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Exhibitions: Medicine Man and Tibet’s Secret Temple

I have visited two exhibitions – Medicine Man and Tibet’s Secret Temple. As for now, I would like to share my experience of seeing the displays and speculations about what I have seen. First of all, I would like to note that being at the gallery was pleasant, as there were no too many visitors, so I had enough time…

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Mackmurdo’s and Dresser’s 20th Century Design

Each period of development of our society is characterized by some unique phenomena which took place in the world of art. Ancient times gave the world wonderful shapes and forms of antiquity. Renaissance presented us with a constellation of artists which changed the whole image of art and created unique masterpieces which became priceless. However, it is possible to determine…

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Racism and Masculinity in the Film “A Soldier’s Story”

Discrimination and prejudice always result in pain and suffering. The magnitude of these can vary from the Nazi genocide of Jews, the American use of Blacks as slaves – which could involve e.g. using them as test subjects, for instance, to perform more than thirty gynecologic surgeries on a 17-year-old girl (Cohen, 2009), – to contemporary difficulties of Blacks related…

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Horse Ambulance: Logo and Poster Design

Abstract Well-designed posters are an effective way of conveying information on existing social issues and strategies to solve them. To this end, the senior project paper aims at analyzing the process of solving the preventable death of animals during horserace by passing information using designed posters and stationary. It describes the project related to the creation of an ambulance for…

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“Jerry Maguire” a Film by Cameron Crowe

Introduction People are social beings that live in a certain community and move together to attain success and contribute to the further evolution. In this regard, the efficient cooperation between all individuals could be considered a key to the existence of a certain society. However, this cooperation is impossible without a special tool that guarantees the great level of understanding…

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Magic of “A Peaceful Retreat” by Thomas Kinkade

Introduction A Peaceful Retreat is the name of an incredible painting by a notable artist, Thomas Kinkade. This man called himself a painter of light because every work of this man accents on the eminent light sources that are usually depicted as houses or heaven’s luminaries. A Peaceful Retreat is one of the most famous works by Thomas Kinkade that…

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Urbanism: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change

The Main Points The book Tactical Urbanism 2: Short-Term Action, Long-Term Change is concerned with the implementation of an approach to organization of the urban space which has gained the name of “tactical urbanism.” This approach can be characterized by five main features: an intentional, step-by-step inciting of changes in the urban space; the utilization of ideas aimed at the…

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Indian Culture in the “Pather Panchali” Movie

The modern stage of the development of technologies and means of communication gives rise to a number of opportunities to obtain the new information and explore the new and unique culture. Any modern individual has the limitless access towards any data he/she needs. This fact promotes the interpenetration of various cultures and the initiation of values interchange. Additionally, the further…

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Tish Jones, a Contemporary Artist

Art brings societal change as it is generally accepted across all cultures. Art is the most effective way of communication for it goes beyond cultural and societal boundaries. Since the times of human evolution, art is the only element that indicates the existence of communication amongst human beings. Various methods of communication exist, but none of them communicates more effectively…

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Topic: Art & Design

Max Ernst’s Biography and Surrealism

Max Ernst is one of the brightest representatives of surrealism in the 20th century. He was born in a middle-class Catholic family on 2 April 1891 (Max Ernst Biography par.1). He was the third of the nine children. His father, Philipp, took several jobs to meet his personal interests and the needs of the family and became the main source…

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“The Tempest”: Viewing and Reflection

The Tempest performed by the Savage Rose Theater Company is a classical period drama performance of the Shakespearean classic. It is a faithful adaptation of the text and its themes. The company’s portrayal of The Tempest is a creative and organic product that puts the focus on character development using stagecraft. There was no elaborate set design and effects in…

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Jazz’ Influence as a Cultural Object in Germany

Abstract Jazz music originated from the southern United States in the 20th century; it was born out the combination of European and African music. Jazz was a music style had passed the test of time since minority groups of black Americans dominated it. Most critics dismissed Jazz music and tried to ensure that it never flourished due to its alienation…

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Rivalry and Competition in Italian Renaissance Art

Renaissance art refers to the sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts that were created during the Renaissance era in Europe. This type of art was introduced in the year 1400 and was considered as a monarchy of early traditions but later adapted to modern arts. With time, many people with artistic talent from various European countries embraced Renaissance art; however, there…

