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Bre-X Company and Indonesia’s Mining Sector

Introduction Bre-X Minerals Ltd forms part of Bre-X, a chain of Canadian-based companies. The Calgary-situation Bre-X Minerals Ltd struck gold in 1995. The company discovered not only the world’s largest but also the most valuable deposits of gold in the heart of the Borneo jungle in Indonesia. As a result, its stock price rose to the extent that the eager…

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Porsche Company and Its Business Strategies

Introduction Porsche emerged when its founder produced his first sports car. Ferdinand Porsche used his expertise to engineer a quality car that fulfilled his expectations. This approach gave Porsche a powerful image that lasted for many years. Porsche has always supported the needs of its customers. Such practices made it easier for Porsche to compete in the sports car industry.…

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Marks&Spencer Company’s Business Performance

Introduction Analyzing business performance encompasses various factors such as society, economics, politics and history. These factors are rarely incorporated in organisational studies. Organisational analysis is usually a technical matter. Modern business trends emphasise on maximising shareholder value (Gray 2009, p. 52). In most cases, companies exploit cheap labour from offshore countries to maximise returns. In a rapidly changing business environment,…

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How E-Commerce Can Help Reduce Production Cycle Times?

Evidently, one of the most significant effects of the internet revolution is its impact on business. Nowadays, individuals and organizations are increasingly using internet technology to enhance their business under the contemporary context of e-commerce. Electronic commerce is increasingly helping individuals and organizations retain consumer attention and expand their markets through business-to-business (B to B) or Business to Consumer (B…

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Sony Corporation and Consumer Behaviour in the UK

Introduction The main objective of this report is to analyze the consumer behaviour in the consumer electronics market and this paper concentrates on the Sony Corporation. The first part of this paper focuses on the background of the company, product line, and suggested actions to influence UK consumers’ attitude, and motivate customers to purchase electronics of Sony. On the other…

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Shoppers Drug Mart Company’s Retail Networks

Abstract The paper presents the analysis of business concept applications on the example of a big Canadian company Shoppers Drug Mart. A systematic literature review provides information on retail networks and the peculiarities of their functioning. It also proves the importance of using diverse strategies such as measurement of distribution effectiveness, estimation of network economies, customer segmentation, etc., to manage…

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South African Democracy and National Economic Performance

Introduction Democracy can be defined as a political regime that is characterized by the supreme power belonging to people. The opposition is an autocracy, which is a region where all the power belongs to one person. The promotion of democracy tends to boost hopes for the improvement of the level of well-being which tends to accompany the democratic transformation. In…

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National Australia Bank: Corporate Social Responsibility

Abstract This paper is based on the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It explores the topic through an analysis of a company selected from the database of the world’s most ethical companies. One of the issues which are discussed is how the company behaves in a socially responsible manner towards its consumers, employees, and the environment. Introduction The company…

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Vue Cinemas Company Monopolistic Strategy

The strategy adopted by Vue Cinemas to acquire Ster Century posed a potential threat to ticket prices because the company would gain monopoly power to control the pricing of products in the industry. Monopolies are companies with exclusive control in the market and in a monopolistic competition market prices are controlled by an individual company. Monopolistic companies price their products…

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Barclays Bank’s Decision-Making and Leadership

Barclays Bank Board comes up with the vision for the bank. It could be the expansion plans into the Middle East or the African continent. The Board Chairman would lead the board meeting into accessing the need for the expansion, the method of expansion, and the time it would take for the plans to succeed. The board would also appoint…

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Alphabet Conglomerate: Dynamics, Analysis and Growth

Industry Overview Type of Industry Alphabet Inc. is an American-based conglomerate that emerged as a result of Google’s corporate restructuring in 2015 (Glowik, 2017). The term conglomerate refers to a corporation consisting of several unrelated companies, in which one business entity owns a controlling stake in other constituent members. In the case of Alphabet Inc., the main company is Google.…

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Eastern Bank and First Bank & Trust Company Merger

Introduction It is known that a bank merger is a complicated long-term process that requires not only financial but also human resources. The Eastern Bank Corporation and the First Bank & Trust Company have different human resources (HR) policies. For the successful bank merger, a general HR management strategy should be developed. It is considered that an efficient human resource…

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Capital Veterinarian Clinic’s Teamwork Dynamics

