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US Car Manufacturing: International Promotion Mix

Introduction The car manufacturing industry in the United States of America is quite competitive as the business environment in the country has transformed significantly. For foreign car manufacturing company to thrive in the United States market, a lot of marketing strategy considerations ought to be made particularly regarding the marketing communications plan. Owing to the fact that the marketing communication…

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Restaurant Industry Service Process Design

Executive Summary Effective service process development and implementation entail the interplay of various operations management considerations and decisions. The central aims of new service design to strengthen a firm’s competitive position and enhance process efficiency. This paper identifies the influential factors in the service process development in light of supply chain dynamics, market variables, and demand and inventory management in…

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Team Leadership in the “Engaging Others” Video

Introduction Healthcare facilities and business organizations should be managed by individuals who possess adequate leadership skills. Such managers should liaise with their subordinates, influence their behaviors, offer timely updates, and communicate with them effectively. Competent leaders will engage their followers, identify and tackle their problems, and empower them to deliver meaningful results. Several issues might arise when leaders are engaging…

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Walmart’s Unethical Employee Management Practices

Walmart is the company that took the dominant position in the market. The strategy of the business to provide the customers with the American products for the lowest price seems to be essential to the company’s success. There is hardly an organization in the world that does not face challenges, and Walmart is not an exception. According to recent researches,…

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The Role of Conflict Management Plan

The Role of Conflict Management Given the possibility of undesirable influences of conflict on teamwork, it is worthwhile for organizational heads to adopt strategies for the management and resolution of conflict. Coyne et al. (2015) identified the need for health officials to “work and institute norms and guidelines about how to handle conflict through embracing applicable conflict management strategy” (p.…

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Canadian Government’s Spending on Social Housing

Introduction A housing sector that that is efficient in its performance can become an instrumental method of meeting the needs and requirements of the Canadian population. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation supports the financing activities linked to the housing needs of approximately eighty percent of the Canadians. Furthermore, the Canadian economy is backed up by the activities that occur…

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Kodak and Fujifilm Companies Business Performance

Introduction This paper explores major concepts in marketing and corporate strategy. Examples of the concepts include strategy, strategic planning, innovative culture, transformational leadership, effective leadership, effective decision making, strategic positioning, and diversification. The paper seeks to explain why two rival companies, Kodak and Fujifilm have performed differently in the dynamic business environment. While Fujifilm has managed to remain relevant in…

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Banking Merger, Its Benefits and Consequences

Introduction The trend of forming mergers in business has become very popular in the banking industry lately. In simple terms, a merger occurs when two different firms join their operations to firm one single organization (Braggion, Dwarkasing & Moorey, 2010). One of the fundamental effects of mergers is that it benefits the business more than the public. Through mergers, businesses,…

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Dell 13″ Mobile Workstation and Its Advantages

DELL is a recognized producer of informational technology. It is a large international corporation which strives to employ innovation as the major strategy to maintain its leading position in the market. The company was launched in 1984 by Michael Dell whose “game-changing vision” contributed to the progress of the industry as a whole (Company heritage, 2016, par. 1). Throughout the…

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Makey Company’s Case: Total Rewards

Introduction Makey uses various strategies to support its mission and vision. The use of employee compensation addressed most of the challenges affecting the firm’s performance. This essay begins by defining the term total rewards. The essay uses the case of Makey Company to analyze how total rewards can transform the performance of every firm. New recommendations are offered to ensure…

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The Financial Crisis of 2008: Problem and Causes

Introduction The financial crisis of 2008 had influenced the well-being and prosperity of many countries in a negative way. Together with the rest of the world, the United States of America experienced the great recession that was considered to be the worst after the Second World War. There have been many debates concerning reasons for the global financial crisis. Nevertheless,…

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Four Seasons: Multicultural Team’s Challenges

Introduction The high competition in the global market has forced most companies to invent different coping mechanisms. Failure to counter completion can push an organisation out of local and international market. Currently, most organisations focus on improving the quality of their products and implementing advanced technology to ensure operational efficiency. However, organisations have expanded their operations across national borders, thus…

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Google’s Project Oxygen: Do Managers Matter?