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Topic: Art & Design

Portrayal of African Americans in the Movies

Introduction Consistent with the dominant stereotyped image of African Americans in other films, movies produced between 1930 and 1960 depicted African Americans as hyper-sexualized, colored, incompetent, criminal, and child-like characters whose best roles in the society were only limited to being a servant, butler, or even house helps. The negative portrayal of African American characters in the US films of…

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Investing in the Film “Escape from Rio Japuni”

Project Proposal 1: My Life with Dalai Lama When it comes to identifying the viability of the movie, one must mention the fact that it is bound to have rather low production values as it will focus mostly on the life story of the main character, which, though admittedly having a major impact on the society, still lacks the elements…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Film “Remember the Titans”: Leadership Roles

1. List two characters that are given leadership roles that they did not want or did not believe they were ready for. Explain why you chose these two characters. (Do not use Coach Yoast or Gary Bertier as examples for this question.) Boone did not want to accept the leadership because of racial prejudices and because he felt like he…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Morality of the Movie “Gone Baby Gone”

The Gone Baby Gone movie represents one of those pieces of art which leave the audience with contradictory opinions about the ending. While the whole film is full of dramatic moments, its final part is the most powerful as it brings about the crucial question: should the character’s decision be governed by law or morality? The movie makes the viewers…

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Topic: Art & Design

Middle Eastern Musical Culture

It is said that music is an indication of the earnest feeling of its composer. The entire composer is fraction of a chronological realism that aids to form and color his piece of music. Consequently, so as to know any kind of music, it is important not just to inspect its musical calmness but too its chronological context. The Middle…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Social Worker Role in the Film “Crash”

Introduction ‘Crash’ is a 2004 released film that traces the lives of various characters in different professions over two days as they struggle with racial tensions, dysfunctional family relationships, and work-related ethnic and racial confrontations. The lives and experiences of many of these characters are intertwined and they encounter each other at different levels of professional and personal engagements (Villalba…

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Topic: Art & Design

The “Lions for Lambs” Film Analysis

Introduction When it comes to defining the discursive significance of a particular movie, it often becomes rather indispensable subjecting it to a textual analysis. In my paper, I will explore the validity of this suggestion at length, in regards to the 2007 film Lions for Lambs, directed by Robert Redford. Film Analysis The main theme of Lions for Lambs is…

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The Marble Column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis

The artifact that was selected for this reflection is the marble column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis which can be found at the following link: It is originated from the Hellenistic period (300 B.C.). It is an iconic example of the Ionic order column which graced the Ancient Greek buildings. At its full height, the column would…

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Topic: Art & Design

“The Great Debaters”

Good communicators are successful leaders and businessmen. In the movie entitled The Great Debaters, one of the characters is Samantha Booke. She had to go up against great odds in order to secure her inclusion into the debate team. Her mentor told her that a female debater was unheard of in the school’s debate team history. However, she was undaunted…

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Topic: Art & Design

“Christina’s World” Painting by Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World has a strong emotional appeal. This piece of art offers a unique insight into another world, created by Wyeth. This painting put me in a state of perplexity and solitude while inviting to muse on its ambiguous and puzzling content. Genre Christina’s World belongs to a genre of realism, as it portrays the countryside landscape in…

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Topic: Art & Design

“Miss Ever’s Boys” a Film by Joseph Sargent

Ethical Conflict: The Tuskegee Experiment Opening with the narration of Eunice Evers, the nurse, the movie poses a conflict between the principles of respect for persons of a nursing specialist and the selfish goals that the institute pursued (Houser, 2015). As the story unwraps, it becomes evident that the Tuskegee Institute committed a crime against humanity, yet is not considered…

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Topic: Art & Design

The “Straight White Men” Play by Young Jean Lee

The Plot and Characters One of the most remarkable aspects of the play “Straight White Men” is, of course, the plot. The setting is rather simple as the main characters gather in their father’s house to celebrate Christmas. It seems that it is a story of successful and happy representative of the privileged class in the western society. At the…

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Topic: Art & Design

West Side Story’s Production Design

Introductions West Side Story is indubitably one of the best modern renditions of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. As evidenced by the numerous awards, it picked up the enormous fan base it cultivated after its release. Set at the western end of Manhattan, West Side Story tells the story of two youths, Tony Wyzek and Maria Nunez, who…