The Capital Veterinarian Clinic (CVC) that is located in Sacramento, California, has a developed organizational structure, and it is based on the work of several teams. Dr. Marissa Sandoval performs as the Clinic Director in the organization, and she administers and controls the work of the CVC’s teams that unite different numbers of specialists, including Staff Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, and…

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Health Insurance Benefits and Cost Reduction

Introduction The new health insurance benefits tend to impact organizations in a myriad of ways. One is through the goal-setting process and impact on their overall costs. Thus, it is mandatory that the organization ensures that all its employees are safe and secure in their working environment. Thus, they should ensure a suitable working environment, as well as provide effective…

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Renewable Energy Systems Group and Toyota Company

Introduction Entering the global economy means locating a niche that one may become a leader in and strive for maintaining quality rates impeccably high. The application of the Lean Six Sigma to the key company processes, particularly, the management of the raw materials (Schroeder, Goldstein, & Rungtusanatham, 2014), the Work-in-Process (WIP) items, and the end products creates prerequisites for stellar…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Global Supply Chain: Advantages and Disadvantages

Introduction Defending intellectual territories in globalisation studies remains a challenging fete for most scholars. In these studies, the frameworks of supply chain management (SCM), global commodity chains (GCCs), and global production networks (GPNs) have some similarities and differences in their concept and focus. SCMs, GCCs, and GPNs exhibit common chain approach that can help identify their value and competitive advantages.…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Digital Marketing, Its Forms, Pros and Cons

Introduction Digital marketing refers to a marketing strategy that involves the promotion of products or services online. Numerous online venues are available for online advertising including the social media, email marketing, short messages (SMS), and videos as illustrated in the following image. Image 1: Different online advertising platforms The invention of the Internet has enabled people from different countries to…

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Southwood School’s New Employee Orientation

Introduction The human resource function has a strategic value to any organization. Human resource managers are tasked with building relationships between the employer and the employee. In contemporary society, most organizations have recognized the value of teamwork and synergies. According to Wallace (2009), this should be based on a thorough understanding of the organizational operations and ensuring that employees align…

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Deloitte Company’s Marketing Transformation

Introduction to the Topic Area Managerial practices, leadership models, and organizational processes have continued to evolve over the years. Organizational structure has been redefined in an attempt to maximize outputs and empower more employees. The selected topic focuses on how organizational management has changed due to the developments experienced in the world today. The article Walking the Walk: Deloitte’s Own…

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Ford Motors Company: Corporate Governance

Introduction The issue of governance has been proved to be of paramount importance for organisations that wish to remain competitive in the ever-changing market. Organisations have to embrace it in an effort of attaining their goals and objectives. Corporate governance is an important part of any organisation. Many definitions have been formulated for this principle. In one of the definitions,…

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Performance Appraisal, Harassment, Job Analysis

Introduction This paper attempts to present and define three of the concepts from the Human Resource Management course. In addition to the definitions, the mentioned concepts will be illustrated and discussed in terms of how one is to react to encountering these phenomena in real life. The three concepts are performance appraisal, sexual harassment in the workplace, and job analysis.…

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Leadership Development Strategy for Human Capital

Executive Summary The main aim of this research was to examine critical factors that need to be considered when designing an LMD strategy to build human and social capital. As business landscape changes, effective leadership, and management are necessary to create sustainable business practices. Based on the reviewed literature, it was established that LMD, which is designed to improve individuals’…

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Financial Analysis of Organizational Management

Finance Systems Relationship between a Financial System/ Function and Other Systems / Functions The finance function represents the heart of every business. It is the ignition key for every business to thrive and prosper. In this case, it integrates all the other systems in the organization such, as the marketing function, information technology, and the management function as the major…

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Stock Options: Scenario Analysis

Main Elements First and foremost, it is essential to identify the main elements of the statistics analysis. In the framework of this paper, the key statistical data that needs to be analyzed is the return and the standard deviation values for two stocks. Experts point out that the relevant variables are critical for performing consistent business decision making and generating…

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International Financial Reporting Standards

Article Discussion The article Advantages and disadvantages of IFRS compared to GAAP by Anna Jordan aims at giving a complete picture of the ongoing switch to the new reporting system in the United States. While the author does not summarize its statements or try to weight the listed arguments and give any definitive conclusion regarding the outcome for the businesses…

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The US’ Organizations: Creating and Protecting Jobs