The View of Managers Prior to Project Oxygen The organizational culture largely predetermined the employees’ view of management before the implementation of the Project Oxygen. Garvin, Wagonfeld, and Kind (2013) write, “Page and Brin established an informal culture from the very beginning: exercise balls and dogs were permitted at work…The culture was designed to encourage collegiality and to break down…

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Public Budgeting Methods

Lessons from Serving as a Public Budgeting Leader and Manager in the Public Sector Public budgeting refers to a field of administration that revolves around the assessment of the available resources and their allocation to the various activities of a firm or organization. I have learned that public budgeting managers must possess relevant financial analysis skills to conduct their roles…

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Volvo Company’ Branding Strategy in Saudi Arabia

PESTEL framework for Volvo The following is a political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and a legal framework analysis of Volvo in Saudi Arabia. It presents an overview of the external business environment that the Volvo brand faces presently and in the immediate future. The report focuses on Volvo’s business area that deals with Volvo trucks, buses, and cars. Political Changes…

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Tesco Plc Company’s Revenues and Market Segment

Introduction Acquisitions increase the company’s revenues and market segment base. The research shows that Tesco Plc generated the increase in revenues by expanding its market base. The company acquired several companies to increase its market share. The company ventured into marketing diverse products to retain its leadership in the grocery and retail chain market segment. Tesco Plc is one of…

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Organizational Design and Development

There are several organizational boundaries that exist within any entity and they are key elements of management. These boundaries mostly exist in respect to employee groupings and basic personnel management (Aarons, Ehrhart, & Hurlburt, 2015). An environment in which boundaries occur is juxtaposed by a ‘boundary-less’ environment whereby horizontal or vertical hierarchies do not feature in an organization. Boundaries also…

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World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index

The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index (LPI) is constructed to assist countries in determining the key challenges and opportunities in logistics. It is an interactive benchmarking tool, which can be deployed for improving performance because it provides insight into the trade logistics environment in more than 150 countries worldwide (Logistics Performance Index, 2015). The…

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The Big Mac Index Role in the Global Economy

Big Mac Prices from All over the World: Minor Discrepancies Despite the fact that a lot of people view a clear connection between McDonald’s and the current economic state of the U.S., the assumption that the McDonald’s fast food affects the economy of the United States is wrong – instead, McDonald’s has a direct influence on the global economy. In…

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Leadership and Management Importance in Organisations

In today’s increasingly complex and dynamic environments, leadership is regarded as an important part of organisational success. Management training and development is considered a vital facet of the organisational community and environment. Various studies show that companies that align their management development and strategic goals are successful in competitive business environments. However, can these organisations remain competitive without the interventions…

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Obama’s Economic Policy and Financial Crisis

There were significant expectations laid on the new president after the election. The economic situation Obama had to face when becoming the president was a true disaster. The first step the new president was to take was to define the team that would be supposed to meet the challenge. Obama decided not to reject the help of the specialists from…

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Tasmania’ Forestry Industry

Executive summary The Tasmanian forestry industry is shifting towards efficiency in processing timber. The effectiveness of subsidies or tariffs depends on the elasticity of supply and demand. Low elasticity of supply will make both policies ineffective. The high elasticity of supply becomes effective even when the demand in the local market is inelastic because the global demand is elastic. Emerging…

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Apple Company Returns and Earnings

In the paper, the returns and quarterly earnings of Apple Inc. will be analyzed. The company is a component of the S&P 500 index. The analysis will be carried out for a period of 5 years. Returns The share prices for a day before and a day after the announcement of quarterly results are collected. Further, the percentage change of…

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Greek Economic Crisis: Causes and Control Measures

Introduction Between the last quarter of 2007 and early 2009, the world went through a serious economic crisis that left several economies vulnerable. Greece was no exception. In 2010, following the aftermath of the 2009/2009 global crisis, Eurozone fell to the effects of the remedial measures tabled against the global financial crisis. With the consolidation of the European countries into…

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US Labor Market: Deregulation vs Employee Security

Introduction The current paper pertains to the issues that exist in the modern labor market, in particular, to the problems related to labor market deregulation and workers’ social security in the USA’s labor market. Three articles from reputable media sources are summarized. After that, a critical discussion of these articles follows. Finally, a brief conclusion is provided. Article 1 Summary…