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Topic: Art & Design

Visual Argument: Examples, Definition, & Ideas [Free]

It is often claimed that words are one of the most powerful ways to deliver information to the readers. After a long process of analyzing, a more effective way to affect the audience has been revealed. It is the use of images. Therefore, a visual argument essay takes the upper hand when it comes to influencing the readers. The examples…

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Topic: Art & Design

Essay on Mi Familia by Gregory Nava

Introduction My Family, or originally Mi Familia in Spanish, is a fantastic story of a Mexican immigrant family in the US. The plot opens up through three generations and describes all their social struggles. In this essay on Mi Familia, we are focusing on the aspects of their cultural identities. Of course, under the pressure of assimilation, the family of…

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Topic: Art & Design

Semiotics Theory and Signs in Designs

Introduction Semiotic is a theory that explains the application and results of signs and symbols in both artificial and natural language structures1. It tries to explain the origin of meaning rather than what the word or phrase means. The theory of semiotics assumes that the thing human beings suppose to be real is rather what individuals accept to be real…

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Topic: Art & Design

“Catch Me If You Can” a Film by Steven Spielberg

Introduction The life and adventures of Frank Abagnale were portrayed in the film Catch Me If You Can by Steven Spielberg. The movie was released in 2002. It represented the biographical and the detective genre. The aim of this essay is to analyze the plot of the film and to find out whether it accurately portrays the actual biography of…

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Topic: Art & Design

Modernism in Architecture: Mies van der Rohe

Abstract There can be no possible doubt that the era of modernism has played an incredibly important role in the development of the further Postmodernist tendencies and was a completely new stage and a unique experience in the world history. The importance of the Modernism as an epoch was huge, since the Modernist concepts seized the entire world, starting from…

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Topic: Art & Design

Racism in the Music Video: Locked Up and Styles P

The way in which individuals shape their social identities is coded according to the texts that the media produces for the increasingly segmented audiences along the lines of race and gender (Hall 2007, p.248). In other words, the media plays a huge role in defining social realities. Issues to do with underrepresentation and stereotyping are still a continuing concern within…

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Topic: Art & Design

Hotel Rwanda Film Review

Hotel Rwanda is an interesting and well-told story that compels people to watch it. It is set in Rwanda’s capital city Kigali, during a time when the infamous Rwanda genocide took place. The film revolves around the unbelievable Paul Rusesabagina’s real story, an assistant manager at Milles Collines Hotel. Using a combination of wit, bribery, and well-established connections, Paul saved…

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Topic: Art & Design

Lesley Dill’s Exhibition “Faith & the Devil”

Introduction This is a review of an exhibition, Faith & the Devil by Lesley Dill. It explores the struggle between good and evil forces and shows the complexity of such an attempt in human mind. The review Faith & the Devil is a huge installation that explores the theoretical and existential puzzles between the basic faith and evil in the…

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Topic: Art & Design

Belly Dance in Russia

Introduction Foreign dance classes have become popular in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union (Radchenko 1). Many young women and men have started to practice foreign dances for professional reasons or just for fun. In Russia, Belly Dance, Irish Dance, Indian Dance, Flamenco, and Swing Dance have become tremendously popular (Radchenko 1). This essay will employ a variety…

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Topic: Art & Design

Role of Women in Theatre Throughout History

Women play a significant role in the contemporary European theatre. However, the history of the women’s involvement into the world of theatre can be discussed as rather controversial while focusing on the role of women in the British theatre in comparison with the women’s involvement in the theatrical life in France and Spain. In spite of the fact that the…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Middle Eastern Artists

Introduction Artists generate arts, which are products of creative works that depict a given phenomena in society. Artists usually derive their creative works from their environment because arts depict or predict certain activities that people perform. A critical examination of the arts provides important information about a certain society in terms of their social, economic, political, and cultural backgrounds. Across…

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Topic: Art & Design

The European Film Studies: “Les Intouchables”

The European film I have chosen for this review is called “Les Intouchables.” This is a French film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano and released in 2011. The film explores life in Paris and the clash of the representatives of two different social classes. The main characters are Philippe, the rich man who is also quadriplegic, and his…

