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Five Forces Model: Beer Industry Analysis [Porter’s Model]

Porter’s Five Forces model is one of the most effective tools for analyzing the business environment. Simple but powerful, the model is used in a wide variety of industries. Do you want to figure out the principle of the model operation? Check out the following essay on the impact of Porter’s Five Forces on the beer industry. Introduction The principal…

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Marx vs. Weber: Capitalism – Compare and Contrast Essay

Marx and Weber are two key figures of science. Their outstanding works on capitalism are popular even nowadays. The fascinating thing is that their views on capitalism differ to a great extent. Do you need to compare and contrast Karl Marx’s and Max Weber’s approach towards the understanding of capitalism? Take a look at the given essay. You will get…

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Boeing Strategy Analysis: Business Plan & Objectives

In this essay, you will find an analysis of Boeing’s strategic plan, its business plan, and its objectives. It was founded in 1916 in Seattle, Washington. In just a little over one hundred years, Boeing became the largest aircraft manufacturer. You might be wondering how this was achieved? Here’s the answer. Introduction Today world in the global markets is hyper-competitive.…

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Maybelline Case Study Analysis: Marketing & Competitors

Several key elements were crucial in Maybelline’s victories in the past. The purchase of the firm by L’Oreal Paris and ascent on the global market as a consequence were among them. With access to new markets, the company was able to become a worldwide brand and expand its sales. Thus, Maybelline competitors were outplayed altogether. Intro to Maybelline Brand Positioning…

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Electronic Commerce Definition and Usage

Introduction Electronic Commerce popularly known as e-commerce refers to commercial transactions performed online via electronic means. They involve the use of computers and the internet to serve business entities and customers (Qin, 2009, p. 7). E-commerce has grown tremendously over the years due to the widespread usage of the internet. Not so long ago, commerce, which is exchange of products…

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Leadership: Challenges, Change and Responsibility

Introduction Leadership can be described as the art of motivating people to achieve a common goal or the process of social influence to enlist the support of others to achieve a desired goal (Bowerman and Van wart 2011, p.72). In today’s world, businesses face numerous challenges from different areas. Change is constant and the leaders of various organizations are under…

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Leadership Role in Shaping Organizational Culture

Abstract The culture of an organization can determine the positive or negative development in the organization. Leadership promotes ethics and determines how culture is formed and maintained in an organization. Personal characteristics of leaders also play a significant role in organizational culture. Good leaders ought to have flexibility and adaptability traits to facilitate change in the organization. In addition, the…

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Easycut Salon Marketing Planning

Introduction Easycut hair salon has just been opened in a small country town. In order for the owner to realize the full potential of her business, a marketing plan will be required. The plan will detail the steps that are to be followed if the business is to be successful. There are many components of a plan that must be…

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British Airways Company’s Branding Strategy

Introduction This report is aimed at discussing the branding strategy of British Airways. This organization was founded in 1972, and since that time, it has become one of the largest airlines in the world (Woodley 2006, p. 156). This company serves the destinations that are located in six continents. Overall, one can say that British Airways continuously attempts to improve…

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Jean Piaget’ Views on Children Development

Jean Piaget has been referred as the greatest psychologist of his time. In the 18th century, Piaget carried out extensive research in the field of child psychology. His findings are still applicable in today’s society. In fact, Piaget’s work has widely been accepted and his ideas are used in schools and other institutions. Many researchers are also using Piaget’s work…

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The Current Macroeconomic Situation in the United States

Introduction Since the Second World War, the United States has been working hard to overcome the deepest as well as the longest recession it has ever faced (UN, 2011). However, on its way to recovery, the country has experienced a very slow speed. The growth that was experienced in 2010 was 2.6%, and there is an expectation of it to…

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McDonald’s Corporation Analysis: Functions of Management

The impact of globalization has continually influenced the manner in which organizations operate. Hence, several organizations continue to stumble upon new challenges in their struggle of attaining market stability. However, such organizations must consider implementing various organizing functions in all their business endeavors in order to succeed (Thomas & Gerhard, 2006). As such, the services, duties and requirements of the…

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Goodmark Company’s Business Strategy