Introduction Organizations in all industries are interested in maintaining their levels of competitiveness for continued delivery of value to their owners (shareholders). In fact, “any organization in today’s fast moving environment that is looking for the pace of change to slow is likely to be sorely disappointed” (Bertscherk and Kaiser 395). One of the major changes that organizations consider in…

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Baldrige Standard and Operations Criteria

Introduction It should be noted that contemporary quality management evaluation systems regard self-assessment of companies as one of the most important tools for a systematic improvement of organizational performance. Enterprises apply this technique to ensure that they remain productive. Importantly, the evaluation of instruments and frameworks have been refined due to the introduction of certain quality standards (Evans & Lindsay,…

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Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership and Change Competency

Abstract The paper discusses global leader’s competencies with the focus on the Change competency demonstrated by Oprah Winfrey in her activities. While referring to Winfrey’s experience in leading projects and maintaining the change, the basic principles of the development program for global leaders are formulated to contribute to the leaders’ personal and professional growth. Introduction Global leadership competencies are important…

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Nonfinancial Performance Measures and Promotion-Based Incentives

Major Points Dennis Campbell was the main proponent of the study and the author of the article. He entitled the article as Nonfinancial Performance Measures and Promotion-Based Incentives. The article was made available through the publishing arm of the Journal of Accounting Research and printed in the United States of America (Campbell 297). The major points were made known in…

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Jackson Hotels: Determining Recruitment Sources

Determining Recruitment Sources Because the labor market is not limitless, it is imperative to choose the sources of recruitment promising more chances for hiring acceptable staff. In general, there are two types of recruitment sources – internal and external. Internal recruitment refers to employing people, who are already working with a company. The mechanism of this type of recruitment is…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Clerks in the Workplace and Information Technology

Fearfull, A. (2005) ‘Using Interpretive Sociology to Explore Workplace Skill and Knowledge’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology 8(2): 137-150. Theoretical Knowledge: Key Issues in the Article Fearfull states that the existing research literature lacks qualitative studies exploring the experiences of clerks at work, primarily viewing clerks via the connection to information/office technologies (IoT) and considering them insignificant subordinates in the…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Maple Leaf Company: Business Environment Challenges

Executive Summary Maple Leaf is one of the leaders of the Canadian agricultural industry. Nevertheless, even industry leaders face challenges once they make a decision to expand and start operations in foreign economies. One of the most significant problems of the company is its effective functioning within the operating environment of the United States of America, a signatory of the…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Local Food Venture and Its Operations Management

Introduction Building a small business enterprise is a complex task that encompasses the knowledge of entrepreneurship and operation management. This case study examines a model of expanding a local food venture to a permanent location and franchise. It allows us to take business management theories and apply them, learning from the challenges and uniqueness of the specific example. The case…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Burger King’s Image and Mass Media Impact on It

Introduction Background Throughout the past decades, the priorities of the business management have undergone critical changes. Thus, it is now evident that one of the key determinants of a successful performance is the customer’s positive perception of a company’s image or the so-called “brand’ (O’Guinn et al. 2014). According to experts’ opinion, a brand is one of the most significant…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Air Asia Company External and Strategic Management Analysis

Air Asia was founded in 1996 as Malaysia’s second airline. It had been beset by problems in the beginning, and failed to make profits. The company was founded as a full service regional airline, offering cheaper fare than main competitors in the Malaysian airlines Competitive Situation within Air Asia Company According to the competitive situation in Malaysia, Air Asia had…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Premier One Company’s Business Outcomes

Enhanced competitiveness in the business environment requires entities to adopt a customer-focus in their operations. Increased competition, for instance, presents a challenge for entities to acquire new customers. This challenge enhances the role that processes that aim to retain existing customers play in driving and sustaining an entity’s performance (Baird & Gonzalez-Wertz, 2011). Supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Nike Company’s Digital and Online Systems

Company Overview Nike Company has managed to build a household name, particularly in the field of sports footwear, equipment, apparel, and sports and fitness accessories. This achievement has been partly because of its close collaboration with high-ranked athletes such as Michael Jordan, John McEnroe, Bo Jackson, and Deon Sanders among others who have aided the company over the years to…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Connecting Customer Needs in Product Design

Introduction The case presents an issue of poor market performance of a small firm producing glasses which illustrates a broader set of problems. Most of them appear to stem from a lack of cohesion between different departments each of which has their own distinct goals (De Toni & Nassimbeni, 2003). This particular issue is paramount, as it is typical for…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Tesco Company’s Global Supply Chain Management

