged by most researchers. Also, many feminist supporters pay much attention to Artemisia’s art, especially to her…

Words: 1983
Topic: Art & Design