Introduction Business strategy refers to the “direction and scope of an organization in the long-term which enables it to achieve competitive advantage through configuring its resources within a challenging environment in order to meet the needs of the market and expectations of the shareholders” (Dess. 2010, pp. 67). It describes the desired future position of the business in the industry.…

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Lamprell and National Oilwell Verco Companies Strategies

This paper aims to thoroughly discuss and analyze 2 of the Middle East’s biggest players in the oil and gas industry. Lamprell and National Oilwell Verco’s operations will be one of the main topics together with the challenges both companies face in the ever-changing marketplace. Another topic that will be tackled is how these two companies strategize to conquer the…

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International Business in the UAE

History of Dubai The economy was initially based on pearl-fishing until oil was discovered about 50 years ago. The economy became heavily reliant on oil that was discovered in various islands, and given the ready market in the world, the country’s economy was boosted. However, this did not last forever. About 20 years ago, the country faced a serious economic…

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Customer Service Training in a Human Resource Strategy

Introduction Achieving competitive edge is a fundamental aspect in both profit and non-profit making organisations. Howard (259) posits that competitive advantage can be attained through various strategies such as integration of new technology among others. However, maintaining competitive advantage is challenging due to high competition. In addition to new technology, customer service is another element that an organisation can take…

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Supply Chain Management and Logistics Comparison

Differences between supply chain management and logistics Marketing is one of the most significant functions in any business organization. Marketing has a significant impact on the success of a business (Horch, 2009). Marketing involves a number of activities. Among the activities are the supply chain management (SCM) and logistics. The two are interrelated, but they are not the same. Supply…

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Corporate Sustainability Practices in Business

Summary The article “Disney and Other Companies, CFOs Help Drive Sustainability” delves into the subject of corporate sustainability practices and how they are increasingly becoming intertwined with new operational initiatives in creating a means by which factories and supply chains operate in a sustainable manner. Jay Rasulo, the chief financial officer (CFO) and senior executive vice president of Disney, holds…

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A Social Identity Theory of Leadership by Michael Hogg

Introduction Hogg, M.A. (2001). A Social Identity Theory of Leadership. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 5(3), 184–200. Hogg’s article presents a vivid analysis of the social identity theory, which describes leadership as a group process rather than the role of an individual. The proponents of this theory review the meaning of leadership by using the collective attitudes, standards, beliefs, goals,…

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Lululemon Athletica Company’s Public Relations

Abstract The reputation of a company determines, to a large extent, its profitability and consumer sentiment. Businesses that are alive to this fact tend to observe better care of how they are perceived. Those that fail to work on their image suffer terribly by registering lower sales and recording little, or no growth. In the event of incidences that hurt…

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Business, Government, and Society: Critics of Business

The chapter Critics of Business of the book Business, Government, and Society: A Managerial Perspective discusses the emergence and development of the concept of business criticism from medieval times to the present. The concept of business criticism originated from the belief that businesses were established with the main aim of making profits other than offering quality services and products to…

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Chevron Company Ethical Analysis

Introduction Business ethics is an aspect for consideration when determining the level of business success. Businesses implement codes of ethics in order to promote honesty, integrity, and organizational success (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Despite the existence of codes of ethics, many businesses fail due to unethical business practices that violate business ethics and codes of conduct (Lawrence & Weber, 2014).…

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The Dynamic Environment: Business, Government and Society

Summary of the Chapter The Dynamic Environment The chapter The Dynamic Environment of the book Business, Government and Society begins by examining the business of Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The example of this oil company offers a wide picture of the challenges arising from the industrial revolution. The case highlights how the world encountered new problems such as inequalities and…

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The Book “Business, Government and Society”

Though the relation between the process of managing entrepreneurship and the social life of the citizens may be considered somewhat farfetched, the link between society and the state economy is much stronger than it may appear to be. In The study of business, government, and society, the first chapter of their recent work, Steiner & Steiner (2012), reflects on the…

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Green Supply Chain Management: Practices and Benefits