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ABASCO Company’s Recruitment and Implementation Plan

Executive Summary In the 21st century, competition in all segments of the economy has increased drastically. Any organisation that does not adopt the best industry practices risks being phased out of the market. Organisations need to be in the front position in recognising their respective industry trends, adopting the best appropriate practices, and maintaining competitive advantage at all times. The…

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KidZania Dubai Company’s Marketing Audit

Executive Summary Theme parks require market information to set and run successful franchises in foreign destinations. This report explores how KidZania Dubai can refine its business model and strategies to compete well in the UAE. KidZania is a leading firm in the indoor edutainment industry, but inadequate information on internal and external environmental dynamics could affect its performance. In this…

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The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Quality Assurance

Introduction At the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, quality assurance (QA) and the related procedures are taken with great seriousness to reduce the risk of an accident to a minimum (Kubiak & Benbow, 2009b). Although not all elements of the iSix Sigma framework are currently introduced in the organization, the existing quality standards are followed closely. Despite the uniqueness of the stages…

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The Wiggles Company in the International Markets

Introduction The Wiggles company, a company that specializes in childhood entertainment has had great success both in their home and foreign markets. The company is located in Australia. It was founded by two musicians from the Cockroaches, a Sydney rock band. The group started to perform at children’s functions by working with characters such as Dorothy the Dinosaur. However, they…

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Pros and Cons

Introduction Economic globalization is the increased economic integration and interdependence that goes beyond national, regional, and continental borders. Economic integration occurs through the globalization of production, technology, marketing, labor, and other factors of production. Economic globalization is heavily dependent on Information Communication Technology (ICT). This paper will explore the aspects of globalization in economic terms, preference on international trade by…

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Samsung Electronics Company Sustainability Assessment

Introduction Samsung Electronics ‘has grown within the past four decades to become a leading provider of quality information and technology services’ (Samsung Electronics: Sustainability Report 2014, para. 1). The company has over 200 business subsidiaries across the globe. The firm’s sustainability strategy makes it successful. Samsung Incorporation also uses its innovations to promote new changes in different parts of the…

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Medical Device Industry’s Investment Attractiveness

Many important modern concerns could be related to the sphere of business which continues its rapid growth and remains one of the most significant forces of modern society. The sphere of business attracts people who want to realize their potential and improve the financial state. It results in the involvement of many individuals in the most topical sphere of activity.…

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Human Resource Strategies Evaluation

Strategic Human Resource Management and Competitive Strategy The performance of the human resources departments can be evaluated using the way the department involves and engages workers in understanding and implementing various aims of an organization. Rather than just handle administrative tasks for employees, effective HR management calls for leadership practice in employee relationships to make sure that workers contribute, believe…

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AOL Company’s Electronic Commerce Decisions

AOL has made the first step towards e-commerce. The company provides a useful service to its clients. The customers get the summary of their bills and are able to access a number of websites using only one passwords and ID (Haag & Cummings, 2008). Admittedly, customers will appreciate these options, but they will want other services as well. Thus, it…

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Ice-Fili Company’s Brand

Introduction A medium-sized Russian ice-cream producer, Ice-Fili, is still a middle store. The company is dominating the Russian top ice-cream production. However, according to Bernard Koopmans’s market share targets, the company does not have a stable dominating market share. The company only boasts of 4.3% market share which is very low considering the huge market Russia presents. This also shows…

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Staff Efficiency and Strengthening Corporate Values

Focusing on consistent quality improvement is one of the essential steps toward enhancing the overall performance rates of entrepreneurship and, therefore, contributing to the success of a company in the target market. Therefore, it is crucial that a firm operating in the manufacturing department could be able to follow the increasingly demanding CTQs. As the organization that provides vehicles for…

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Game Zone Company’s Analysis

Game Zone is a company that offers a unique opportunity for video game enthusiasts to frequent a place of a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Game lovers will enjoy a possibility to play any video game prior to its purchase. Moreover, Game Zone provides an excellent opportunity to find other video game lovers and share their experiences, connect, and make new…