Executive Summary Supply chain consolidation is crucial competitive value for firms with international operations. Close supplier relationships help improve quality, streamline the delivery systems, and reduce operational costs. This paper examined Tesco’s coordination strategies for its global supply chain, returns on its R&D investment, supply chain risk management, and advanced technologies deployed to create competitive advantages. Tesco manages its global…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Stein, Bodello & Associates Company’s Management

Key Lessons The case study of the company Stein, Bodello & Associates, Inc. can produce some lessons, including those related to top-down and bottom-up management. The first lesson that appears to be singularly relevant to authoritative management is the one that instructs managers to avoid neglecting the needs and interests of the employees, especially in case they report issues and…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Online Shopping: Product and Website Characteristics

This paper summarizes “Exploring the Effects of “What” (Product) and “Where” (Website) Characteristics on Online Shopping Behavior” by Mallapragada, Chandukala and Liu. The article was published in Journal of Marketing in 2016. The aim of the paper is to ascertain the influence of product character (utilitarian or hedonic) and website character (such as website design, layout, functionality, etc.), determine the…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Sanctions Imposed on Russia: Economic Impact

During the last several decades, Russia has been one of the leading importers of agricultural products globally. The country developed business relationships with different countries and established trade agreements in different sectors. However, the geopolitical events of 2014 created certain changes in the relationships between Russia and other countries (Liefert & Liefert, 2015). The conflict with Ukraine and the West…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Library Systems: Quality Services

Introduction Process mapping refers to the technique of utilization of workflow diagram to illustrate process flow, generate ideas for improvement, and enhance understanding of organization’s operation in achieving a specific goal. Formulation of process diagram requires initial identification of the process, the collection of information from the population, proper identification of process start and endpoints, and development of task points.…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Managerial Functions at the Workplace

Introduction As a rule, people consider management to be used to supervise the workers or all kinds of junior personnel. Management is mistakenly thought to be a prerogative of the senior positions in various organizations. Nevertheless, its techniques can be used for personal managing as well. At its fundamental level, management consists of “a set of five specific functions: planning,…

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Topic: Business & Economics

McDonald’s Performance in 2011 and Next 5 Years

Introduction McDonald’s is the most prominent foodservice merchant globally. The foodservice dealer owns more than 33,500 local cafeterias. McDonald’s serves approximately 68 million customers in 119 nations every day (McDonald’s Corporation, 2012). The foodservice retailer owes its success to its systems, which includes its alignment, franchisees, and contractors. It delivers reliable, locally relevant cafeteria experiences to its clients, and providing…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Railway Contributions to the Canadian Economy

Introduction Boasting a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of more than $1.7 trillion, Canada’s economy is ranked among the ten largest economies of the world (Toly & Segbers, 2016). A combination of different forms of transport is largely responsible for this performance. The health of the Canadian economy is linked to the presence of an efficient and functional transport sector (The…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotion

Introduction Marketing is a fundamental element that is incorporated as a means of communication between customers and an organisation. The objective of advertisement is to manipulate changes in the behavioural characteristics exhibited by clients. Vital promotion campaigns allow institutions to establish processes through efficient communication that is skewed towards attaining the satisfaction requirements of customers. Market analyses, product alternations, business…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Business Statistics: Main Aspects

Introduction The randomized complete block design is used in the experiment when there are two factors affecting its outcome. It is inappropriate to consider only one factor to explain the outcome of the experiment. If only one factor is considered, then it will lead to the wrong results of the experiment (Groebner, Shannon, & Fry, 2011). For example, if a…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Leadership During Transformational Change

Abstract Organizations that operate in the contemporary business environment cannot escape change following significant advancements made in various fields such as technology. As revealed in this study, such changes have substantially altered the way of conducting business to the extent that institutions that wish to remain competitive in the current market have to borrow from the input of transformational leaders.…

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Topic: Business & Economics

Economic Growth and Market Dynamics

What is GDP? Gross domestic product (GDP) is a measure of the value of all services and goods produced in a certain period of time. If GDP is negative, the contraction of the economy occurs, while if it is positive, the growth of the economy is observed (“Gross Domestic Product,” 2017). There are three ways in which GDP is measured.…

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Topic: Business & Economics