The 3Ps of GSCM The company managers face a number of encounters in administering profitable and competitive corporations while trying to embrace the comprehensive ethical and social tasks. Such encounters appear in the overall banner of Corporate Social Responsibility. In fact, the CSR needs the corporations to assimilate the ecological, as well as the social, operational business concerns. At the…

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China Business Growth

The economy of China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with “an estimated annual growth rate of 10 percent per annum from 1978 to 2005,”, as Naughton stated (34). China has the highest population in the world, with an estimated 1.3 billion people, according to the 2004 census. Due to its rapid economic growth, it has…

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Aramex Company: Strategic CSR and Sustainability Approach

The main lessons learnt from the Aramex approach to sustainability and strategic CSR are related to the Aramex’s success proving the fact that efficient investment in sustainable CSR gives numerous benefits to the business (“About Aramex” par. 10). The significant role of innovative CSR and sustainability initiatives can be determined based on the SWOT analysis (McDonald, Ward, and Smith 105).…

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Jack Welch’s Leadership Style in General Electric Company

One of the outstanding functions of a leader is to create a vision for his or her organization. It is necessary to have a vision in order to ensure an organization realizes its goals. Every individual in an organization can create “a concrete mechanism for examining and verifying the successful acquisition of an organization’s vision” (Landsberg, 2011). Leaders can borrow…

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Product-Harm Crisis Management

Introduction Customers and consumers are constantly being bombarded by the media and other avenues with information pertaining to products existent in the market. This form of publicity may be catalyzed by a variety of events which may provide positive or negative publicity to the product or brand. Product harm crisis refers to a highly publicized(often through the media) occurrence which…

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Domino’s Pizza Ethical Dilemma Case

Introduction Work ethics involve values instilled in the workplace based on diligence and hard work of both the employees and the management (Brown, 2005). They include the beliefs in moral obligations with regard to procedures and outcomes. Attributes of work ethics include factors that define reliability at the workplace, pursuing inventiveness, and/or new better skills. Importantly, company personnel elicit high…

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Managing Change in an Organization

Introduction Change is intertwined into professional and personal components of lives. It has the ability to steadily occur within the environment mankind dwells in and even beyond. This reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the successful and unsuccessful organizational changes in relation to models and philosophies of change management. Besides, the treatise identifies the keys to successful organizational change. Successful…

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Marxist Means for Achieving Socialism

There are various definitions and assertions as to what constituted the transition period. According to Marx, the transition period was a time when the means of production was brought into common ownership by the working class using the power of the state. In other words, it was a period when the working class had taken over the state power from…

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Globalization and Businesses in New Economies

Introduction Globalization has led to the emergence of numerous trends and challenges for business operations in the 21st Century economies. The contemporary business environment is more dynamic due to the effects of the high rate of globalization. Most economies in the world are growing on a worldwide scale, thus increasing demands on businesses targeting to fill various gaps (Weinstein 100).…

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Arconas Company Strategies

Company Introduction: General Profile In this paper, the analysis of the Canadian export corporation, which is called Arconas, is sustained. The official Internet page, which contains the detailed overview of the company operations, is the following link. The business direction, which is embraced by Arconas, concerns the production of furniture and equipment that is used for the airports’ construction. The…

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The Innovation-Entrepreneurship Relationship

In the management literature, entrepreneurship and innovation are complementary of each other as both are critical not only for organizational prosperity and sustainability, but also in the generation of wealth and value for the company (Subramanian & Moslehi, 2013). While the survey taken to identify my personal strengths confirms this assertion, it nevertheless shows that having an updated entrepreneurial perspective…

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Crisis Management: Definition and Relation to Business

In the context of product recalls, crisis management can be defined as the systematic attempt often initiated by the management of the organization to avoid organizational crises or to manage those crisis events that do occur using various crisis management strategies classified into four main categories, namely denial, involuntary recall, voluntary recall, and “super-effort” (Chen, Ganesan & Liu, 2009). Crisis…

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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: Supply and Demand Analysis

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — Overview Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is one significant segment of the Walt Disney Company that aims at providing the best leisure opportunities for the family vacation. It was founded in 1971, and since that time became the symbol of the family-oriented entertainment. Currently, there are six major destinations of Walt Disney Parks and…

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Apple Corporation Ethical and Social Responsibility