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Topic: Art & Design

Paintings: The Baptism of Christ and Christ and the Adulteress

The Baptism of Christ. Christ and the Adulteress. The two artworks representing the image of Christ I have chosen for my paper are (in the order of the pictures): (a) “The Baptism of Christ” by master of the Life of Saint John the Artist (National Gallery of Art, Washington), and (b) “Christ and the Adulteress” by Lorenzo Lotto (Louvre, Paris).…

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Topic: Art & Design

Graphic Design in Postmodern Art

Introduction Starting from the 1970-s, Postmodernism dominated over various spheres of culture. It was spreading around the world through newspapers, television, and magazines. The traditions and norms of the society were revised, some of them completely pushed away. This was the time of common skepticism toward modern values. Among the fundamental ideas of Postmodern philosophy was the importance of critical…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Theme of Trade in the Art

Art is an indispensable part of the culture. Art is not always fine art; it might depict rather common scenes from life, showing phenomena that were important for the everyday life of the society which created it. This is why pieces of art can often be important historical artifacts telling us about the particulars of this or that culture. In…

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Topic: Art & Design

Thomas Cole’s “View of the Arno near Florence”

Thomas Cole’s 1837 painting of the sunset at the Arno, near Florence, is one of the best artistic testimonies of the American painter’s love for Europe, especially Italy and particularly the city of Florence. Cole’s glad journey to Europe, which he made between 1829 and 1832, was probably one of the painter’s events that contributed to his fame in Europe…

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Topic: Art & Design

Film Studies: “The Sound of Music” by Robert Wise

“The hills are alive with the sound of music”– this eternal line from the song with which the movie begins echoes through our imagination as we speak of Europe or Salzburg (The Sound of Music). Lush green countryside with snowcapped mountains in the background is a nature lovers’ paradise. The movie reviewed in this essay is 1965 classic musical, The…

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Topic: Art & Design

Music as a Part of Life: Personal Impressions

There are many reasons for why people can like or dislike music because it can reveal the most secret and unknown aspects of a human life. One of the most powerful aspects of music is the impossibility to predict where it could lead. In her book, Sarah Dessen defines music as “the great uniter”, “an incredible force”, and “something that…

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Topic: Art & Design

Photography Exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals”

The exhibition “Charles Harbutt, Departures and Arrivals” tries to reexamine and celebrate the photographic work of this great photojournalist. Harbutt is a successful photojournalist who managed to combine both commerce and art. The exhibition goes further to celebrate the relationship between “the printed page” and photography. On top of that, the exhibition examines how Harbutt has managed to embrace the…

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Topic: Art & Design

Film Studies – Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music

Introduction This paper dwells upon the film which goes under the title Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music. The film features Bill Monroe and a number of famous musicians talking about bluegrass and the impact Bill Monroe had on the development of this genre of music as well as other genres. The film is biographical, but, at the same time,…

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Topic: Art & Design

The Igbo Dance Positioning in Nigerian Culture

Introduction The culture of the Nigerian people embraces Igbo dance not only as a traditional ritual but as the critical means of communication as well. Thus, according to the history of West Africa, it may be claimed that the sources of Igbo development extended from the vital necessity for people to express their emotions and attitudes towards the surrounding. It…

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Topic: Art & Design

Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Music Video

Introduction A music video is a short film integrating song and imagery. It is produced for promotional and artistic purposes (Machin 52). Music videos have evolved significantly over the years. Most of the traditional and modest scenes in the videos, which mainly involved bands and artists playing their own instruments, have been replaced by multimillion dollar high conceptual performances. The…

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Topic: Art & Design

Bill Monroe – Father of Bluegrass Music Film Analysis

Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music (1993) is the film directed by Steve Gebhardt which discusses the biography of Bill Monroe with references to many interviews with Monroe himself and with the musicians influenced by his music. The film clearly explains why Bill Monroe is discussed as the ‘father’ of the specific bluegrass music, and it provides many fragments from…

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Topic: Art & Design

Garcia’s Family in the Film “Real Women Have Curves”

In order for us to be able to choose in favor of the methodologically sound intervention-strategy, in regards to the family of Garcias (as seen in the 2002 film Real women have curves), we will need to identify the qualitative aspects of the relationship between the members of this family. In its turn, this will help us to define the…

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Topic: Art & Design