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New Strategies of Employee Training

Executive Summary This study seeks to evaluate the organizational training program in order to identify the various weaknesses that should be eliminated in line with the achievement of the institutional objectives. It reviews relevant literature concerning the leadership and management orientations when training employees. In addition, the research explores the needs of the employees and in order to propose solution…

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Economics in the Rural Areas of Kazakhstan

Economics: An Article Review The article by Agrawal provides results of an empirical study of the correlation between the economic growth and the decrease in the levels of poverty in the rural areas of Kazakhstan, a country that, after a period of stagnation following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, entered a phase of economic development (90). The poverty was…

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Workplace Diversity Input to Business Improvement

Introduction Diversity in an organization is a required condition for efficient development within the industry, referring to global trends. Nowadays, diversity in the workplace is defined as respect for people’s differences, focusing on their age, gender, race, culture, or religion, among other characteristics. In this context, the inclusion can be viewed as an actual practice followed in the organization to…

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Socialization of People with Disabilities in the Workplace

Executive Summary Organizations have varying perceptions of disability in the workplace. The study discussed in this paper was undertaken in 15 organizations with a view of investigating their views on people with disabilities. It was undertaken in employment sectors that included education, production, companies, local governments, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). A review of the identified disabilities in the…

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Entrepreneurial Leadership: Strategies and Challenges

There is a new definition to entrepreneurial leaderships in today’s dynamic markets. Dynamic markets are characterized by a high pace and direction of change that continually accelerates every now and then (Tarabishy, 2002, P. 14). This therefore calls for entrepreneurial leadership for success. In addition, Case, Kouzes and Drucker all agree that successful entrepreneurs are supposed to have effective leadership…

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Personal Power of Workforce

Personal power denotes the capability to influence or modify a result. From where does one obtain such power? Personal power does not imply how physically powerful one feels but the application of ideas, knowledge, and sentiments to perform in a manner that will ensure the satisfaction of own needs positively. In brief, one’s followers establish personal power. The self-worth of…

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Cisco Company’s Internet Practices and Market Share

B2B is a business terminology that refers to a commerce transaction that exists between a business and a business such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or a wholesaler and retailer. In such an environment, the twist that the new technology of e-commerce and the social media introduces requires special attention for a business to survive the cut-throat competition,…

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Operations Management and Productivity

Introduction Operation management aims at ensuring that functions in a company/business are conducted in the most efficient manner, so as the end results are satisfied customers and reduced cost of production. It has elements of managing and directing processes. To be effective an operating manager should implement a ten decisions of operational management strategy the decisions are Design of Goods…

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Advanced Technology Investment Company: Problems and Decisions

Introduction Background of the Problem The effectiveness of the company’s strategic planning directly depends on the certain management style followed in the organisation. During a long period of time, the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) located in the UAE has been following the effective management strategies to contribute to the organisational performance, but the level of competition within the industry…

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Russian Restaurant in the UK Macro Environment

Macro Environment Analysis for the Restaurant Industry The macro-environment analysis studies external forces that affect the performance of the restaurant industry in general and the proposed Russian restaurant in particular. Economic factors UK offers an economically sound environment that is good for business activity. The country has a high living standard. The World Bank acknowledged the UK as a rich…

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ABC Day Care Center and Belbin’s Team Role Theory

The Case ABC Day Care center is an institution that supports and offers day care services for 30 young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 years. This institution has been operating for five years now and deals with individuals who are suffering from sexual health, substance abuse, mental illness, and other physiological and psychological disorders. The employees at…

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Hanbo Enterprise Company’ Analysis

Introduction SWOT analysis of a company basically means the evaluation of the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the company. The analysis can determine the area where the company has strengths to deal with competition in the specific industry where the company conducts its business. It also offers the idea of where the company needs to improve its competitive advantage…

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World Expo 2020 and Financial Losses in Dubai

World Expo is regarded as an important international venue similar to the Olympics. This world exhibition is aimed at exhibiting products, trade, and innovation that can help the humanity address the major challenges it is facing (“In Depth”). The first world exhibition took place in the middle of the 19th century, and these events have also been seen as platforms…

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