Abstract The report aims at finding out whether practicing strong business ethics and good corporate social responsibility has an impact on the operations of Apple. In essence, these two concepts provide a coherent framework that is used to explore the relationships within the business and communities in which they are operating. In other words, firms with strong business ethics and…

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Managerial Diseconomies of Scale

Introduction The increasingly competitive business setting motivates most businesses to seek economies of scale. Economies of scale are realized when organizations expand in a way that allows them to lower the cost of production thereby maximizing profitability (Boyes 211). However, ambitious expansion of the organization is often accompanied by diseconomies of scale, which pose real challenges to the management of…

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Apologies, Their Use and Meaning in Business

Article Critique The article Apologies, Their Use and Meaning: A Course Module by Friedman and Friedman focuses on the apologies as the essential elements, which have to be included in the course material. I find this approach interesting, as the authors focus on the remarkable and curious aspects of this phenomenon and mention that it is a vital instrument in…

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Organic Food Market Trends

Abstract The high growth rate of demand and the high price premiums charged on organic food are the main drive of the organic food market. The U.S. organic food market is the largest in the world. In addition, demand is growing at a higher rate than in most countries. The launching of the USDA Organic Seal played a key role…

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Suffolk County Council Organizational Change Management

Background Public sector organisations adopt change to ensure that service delivery to their clients is done at a reduced cost. Zhou and Tse (2006) assert that profit-making organisations, which are reluctant to embrace change, risk losing their competitive edge. Hence, they fail to realise the needs of their clients. In the case of SCC (Suffolk County Council), clients who are…

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Inclusion and Exclusion in the Global Arena

Synopsis The article under consideration entitled “Introduction: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Global Arena” is a piece of writing by Max Kirsch taken from the book written by the same author. The article was published by Routledge in 2007. The author introduces information about the controversial nature of globalization in the modern world. Kirsch uses numerous sources to gather the…

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Dell Company History and Environment Analysis

History of the company Dell is a Multinational Corporation which is headquartered in the United States of America. The company deals with computer technology devices where it designs, manufactures and distributes personal computers and other complimentary products and services. The company was formed in 1984 by Michael Dell and was initially referred to as PCs Limited. When the company was…

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Intercultural Business Communication in Japan

Executive Summary This report delves into the extensive differences between the U.S. and Japan and attempts to explain the inherent difficulties most Americans would experience in attempting to setup a new business in Japan. Through this report, readers will be able to develop a better understanding of the strangeness of the culture and the necessary practices they must follow in…

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Why Is the Fed Managing the Economy?

The Fed has gained a positive image in the eyes of the public, but this is a misrepresentation of the actual picture with reference to the Fed’s actual performance. The Fed is “a private organization consisting of private banks and it is charged with the responsibility of managing the flow of money in the economy” (Goldman par. 1). It is…

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British Petroleum Company: Organization’ Social Performance

Introduction British Petroleum (BP) is a multinational company that deals with gas, crude oil, and petroleum products (Frerrier, 2010). Its headquarters are in London. According to statistics, BP is among the largest energy companies based on market capitalization. Based on annual income, it was named the fifth-largest company in the world in 2012. In the energy industry, it is classified…

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Lego Toy Company Expansion and Management Strategies

The article “Unpacking Lego” explores the growth trajectory of a company (Lego) that has expanded to become the second-largest manufacturer of toys in the world. Also, it explores the current challenges that the management of the company is dealing with. Lego has grown into the second-best toy manufacturer over ten years. One of the main reasons for the company’s rapid…

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International Business Communication Problem Case

Introduction Our construction company has been tasked with the responsibility of constructing the tallest skyscraper in the globe to be based in Rio de Janeiro. Dubai will finance the project, China will provide the raw materials, and management of the project shall be from the United States. On the other hand, Germany will provide engineering and technology expertise while labor…

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Business Administration Students’ Main Concerns

Introduction In the recent past, the number of students enrolling at institutions of higher learning has dramatically increased in line with the shifting expectations in the job market. However, of concern is the fact that many of these students enroll into disciplines and courses they have scant information about, leading to a misalignment between the fields pursed at the university…

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